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    Law Enforcement or Police Brutality?

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    Internet BlogTalkRadio: "Authors of the Round Table." April 16, 2015 at 8pm. To listen or comment call TOLL-FREE (323) 792 2931. Where does one draw the line between law enforcement and police brutality. Is beating a suspect necessary? "Shoot to kill." Should that always be the rule? What happened to common sense? Join us and let's discuss. Sponsored by afewgoodbookspublishing.com

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS: russian Premier Nikita Khruschev--historical  audio --Mayor George Christopher interviewed by Peter Paul Verzola on Khruschev's visit to San Francisco

    April 17th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

    AMICUSVERITAS YOUTUBE --First two parts Police--Out of Shape--Shooting fleeing suspectshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ytvwZDKqRQ

    part 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxjrO2kuL0A 

    Part 3  Tasers--Some of the things both police and victims don't know coming

    Part 4  Police Profiling--Political fiction?

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    Marcy Wheeler & Digby • VS Sundays

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    Domestic security is getting pretty complicated, what with miliarized police operations, cameras documenting events that were previously unaccessible, "non-lethal" weapons that aren't really, and a really extensive internal security system.  Marcy Wheeler and digby discuss these issues.   Marcy summarizes the current understanding of who and how American citizens are being surveilled. Digby has been on the taser front from the beginning.   

    Crime rates are way down. Incarceration rates are an embarrassment, pointlessly ruining the lives of millions of Americans.  Police departments are more diverse, especially in urban centers.  A consensus against the drug war seems to be growing--but the Feds and the local asset seizure programs don't want to acknowledge that consensus.


    We discuss.

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    7:30 PM CST Recap of Cops Brutally Beating Floyd Dent in Inkster, MI

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    Recap of Cops Brutally Beating Floyd Dent in Inkster, MI

    Fighting back tears, a Detroit man and longtime auto worker with no criminal history, described how Inkster police officers dragged him from his car one night in January, choked him, beat him and Tasered him during a traffic stop that was caught on patrol car video.

    "He was beating me upside the head," Floyd Dent, 57, told a horde of reporters and TV crews during a press conference at his attorney's office Wednesday afternoon, as tears trickled his cheeks. "I was trying to protect my face with my right arm. I heard one of them say, 'tase the M...F. '"

    The Jan. 28 incident was caught on police video cameras and is making national news. It shows Inkster police pulling over Dent in his 2011 tan Cadillac near South River Park Drive and Inkster Drive shortly before 10 p.m. The two officers approach with their guns drawn. As Dent opens the door, they pull him out and shove him to the ground. Dent does not appear in the video to be resisting arrest.

    As he is on the ground, a police officer later identified as William Melendez has him in a choke hold, and is repeatedly pounding him on his head. A second officer is attempting to handcuff him behind his back, but Dent has his right arm up, trying to protect his face and head against Melendez.

    Another officer arrives and kicks him, and then another officer Tasers Dent in the thigh and stomach as he is handcuffed. Dent, who has worked for Ford for 37 years, said he was hospitalized for two days for injuries to his face and head.

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    Tasers, Abortions and Parenting (Interview Replay)

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    Internationally renowned author and media host Jon Hansen joins forces with Dr. Richard Weinblatt, "The Cop Doc" take us behind the curtain of law enforcement in America providing you with a never before look at how police interact with the day-to-day issues of the ordinary citizen.

    Tackling some of the most controversial headlines of today, from bullying in our schools to legalizing marijuana as well as the link between abortion and crime and the use of non-lethal force by way of taser, they will share powerful insights from their new book: "Tasers, Abortions and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America."

    “What a fascinating read. It’s going to rile folks up as well as having many people yell AMEN!”

    Larry Winget, five times New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author

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    Here is what Obama Did't say in his speech

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    http://www.wdeanshook.com  US Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals’ Children,,, Americans 'mad at government' melt phones on Capitol ,,Obamacare strategist: Executive amnesty 'wildly popular'???? SWAT team tasers, pepper-sprays homeschoolers,,,,Marine Dad Takes Stand After Daughter Gets 'F' for Refusing Islamic Indoctrination,,,,

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    Racism in America...Its OK if you're wearing a badge and you're white.

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    The host at SevsDeadSerious is amazed by the level of racism we must endure in this country especially from those that are retained to "protect and serve".  My question is who are they protecting and serving; it certainly isn't minorities, the poor or anyone who doesn't look, act, or sound like them, besides it's way too easy to take your gun, shoot the offending minortity, poor or whatever and then claiming it was in self-defense bewcause you THOUGHT he had a gun, or might have a gun, or owns a gun or can spell the word gun...now that justifies execution by police outfitted in gear meant for the battlefield when dealing with those you hated long before they issued a badge.  It must be part of the law-ewnforcement courses we teach those who are meant to "protect and serve"...maybe we should protact ourselves from those whose duty it is to protect and serve.  Racist cops on board for the Douche Bag of the Week.

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    Last Thursday we had an intense discussion covering police brutality. We discussed how Civilians not only have "Rights" but also "Responsibilities" you can't expect one without the other. Further, you can't exercise your rights if you don't actually know them. Finally, every punch, choke hold, Taser attack, and gun shot from a police officer is NOT Police Brutality! Those leather holsters and duty belts that hold a number of weapons and tools are not for decoration. They are to be used whenever necessary to control and manage situations. Handcuffs aren't made for comfort and a choke hold is not meant to be affectionate so every video you see of a police officer doing their job to preserve the law while also protecting and defending their own safety is NOT Police Brutality. 

    Police Brutality IS however, as Revolutionary and Activist Christina Stockbergerand a number of callers so raw and richly defined it: A criminal act by deviant thugs in uniforms with weapons, and government authority to wreck havoc in communities. Using excessive, and/or cruel or brutal force more than is necessary to control a situation. When using guns, Tasers, batons, and forms of intimidation such as guns, rape, threats etc. beyond the call of duty. Police Brutality is also often fueled by racist beliefs and hatred 

    Join us for Part 2 as we finish this discussion and gain the perspectives of police officers and past victims.


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    Jermaine Darden Story Comes Center Stage

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    Tonight's edition of Center Stage focused on the HOT TOPICS in the news headlines from across the country. We spoke with the Angela Darden Tyson the sister of Jermaine Darden who was killed by Fort Worth police in May of 2013. She explained what happened the night her brother died and also said she would fight to have tasers banned in the United States. We also looked at is amnesty for illegal immigrants, the Las Vegas shooting by Jared Miller and his wife Amanda that killed two cops and a bystander and the power of speaking things into existence.

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    Afghanistan, CIA, GMC, War, Bombs, Tasers and Bailouts

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    Suicide bomber attacks CIA base in Afghanistan Bombing near Afghanistan-Pakistan border is believed to be deadliest single attack on U.S. intelligence personnel of the war,as the Obama adminstration gives out 3.8 billion more to auto lender

    U.S. gets majority stake in GMAC
    Government to provide another $3.8B in aid to auto lender, which has been unable to raise funds. Meanwhile, Twin Iraq bombs kill dozens and a federal appeals court on Monday issued one of the most comprehensive rulings yet limiting police use of Tasers against low-level offenders who seem to pose little threat and may be mentally ill.

    Yes, a federal court decision on taser torture by cops, tonight on the slugfest, "if you can handle the truth."

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    Scandal, sandals and TASERS

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    The weekly news round-up from Gracie Versus Dad.