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    Understanding Children: 4 Creative Tapping Transformations

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    Know a child that's struggling to make sense of their world?  One that has already been through 'too much?' Or even one that's forgotten their magical nature of creativity and solutions to keep themselves safe... if so, join us.  

    TappingStar welcomes child expert Susan Kennard to share her years of experience and creative interventions with you, to enhance your skills and inspire new approaches that will serve children and young people, both now and as they grow.    Susan de-mystifies the perceptual groweth process of beliefs and subsequent behaviors, and advances our understanding and how to energetically transform these with the child.

    Her years in child protection and early trauma/PTSD are put to good use, enhancing your understanding and skills to work more effectively with children and young people.  You'll hear about Susan's favorite 4 protocols, learning what they're for and how they can help your child or young client.  Listen, learn and pass the knowledge forward!

    TappingStar host Jondi Whitis leads another lively discussion of how you can help young ones to a better future that will beenfit all of us, using creative, transformative energy and tapping techniques.  Let's make a better future...NOW.  Jondi@TappingStar.com






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    ANGIE MUCCILLO on TappingStar! Tapping with Kids

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    Join us for a live conversation with Angie Muccillo, author of Tapping For Kids, on TappingStar.  Angie's book is a go-to for many people across the globe, and utilizes EFT founder Gary Craig's "Palace of Possibilities" model of a "healing highrise".  Come listen and join the conversation with this popular and lively EFT practitioner from DownUnder.  Got questions?  Get them answered on Friday!  Come join us, and bring your friends!

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    TappingStar Presents: Anne Unsworth's EFT for Children

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    Join us for another great TappingStar edition when Anne Unsworth reveals her newest book Anne is author of the popular book, EFT for Children, and we've waited a long time to match schedules so you can talk with this wonderful teacher/practitioner.  Be one of the first to hear about her latest book, complete with strategies and reasoning gathered over her years in Education.  It's written expressly for practitioners seeking to introduce the remarkable power of EFT for kids into schools and educational settings.  BRINGING EFT INTO SCHOOLS is a comprehensive work by a consummate teaching professional - you won't want to miss her 30+ years of experience and insights. You can call or write in and we'll answer YOUR questions about this important mission.  Don't miss this opportunity!
    We'll see you on the show!

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    Tapping Into Success for Children: TappingStar Welcomes Brad Yates

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    Author of "The Wizard’s Wish" for children and co-author of "Freedom at Your Fingertips ", internationally known EFT practitioner Brad Yates brings his creative and fun uses for EFT to TappingStar. Join us as we discuss how and when to teach our kids meridian tapping for a lifetime of success, health, happiness and resilience. A best-selling author, Brad is also a respected teacher and hypnotist, coaching groups and individuals in achieving greater success, health and happiness in their lives. His work covers a diverse crowd of the small AND tall, from industry professionals, athletes and actors to the homeless and those in recovery. A frequent presenter in energy psychology events, he's appeared in numerous teleseminars and films, joining other luminaries like Jack Canfield and Bob Doyle.
    What's your question about tapping and kids? Want to know what Brad's favorite tools and techniques are for children? Call in for your chance to talk to Brad Yates on EFT RADIO ONLINE's TappingStar show, with Jondi Whitis and Sue Tarlton, certified EFT practitioners focused on making a difference for you and for the world. (Click on their names to contact them for public or private sessions.)

