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    Return of the Mack with Tariq Nasheed

    in Lifestyle

    Tariq Nasheed, dating coach and author of The Mack Within, The Art of Mackin, and The Art of Gold Digging discusses the psychology of the underworld of dating, how to mack, and what a male 'simp' is (hint: it's the opposite of a pimp).







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    Tariq Nasheed vs Fake Moors (pt.2)

    in History

    July 27, 2012 Tariq Nasheed in his own words http://www.afrostyly.com/english/afro/videos/tariq_nasheed.htm

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    Tariq Nasheed Marriage Mackin Monogamy

    in Romance

    If game does indeed follow the old adage and real is recognized by its own kind, never before has there been such a resounding instance than with Tariq “Elite” Nasheed. The multi-versed author, speaker and advisor on modern day romanticism and relationships began his career with the release of equally groundbreaking and controversial The Art of Mackin’, a title that eventually became a  New York Times Bestseller, reaching over 250,000 readers while simultaneously cementing him as an expert in the field of Casanova-esque intrigue.
    The release and unabated success of The Art of Mackin’ led to his many and varied travels abroad where he instructed countless students on the Game, Intelligence and Common Sense Squared (G.I.C.2) theory, and from there he released the subsequent top charting books Play or Be Played, The Mack Within & The Art of Golddigging respectively. His message would be further spread with repeated appearances on television networks such as MTV and VH1. The true strength found here however, lie not in his words alone but in the voices of those that make up the community around him. One can see how important the meaning is best in the rich conversations held on the syndicated “The Mack Lessons Radio Show” (available on iTunes) as well as the savvy contained in the Ustream broadcasts. “Risque Elite”, the original signature cologne from Tariq himself is available now along with the line of Tariq Elite designer sunglasses. Tariq’s latest opus, The Elite Way: Ten Rules Men Must Know in Order to Deal with Women, has once again captured the attention of the literary world and this time around, focuses on men in committed relationships, explaining how to carefully nurture and maintain it.  An educator, innovator and entrepreneur, Tariq has exhibited a masterful approach to creating and wielding power that is useful to anyone in any situation imaginable.

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    Goons-Vs-Coons: Which Is Worse? Come Debate Tommy Sotomayor Tonite!

    in Entertainment

    follow me on twitter http://www.twiter.com/tjsotomayor

    call in live 347-989-8310

    watch live at http://www.sotomayortv.com 


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    NMEMINDZ: Beyond the "Conscious" Divide

    in Education

    Since everybody's talking... Then let's talk about it. Open invitation to Tariq Nasheed, to address the questions he posed on his show last night... Including the 50 times he called ZaZa Ali a fraud. Also, what is it about Black people that cries out for drama and selaciousness? When did we become so soft? The call in # is 347-633-9644. The show will last for 3 hours, we will play the clips from Tariq's show so you get the full picture. After tonight... It's DEAD - At least on our end. Peace.



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    HIDDEN COLORS2/AGENDA2013 w/Tariq Nasheed & Lloyd Strayhorn

    in News

    Join KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO for an explosive DOUBLE HEADER!
    Part One will feature world renowned numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn who will be laying down the most vital predictions of 2013. This segment titled, AGENDA2013 will delve into what the language of numbers are what exactly they are conveying about this upcoming cycle. After successfully predicting the reelection of Barack Obama using his number code system, Mr. Strayhorn is being highly sought after for his "flawless" science.
    Following Mr Staryhorn's powerful presentation, will be Tariq Nasheed, the director of HIDDEN COLORS 2, which will undoubtedly be on the tongues and minds of the masses of this upcoming cycle. For anyone who say the first installment of HIDDEN COLORS, you can bet the house that PART TWO will be just as powerful, if not more impactful. Tariq will be breaking down the science behind what went into this monumental offering. TUNE IN for this CLASSICAL EPISODE!

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    Reckless 2.0 - Hidden Colors 2 w/ Tariq Nasheed

    in Education

    New York Times bestselling Author,  producer, media personality, Internet radio host, relationship expert, and social commentator Tariq Nasheed will be stopping by the program to discuss his new documentary film " Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin" - the highly anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking documentary " Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Decent". The film will continue to  reveal the often hidden truth about the history of Aboriginal , Moor, and African people and features many well known scholars ,authors , and personalities such as Michelle Alexander, Booker T. Coleman , and Umar Johnson.  Mr. Nasheed is also a very well known relationship author as well as the host of the radio program Mack Lessons.Find more information at www.hiddencolorsfilm.com  Be prepared to get Reckless. 

