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    The Return of the Tarpon Springs Triathlon

    in Fitness

    We have a special fondness for the Tarpon Springs Triathlon. Fitness Buff host Pete Williams completed his first triathlon in 2007 at "Tarpon," the Greek fishing village that ranks among the larger Greek settlements outside of Greece. After a one-year hiatus for repairs at Fred Howard Park, the race returns this year on Sept. 11 and race director Jerry Coleman joins us for a preview.

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    Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Executive Director Tara Thomas

    in Travel

    Tara Thomas, the Executive Director of Education at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, discusses the art programs initiated to help military veterans and their families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and head injuries. All this and more on this interview from The Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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    A life Lived in Darkness Comes Into the Light - Interview with Mike Torres #2

    in Christianity

    Although Mike Torres had already quit doing things that he knew was wrong, he was still being destroyed from carrying the weight of his sint.  So much so that he had trouble sleeping and became physically sick. Yet God ordained a day of deliverance with Mike.  Join us as Mike finishes his testimony of how God broke in and turned his darkness into light.  Discover for yourself the wonderful, transforming power of Jesus Christ.

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    Everything in the World is Nothing without Jesus - Interview With Mike Torres

    in Christianity

    Mike Torres thought he had everything a person could want in life, a full bank account, a big house, cars, a wife and party lifestyle, yet he began to realize that his life was empty.  He discovered  he was living in darkness.He began seeking God, and ended up having an amazing encounter with the living Jesus.  His story describes the amazing power of God to save us and give us life.

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    Following God - Interview with Richard Piskator Part 1

    in Christianity

    Richard Piskator was raised in a Christian home but was converted in an evangelistic crucade.  From that day forward he began following Jesus.  His story demonstrates how, when we have the courage to follow Jesus as he leads us, our lives grow from faith to faith and glory to glory.

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    Nomad's Discount Giveaway, Palm Springs Pride, DRECP

    in News

    We have a giveaway for Nomad's provided by Climbing Life Guides! Lauren will share information about Palm Springs Pride, the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan and other events.


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    Does God Seek Us When We Are Lost? - Interview with Pr. David Amstutz Part. 2

    in Christianity

    Pr. David has a wonderful story of how God pursued him when he was running away.  It is a story about the love of God that never gives up on us, even when we have lost all hope.  From growing up in a family that produced generations of Methodist ministers, David ran away from the faith and got lost in the pleasures of drugs and alcohol.  When his life was in shambles, he contemplated suicide, but there in his hopelessness, God’s love broke in. 

    David’s story is a wonderful testimony of how God loves us and He is faithful to pursue us even when we run from him.  It will encourage you no matter where you are in life, whether you running away from God or serving him faithfully, you will be inspired, encouraged and most importantly, you will get a glimpse of the love of God who loves us with a love which is stronger than death.

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    Wisdom & Understanding VS Black Partiality

    in Radio

    Georgia 12-year-old springs to Giuliani's defense and becomes an internet hit as he brands Obama 'unwilling to protect America'
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2964747/Twelve-year-old-YouTube-hit-BACKING-Rudy-Giuliani-s-claims-Obama-doesn-t-love-America.html#ixzz3So8jXcjl

    $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit filed against Comcast, Al Sharpton
    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/trending/20-billion-racial-discrimination-lawsuit-filed-against-Comcast-Al-Sharpton.html#8UdTKcscQmFRmPDD.99

    82 Year Old Woman Kills 2 Teens Who Broke Into Her Home


    Amber Rose Vs Kim Kardashian - Is all the Hype worth talking ABOUT?



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    WLW Tag Team Champions Jon Webb and Jack Gamble (High Level Enterprise)

    in Wrestling

    Join Jake and the Commissioner as we talk to the WLW tag team champions before the embark on a journey to train with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan.  We will also talk about the upcoming WLW show in Excelsior Springs, MO.  Don't miss it.

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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    We are back 'Live' this Wednesday and as always there is lots to talk about as we anxiously await springs arrival and the 2015 outdoor Canadian Motocross season. The Show was on the road for three weeks in Southern California and we are back and have some great experiences and stories to share so be sure to join us right here at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 pm eastern http://www.canadianmotoshow.com The World Championship kicks of this weekend in Qatar and all eyes in the Moto World anxiously await the return to aciton of Monster Endergy Kawasaki's Ryan Villipotto. Be prepared to give us a call and give us your thougths on RV and any other topic when we open up the phone lines and give you your opportunity to shine under the shows spotlight.

    This week on the show we have many great rider interviews scheduled including young Ayrton Pomeroy who has been selected to race in the KTM junior SX race in Indianapolis on March 14th. We will also chat with his father Motocross Perfrormance Magazine editior Chris Pomeroy. also fresh of of his appearance at the Metro Toronto Motorcycle show Gopher Dunes Honda's Jeremy Medaglia will get us up to speed with his progress moving into 2015. We are also looking forward to catching up with Cole Martinez who will be in Canada this outdoor season for Leading Edge Kawasaki. 

    This week we will also continue our great Canadian Moto Show giveawasy teamed up with Ryno Power Nutrition Supplement, 2UNDER, Team PR-MX.ca and the Legends of Canadian Motocross. So have your phone ready to call into win at 1-347-677-0979 when the gate drops on giveaways. Everyone loves a winner so tell tell a friend log in hit up the chat board and lets go racing.

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    Ep. 36: Charla Lauriston- Working For Tina Fey

    in Comedy

    What's it like having Tina Fey as your DAY 2 DAY BOSS? Sab invites Charla Lauriston (Clench and Release, The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmitt) in to find out. Oprah, Kendrick Lamar, Patricia Arquette, talking shit, success and drive are all featured heavily in this SUPER INSPIRATIONAL EP. Charla talks about taking action in your career, vision boards and the actual costs ($$$) involved with producing your own webseries. Ursula chimes in all choppy in the end with a straight up commercial for Palm Springs. A MUST LISTEN FOR ANYONE WITH A DREAM. (Non-dreamers keep away)

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