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    TappingStar/Rue Hass: Working With Sensitive Children

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    TappingStar welcomes wonderful Rue Hass for an insightful conversation about Sensitives.  Are you one? Do you work with children who are shy, easily cowed or seem to disappear?  Gain masterful and thought-provoking insights on how to better understand and help those with this tender temperament.  Rue's lovely discussion about helping to instill in children their beauty as "deeper capacity humans" is a marvel you won't forget.  
    If you've heard Rue before, you know how she skillfully leads us to a place where we learn to see ourselves in new and deeper levels.  If you resonate with the Sensitive Type description, you'll find that healing our own emotional bruising is not only possible, but also keeps us "out of the way" as we help others. 
    How do we avoid being labeled by labels?  How can we relate to Sensitives in ways that support and permit them to open up to all you have to offer them?
    There's that and more for classroom, home and institutional use in our show.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to send your questions to Rue Hass, using our EFT Radio Facebook page. 
    TappingStar founders Jondi Whitis and Sue Tarlton are pleased to take your questions or work with you and your group.  Write to us!  We'd be delighted to help you.
    Jondi@TappingStar.com    Sue@TappingStar.com

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    EFT AND KIDS: TappingStar Presents New Information and Methods Kids Will Love

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    Want to be inspired about tapping with kids? Tune in to hear Eric Huurre, film producer and founder of eft4Kids!, share the excitement of his new global project based on seeing kids tapping around the world. To find out what’s new and what’s working, go to eft4Kids.org
    and http://eft4kids.eftforum.net. Join TappingStar founders Sue Tarlton
    and Jondi Whitis for this lively discussion on Fri., Oct. 29, at noon Eastern time. Learn how you can help with Eric’s vision from your corner of the world, on your own kids, in your work or practice.
    Jondi Whitis and
    Sue Tarlton are certified EFT practitioners, focused on making a difference for you and for the world. (Click on their names to contact them for public or private sessions.) Jondi specializes in EFT through imagery, spiritual practice and face-to-face meetings. Sue specializes in EFT through metaphors, streamlined practices and telephone and TV sessions.
    Click on the 'Remind Me' button on this screen to get an e-mail prior to the show. Tune in or listen to the replay by clicking here.

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    Relieving Anxiety and Calming Children with Tapping

    in Military

    Many families living with PTSD have children that are suffering from the effects of Secondary Traumatic Stress, and/or have special needs.  Join Family of a Vet Blog Talk Radio show host Debbie Sprague, and her guest Jondi Whitis, EFT Master Trainer, and co-founder of TappingStar.  Jondi will provide information and tools to help you, and your children to deal more effectively with the challenges of living with PTSD.

    Tune in on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 from 6:30 - 7:30pm CST

    Listeners are invited to call-in with questions and comments to: 323-657-1470


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    Tapping for Teachers; Tap to Achieve

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    Imagine transforming that stressful environment you encounter everyday into one where it's easy to remain peaceful and in control.  One that reflects the effective person you really are, and creates a space for both you and those you teach to easily achieve?  And even better, what if I told you that you already had the tools to do it?  Sound impossible? 

    TappingStar visits veteran educator Elizabeth Solana Calabro, who happily shares her decades of classroom expertise and wisdom on this very subject.  Join us to find out how your, too, can create calm, and rise to the challenges of modern education, more organized, with greater leadership and time management skills.

    And your students can enjoy even more benefits from your efforts:  

    Reduce Test Anxiety & School Stress * Empower Performance, such as Public Speaking and Sports Achievement * Transform Bullying & Peer Conflicts * Build Focus & Attention * Better Manage Learning Difficulties & Difficult Subject Matter  * Create Better Coping Strategies * Build Self-Esteem * 

    Join the happy and empowered classrooms around the world that have discovered the secret they carry everyday, and start transforming your world for powerful, satisfying results.  It all starts here, on TappinStar.  Bring a friend or colleague and join us!

