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    How to support HR/ 25, Fair Tax or any bill on the Hill in 2015

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    On our very first show of 2015 we are going to discuss how we can support Fair Tax or any bill on the Hill without traveling from the comfort of our homes, and without spending a dime. When HR 25/S 122 are reintroduced in the new congress you can do a lot to help promote the bill and you can be sure Washington will hear you. Your comments will even be archived in the Library of Congress. The tool we will use is Pop Vox and you can be sure Washington will listen because they pay for this information.  Just watch the video and find out how;   http://vimeo.com/47322106. 

    Please join us with your questions and comments this Wednesday. We are planning on promoting this effort in a very big way from now until April 15th and we would like to have you be part of the effort. Again, it won't cost you a dime and you will not have to leave home to make a serious difference.

    Fair Tax Time is brought to you commercial free each Wednesday evening, 6PM Pacific time, 9PM Eastern, by our host, John Wesley Nobles. You may listen on your computer or on your phone. Dial (619) 393-6478 or, if you’re charged for long disance, use our toll-free line: (888) 436-1206. Just follow instructions when the nice British lady answers.

    Show info: Fair Tax Time Radio, Fair Tax Nation, HR25 Fair Tax Review

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    Tax Show

    in Business

    It's that time of year again, Tax Time.  To help you out, and answer your questions, we're hosting our annual TAX show. Today we'll focus on everything Entrepreneurs, Drivers and Owner Operators need to know to get through tax season. We talk about the changes that Obamacare has made to the tax system, the IRS, the taxcode and how to pay the least amount of tax possible (without cheating of course!). We talk about how to plan throughout the year so that you can manage your money and finances accordingly. But we know it's tax season, so we'll also share the immediate actions you need to take.

    Listen up to hear the Step by Step instructions and guidelines for tax deductions that you didn't know existed. Let's Truck!

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    Double Interview with Sheldon Renolds / Integrity Tax Relief

    in Culture

    I will be interviewing a phenomenal guitarist and vocalist Mr. Sheldon Renolds. Sheldon's fame includes a 14 year wonderful tour with the legendary band "Earth Wind and Fire". I will also explore some of Mr. Renolds exploits as it is related to his career and his future goals.

    The second half of the show I will be focusing on that dreaded word Taxes. I will be speaking with Mr. Sam Hamilton, an accountant and motivational speaker for "Integrity Tax Relief" services. Nothing impacts life more significant than "Death and Taxes". We can do something about taxes.  So please join me in a conversation with Mr. Sam Hamilton, spokes person for "Integrity Tax Relief". Not everything is a certainty in life, but taxes are.

    Please join us for an informative show.

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    Orem Herniated Disc Relief

    in Health

    In this episode Dr Ned will discuss Orem Herniated Disc Relief. 

    Chiropractic care generally focuses on addressing back pain at its source as well as improving the spine’s stability and mobility.  An effective treatment plan will usually combine manual therapies (such as manipulation or massage) with supervised exercise and/or nutritional programs and lifestyle changes designed to minimize its impact.  If you’re wondering what chiropractic care could do for you or someone you care about, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.

    View the text of this episode here.

    R. Ned McArthur, D.C. specializes in providing lasting relief from back pain, car accident injuries, dizziness, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, neck pain, numbness, restless leg syndrome, and sciatica.

    Orem Chiropractor-R. Ned McArthur, D.C.
    560 S. State Ste C2
    Orem, UT 84058
    Phone: 801-225-1311

    URL: http://AskDrNed.com

    Connect with Dr Ned:



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    IRS Tax Helpline

    in Finance

    If you owe back taxes or have unfiled tax returns, then the IRS Tax Helpline Radio show will help you to overcome your IRS problems.

    The IRS is the world’s largest debt collector and they will do anything they can to collect what they are owed. 

    If you have received a letter from the IRS or if you owe back taxes or have unfiled tax returns, then contact the IRS Tax Helpline for a FREE Consultation at 1-855-240-1040. You can visit their website at www.irstaxhelpline.com  for more information.

    “Don’t wait for the IRS to contact you, be proactive and fix your IRS problem before it gets worse.”

