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    Learn tarot: healing with the cards

    in Self Help

    You can use tarot for more than a heads up if you understand them well. breaking them down to crucial elements is the key to using them for healing, Today Dorothy is taking callers to demonstrate how this works so you can do this for yourself. it is a combination of cognitive and meditative response to the information acheived. Spending time with a card  can offer solutions and understanding moving you along your path at the spwwd of light.


    tarot discussion page  http://www.amazon.com/gp/forum/cd/discussion.html/ref=ntt_mus_ep_cd_tft_tp?ie=UTF8&cdForum=Fx14AM6FE21QKVD&cdThread=TxCSI0QXDLZRMW

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    Ep 16: Tarot tips for prediction and court cards

    in Spirituality

    Join Fiona Benjamin and Michael "Uncle Monkey" Lennon on Thursday March 19th 2015 7pm Eastern Time for a talk about tarot for prediction and to gain help with reading the court cards.

    Fiona Benjamin teaches tarot workshops in Okinawa, Japan in small settings in order to empower the community with their own divination tools for personal and/or professional use. She will be sharing some of her personal techniques that were originally shared exclusively with her personal students in order to help troubleshoot common problems with learning tarot, especially when it comes to reading for predictions or reading the court cards. 

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    How to Buy and How to Store Your Tarot/Oracle Cards

    in Education

    Join Lady Auset (Isis) and Karen Marie Campbell weekly.

    Day: Thursdays 

    Time: 11:00am - 11:30am PST 

    Location: Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thespiritwithinu

    Listen to Thursday March 5th Show: History of Tarot Cards

    Thursday March 12th How to Buy and How to Store Your Cards 

    Thursday March 19th How to do different spreads

    Thursday March 26th How to use your cards with Magick 

    CLICK HERE... http://www.thespiritwithinu.com/ecommerce/oracle-tarot-decks.html

    Call in to speak with the host or Listen to Show 646.929.0765 

    Sponsored by The Spirit Within U Metaphysical Gift Shoppe, 4780 West Ann Rd Ste. 4 North, Las Vegas NV 89031 702.658.2257 www.TheSpiritWithinU.com

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    Apathecary - Oracle and Tarot Cards

    in Spirituality

    Visit with me on the Path every Saturday and Sunday! Saturdays we choose a Crystal and a Scent to talk about, and have a short discussion on a Spiritual based subject. On Sundays we revisit the topic of the week, and take your calls for card readings, answering questions and just getting to know you!

    January 31 and February 1st's topic is: Oracle and Tarot Cards, what are they, and what you might get out of having a reading?

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    "The Moment Is Now" Jan. 16, 2015 – "Cartomancy, the Tarot and You"

    in Self Help

    The art of card reading is called, cartomancy, but what is it and how does it work?  There are thousands of tarot decks on the market, so how do you find the right one for you? Which decks are best for beginners and which are geared towards the more advanced reader? What's the difference  between fortune telling cards, oracle decks and tarot decks?  All good questions!  Join Linda Becker and the "Lady Oracle," herself, Stephanie Patterson as these divas of divination share their techniques and experiences with card reading.  Email your questions to   themomentradioshow@gmail.com   prior to showtime and we will answer them on air!  Catch "The Moment Is Now" Friday mornings at 8:30 PST

    We want to hear from you!  Visit Linda at  http://www.livingwithsoulfoundation.com/  

    And catch Lady Oracle's blog at  http://ladyoracle56.blogspot.com/

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    Ep 21: Lenono Cards with Paris Debono

    in Spirituality

    Apr 23rd 7pm Eastern Paris Debono introduces the Lenono cards!

    Paris Debono has been a professional Psychic Reader since 1990. He uses Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry and Gypsy Cards as well as other forms of Divination and Fortune Telling to get the answers that you need. Paris also writes horoscopes and Mystic columns for various magazines in Australia and Europe.

    "When I was a young child I watched the 007 movie “Live and Let Die” with my father on TV.
    When the beautiful Solitaire appeared on the screen, I was mesmerized, both by her beauty and her mysterious tarot cards. I was amazed at how she could foretell the future. 
    The very next day I saw a packet of tarot cards in a bookshop. I went in and bought them with my pocket money. Although I knew my strict Catholic mother wouldn’t approve, I was compelled to have them. However, I had no idea how to read them.
    In my late 20s, I travelled and lived in Europe for a few years and there I appeared in my own very popular weekly television segment, radio shows and newspaper columns and horoscopes, talking and writing about diverse esoteric subjects such as astrology, numerology, tarot, superstitions and other forms of divination and fortune telling.
    I returned to Australia to further my studies of fortune telling, psychic readings and the esoteric arts.
    In 2006 I opened my first shop, The Fortune Teller, in Erskineville, Sydney and in 2010 my second shop, The Fortune Teller in Darlinghurst, Sydney. I also developed, produced and designed many of my own fortune telling gypsy cards."


  • Astrology, Numerology, Science of the Cards & Tarot

    in Spirituality

    We'll explore themes of Numerology, Personality Numbers, Life Path Numbers, Personal Year numbers, Astrology & Sun signs as well as dynamics between signs, chinese zodiac signs, Science of the Cards including Birth Cards, Cards of Destiny, and Love Cards, and Tarot symbology. Free mini-readings to callers.

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    Credit Cards Machines Computers www.FreeRxPlus.com/FRP00731

    in Finance

    Alberta Albert (601) 456-0227 Google---) A1SS2014 Home of the Dallas Mavs! APRIL 21ST 2015 4:00.                                 O€ £ ¥***

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    Mystical Muse 4/21 Intuitive Tarot with Jennifer Sieck #2

    in Paranormal

    Jennifer Sieck is my guest tonight!  Explore the world of Tarot - plus live readings!

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    LovLee FREE Psychic Tarot Reading featuring Tahuti Asara

    in Relationships

    Greetings Everyone. I am LovLee Your Personal Advisor on blogtalkradio.com here Where The Real Psychics Go. Featuring Tahuti Asara The Tarot Specialist, we are offering free readings on love and relatioships. Tarot for telling you like it T-I is! Using our hardware tools of Tarot and our software Psychic gifts bringing you the greatest quality of professional and personalized readiings. Bonus gift discussion on love and relationships prescriptions to heal the heart, motivate the mind and soothe the soul. Join us in this liberating episode. peace, protection and prosperity


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    Selecting Your Deck - Tarot or Oracle Cards? Demystifying the choices

    in Spirituality

    Choosing your first deck of oracle or tarot cards can seem scary and possibly overwhelming.  You might be feeling anxious about choosing the "right" deck for you.  The art of divination itself, might bring up some questions for you.

    In this episode Roxie and Carrie will help you with ideas on how to select a deck that you will enjoy working with and one that aligns best with your natural gifts and abilities. Cards are powerful tools for insight and transformation and the right deck can become like a good friend you sit down and talk with for advice.  Suggestions and reviews of various decks will be given for both the casual reader and the professional.  By the end of the show listeners will be excited to visit their nearest shop or place their order online with confidence that they are purchasing the right tool for them.  This show is great for the first timer or for the avid reader who is looking for some tips on the next deck to add to their growing collection