    TappingStar host Jondi Whitis is a NYC-based certified, accredited trainer and practitioner, and former Teaching Artist.  She and Sue Tarlton created TappingStar to bring this transformative, remarkable toolkit to a whole generation of children, who will one day lead the world, healthy, whole and self-empowered. WATCH FOR OUR TURN-KEY KIT FOR TAPPING IN SCHOOLS, COMING THIS SUMMER!  www.TappingStar.com

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    Ann Adams: R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Kids, on TappingStar

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    TappingStar welcomes Ann Adams at long last, discussing how working with children and EFT starts with RESPECTING the child.  Retired from institutional work with junveniles, Ann carries with her many lessons learned from her professional experiences.  
    How we show that respect to the children we would help begins with building rapport.  Ann will walk us through basic, foundational and timeless ways to establish that rapport and ultimately build trust with the youngest members of our community and those who serve them.
    Ann's straight-forward style of delivery cuts to the chase and delivers the goods.  She directed the Gary Craig Master EFT practitioners, and is still developing several EFT products to promote the professional use of EFT in the world. Her EFT4PowerPoint was the first of its kind and still a best-seller.
    A licensed clinical social worker, her experience spans the clinical, private and administrative; in addition, she teaches workshops and was the United States' first  AAMET's Trainer of Trainers.
    TappingStar coFounders Sue Tarlton and Jondi Whitis host this edition, and welcome your questions and comments for us or our guest.  You can write them in advance or live on the EFT Radio fan page of FaceBook.
    Want to work with Jondi or Sue? Excellent!  We'd love to help you triumph.   Write us here:
    Jondi@TappingStar      Sue@TappingStar

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    For Children & Families With Serious Illness

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    TappingStar welcomes back Deborah Miller, of the Oaxaca Project, to talk about her long-awaited book, The Dragon With Flames of Love.  She lovingly details her years of work with children and families undergoing treatment for serious illness in this  beautfully illustrated collection of stories and lessons learned from the remarkable children she's served. Using the childrens' own magical imaginings, she crafts a loving resource for children and families in serious circumstances.

    Listeners will learn about introducing the EFT tapping process to kids or their parents, as well as medical professionals on the scene. How would this affect those in your life dealing with these kind of situations?  Imagine if it were calm and peaceful around shots, IVs, and chemo treatments?  What if you could teach a child how to get in touch with their emotions and empower them with courage and pain-reducing techniques?

    Learn about these things and more when TappingStar visits again with Deborah Miller, Ph.D, tapping expert and advocate, and founder of the Oaxaca Project.

    Your host Jondi Whitis is a NYC-based Trainer, Practitioner and Board Member of AAMET, the world's largest EFT association and certifying body.  Join her for classes each month, private sessions, mentoring and certification here:  Jondi@eft4Results.com or www.EFTtrainingforMastery.com



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    Conquering Limiting Beliefs About ... Self Image & Bullying - Part 3 of 3

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    Part 3 in our trio about conquering limiting beliefs around learning and the school experience:  Why is bullying so common?  How did we come to this place, where children's beliefs about themselves and their identity now cause them to consider radical 'solutions?' 

    Part 3 of TappingStar's trio of episodes with learning alchemist John Soriano discusses identity and self-image; how damages to our beliefs about ourselves are painful enough to cause the death of our spirit and identity, ad sometimes eve the physical body.  Tune in for insights for helping the children in your life deal with mis-perceptions, mis-beliefs and attacks to their self-worth.

    John Soriano's experience with students and their 'problems' can help you with yours!  Let's try something 'out of the box' today, and leave pat text book advice for the real, messy, challenging and rewarding business of reclaiming a child's future, right here, on TappingStar.  

    Don't forget to download the whole set: Part 1 of this special edition covers Limiting and Negative Beliefs on learning and performance; Part 2 deals with the vast territory of Focus and Attention issues.  Pass all three along to a friend or colleague today. TappingStar is your comprehensive resource for children and tapping.

    TappingStar host Jondi Whitis is a trainer & practitioner in New York City, and a former teaching artist in public schools, with a passion for bringing tapping to kids, teachers and parents for happy, profound results.  You can attend one of her specialty-themed groups on EFT, or attend a classroom training for certification in her EFT Training For Mastery method. Contact: www.eftTrainingForMastery.com  or  Jondi@TappingStar.com