    Call 1-855-240-1040 and solve your tax problems today. 

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    Let's Talk About Tax Baby!! Money Matters

    in Finance

    Tax season is fast approaching and many have already spent their refund before they've actually filed. Today let's talk tax and how to save money. Adryann and I will discuss helpful tips and tools to filing tax and saving your hard earned money. There's always more to learn when it comes to your earnings. Avoid the pitfalls of the itchy hand. Join us for our next episode of Real Talk with Tammie!

    With Special Guest Mr. Ashley Jones CPA (Rodriguez, Trueba & Co. PA) www.rtc-cpa.com

    and Tamika Byrd CPA

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    Pain Relief for Dogs

    in Pets

    Guest: Veterinary Pain Management Expert Dr. Mike Petty

    On Sunday January 25th we are honored to welcome Dr. Mike Petty, DVM, CVPP, CVMA, CAAPM, CCRT. As a world-renowned expert on veterinary pain management, founder of Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital in Michigan, a faculty member of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, immediate-past president of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) and co-author of the 2014 American Animal Hospital Association Pain Guidelines (among many other distinctions), Dr. Petty’s steadfast and heartfelt dedication to pain relief is creating better lives for pets and humans alike.

    On this episode we will discuss Dr. Petty's upcoming book, Dr. Mike Petty’s Pain Relief for Dogs, and how the insight it provides can help Tripawd dogs lead a long, happy, pain-free life.

    For more info see:

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    The Snelling Report - North Georgia Tax Solutions

    in Finance

    Debbie Snelling, Tax Advisor of North Georgia Tax Solutions joins @bge_radio with your "January 2015" Snelling Report! Tax solutions that put you on the path of success!

    BGE Radio Promoting Financial Literacy and Community Empowerment through Communication




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    Comprando Casas en Maryland con TAX ID

    in Real Estate

    Comprando Casas en Maryland con TAX ID

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    The Best Tax Strategy for Your RV, Truck or Auto

    in Business

    The new mileage rates are out, the 179 deduction is slashed again, electric vehicles abound...What are is the best tax strategy for your transportation.  Also, have you ever thought of hitting the open road and turning your RV into a business and discovering America's National Parks?!!  Well, my special guest Steve Anderson from Workamper.com has been helping campers and business owners do just that for years!  Workcamper helps investors at any age turn their RV experience into a money maker...while I try to turn it into a tax write-off.  He has also co-founded Recreational Vehicle Inspection Connection (RVIC).  A company supporting one of the newest services businesses in the RV industries. Even if you aren't ready to retire, but want to get out of town and live out of an RV for a few years, this show is for you!!  Please join me with special guest Steve Anderson as we break down the myths and the actual steps you take to make this dream a reality. The Show will Broadcast LIVE Tuesday, January 20th, at 11am PST / 2 EST. Press the #1 to talk to Lisa in the studio before going on with Mark. You can call in and listen in on the road at 646-200-4285, or listen from your computer LIVE or later here.

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    Mina Kuper - Personal Injury - Debt and Tax Relief

    in Culture

    Madison debt and tax offers a wide variety of services. Our goal is to offer transparency to our clients, helping them understand the process for resolving their tax problem so that they have realistic expectations of what to expect.  We focus on business or personal.  Our team of attorneys and CPA’s work as a team and negotiate the best offer. We are very aggressive when need be.

    Our role is to negotiate the lowest possible IRS payment amount allowed by law. We will not allow a client to retain our firms’ services unless the consumer is a legitimate candidate for tax relief. The IRS has very strict guidelines governing eligibility; we let our clients know up front, BEFORE you hire us, what tax relief options are available to them. We have been resolving tax matters for individuals and businesses for over 10 years successfully.We handle all 50 states.  Both federal and state matters. This is based on a review of your documents, information and an exhaustive financial interview. This ethical and honest approach to tax problem resolution has helped MDTR achieve an extraordinarily high client satisfaction rate over the years.  Please see our A rating on the Better Business Bureau..  We have been resolving tax matters for individuals and businesses for over 10 years successfully.

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