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    Education or Entertainment

    in Self Help

    Hidden Colors, Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin, Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism, 500 Years Later, African Origin of Christianity(Stolen Religion from Egypt and Ethiopia)Part 1 and 2 and so forth. Now, you have two ground-breaking documentaries for 2015. 7A.M. is focusing on group economics regarding Afrikans/Blacks, by Jason Black. Also, Tariq Nasheed with his 4th installment of Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy. These documentaries and more have tackled our issues regarding spirituality, economics, politics, judical, and social issues concerning Afrikans/Blacks. Let us not forget the countless Brothas and Sistahs with their lectures, town hall meetings, books, and dvd's as well.

    I feel as though you have two powerful documentaries focused on religion and economics, respectively. Which are both crucial...Economically, Afrikans/Blacks are no better off than we were when slavery ended. Devoutly, as long as we believe we will receive our milk and honey when we reach heaven. We are destined to stay in this situation we are in. Worse, they have no need for us and the inevitable will occur. So, what are we doing to change our condition regarding these issues?

    The reason I ask. I was listening to Shahrazod Ali speak on this radio program. She was at a speaking engagement and the audience was able to purchase copies of Hidden Colors 3. She stated, a Brotha came up to her and said, "Hidden Colors was good. You all hit it on the nail and when are you coming out with Hidden Colors 4?". Her reply, "Do you need Hidden Colors 50?". I understood exactly what she was saying at that moment. Most of us take the information, process it, research, or apply it to our lives. I have seen every Hidden Colors and each time. I never thought about another one coming out. I viewed the information as educational and not entertainment. How did we get here as a people?

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    #126 Azim Khamisa, Author - Peace Activist

    in Education

    The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Program is the largest school based father engagement program in the nation with over 4500 schools participating.

    Azim Khamisa – an author, activist and an international inspirational speaker – was born in Kenya, Africa and had early training in mathematics, economics and finance in the U.K. A successful investment banker with over 40 years of experience, he has conducted business in Africa, Middle East, Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. Presently he serves as the President of the Child Safety Network (CSN). Committing his life to halting the continuing cycle of violence among the youth, Azim became a social activist after his 20-year-old son Tariq was senselessly  murdered while delivering pizzas in January 1995 by Tony Hicks, a 14-year-old gang member. Out of grief and despair,  Khamisa was inspired to transform his loss through the power of forgiveness. Believing that there were “victims at both ends of the gun,” Azim forgave Tony and founded the Tariq Khamisa Foundation to break the cycle of youth violence by saving lives, empowering positive choices and teaching the principles of nonviolence and peacemaking. A month after establishing the foundation, Azim invited Ples Felix, Tony’s grandfather and guardian, to join him. Together, since November 1995, the two have brought their story and message through  TKF’s Violence Impact Assemblies. The duo has reached over a million elementary and middle school children live and over 8 million via video programs, guiding the youth to choose a peacemaker’s life of non-violence and forgiveness.

    Each week, WatchDOGS Radio host Keith Schumacher and co-host Chris Danenhauer discuss how this program is impacting families and schools across our nation and in four foreign countries.

    Please join our audience and call in with your questions and comments.

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    Andy's Bands And Musicians Show Kaya Kenyatta @ Dream Trip

    in Indie Music

    Dream Trip

    Tariq Al-Saadoon He started making electronic music over 15 years ago . Dreamtrip produces Hi-Tech D&B, House, Trip-Hop, and Chill Out music.He writes and composes all of our tracks, which all relate to his life, its trials, the highs and lows.Heuse state of the art sounds and equipment, and is not bound by any genre, as his love for electronic music has no boundaries.


    Kaya Kenyatta


    Kaya Kenyatta is a diverse international conscious hip hop artist based in London (UK). His diverse lyrical content captures the minds and souls of the music hungry hip hip generation.


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    Black Women's Idea On Policing / Senator Nasheed Confirms Suspicions

    in Moms and Family

    How can the African American community address the social injustice in the Criminal Justice System towards African Americans. Senator Rasheed of Ferguson confirms suspicions of Prosecutions handeling of jury information. This also should result in a Federal indictment of Officer Darren Wilson.

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