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    Council of 13 Grandmothers Celebrates with TapFest

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    Meet Grandmother Margaret Behan, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Join us on our anniversary show as we are graced with the presence of GrandMother Margaret, Cheyenne "Red Spider Woman" from the celebrated International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. 
    Convened in 2004, the Grandmothers Council created a global alliance to follow a vision for the new millenium.  In doing this, they extend their vision to all of us: that we may all remember, support, enlighten and guide one another towards ancestral paths and the prayer of unity that leads to peace, harmony and healing.
    Grandmother Margaret will speak to us, offer insights, and prayer to guide us on our mutual mission for the new year 2012:  to bring healing to the people and the planet.
    TapFest, the Intentional global community, continues its mission to bring you the innovators, authors and movement leaders around the world that support the spread of energy healing to a planet in need.
    Come celebrate our fourth year as TapFest.  Join forces with the TapFest movement and create healing for your self, the community around us, and in the world at large.
      'Like a prayer, walking towards us, we are following the guidance of our hearts and souls.' -  from the original invitation to council, 2003
    The CoFounders of TapFest invite you to contribute your events, videos and comments to our entire healing community.  You may also contact any of us at TapFest.com for personal feedback, private sessions or speaking engagements.  
    Happy Birthday to us all!
    Jondi@TapFest.com; Lillian@TapFest.com and Sue@TapFest.com

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    TapFest: From Alaska To the World, with EFT

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    TapFest welcomes tribal leader and EFT practitioner David Kanosh to the show on July 8th.  A favorite voice in EFT that carries his excellence with quiet integrity, David's been working, teaching and healing with energy since 1997 in his home state of Alaska.
    From rural villages to native peoples, all the way to his beloved Marine brothers in arms, David has learned to share his talents with others, wherever he finds them, and from any background.  TapFest  has the pleasure to share his remarkable EFT expertise with you, and will take your questions and comments about any of his work.
     Long known for his ability to help Marines with PTSD, he's trained many more to follow in his path and will travels around the country this summer to share the message of hope and healing to the highest echelons of veterans' PTSD and mental health treatment.  We're very lucky to have David on our show, as he reflects his people's heritage of quiet strength and humility, and rarely has given a radio interview about the work he's performing with the state that provides more armed services candidates than any other state in the nation.
    We invite you to join us for this very special day as we discuss EFT's fantastic legacy and results with an American treasure.  Write in your questions on our FaceBook fan page (Eft Radio), and be sure to tune in for the live show.  

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    TapFest: Business Energetics with Sejual Shah

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    Transform your business or practice into more success, with TapFest on June 5th.  Sejual Shah, co-Founder of Business Energetics, will speak with us live from the U.K., demonstrating how this dynamic program can benefit your business or company from the inside-out. It's a great opportunity to find out more about this new transforming process, and for free!  Sejual's warm personality and encouraging spirit guide us through 90 minutes of personal business success experience and advice.  Bring your questions and let's soar!
    Jondi Whitis, jondi@tapfest.com, and EFTBrooklyn.com
    Lillian Fimbres, lillian@tapfest.com and TheGenuineLife.com

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    TAPFEST, the wave of change, turns 3!!

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    The TapFest anniversary show is a celebration of all the positive waves of change we've made in the past 3 years, and all the exploding ideas and projects we're seeing all around the world as we forge ahead. Join us to learn, inspire and celebrate building the kind of world we wish to live in, together.

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    8 Steps to Taking Your Life Back from PTSD

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    Author, teacher, life coach, lecturer, recreational therapist (...and more!) Debbie Sprague returns to TapFest to continue our exploration of hope, healing and guidance for the journey back home to self, from PTSD.  Whether you suffer from these symptoms yourself, work with those who do, or have a loved one struggling with the condition, this show is especially for you.  

    Debbie's journey has taken her from her darkest hours and most humbling times to her triumphal return to wholeness, and she's here to show you how to do it, too.   Join us this month on TapFest as we re-visit the issue in 8 practical steps anyone can do.  It's a frank and friendly conversation about the 8 steps, as an introduction to the comprehensive wellness strategies she lays out in her personal yet comprehensive book, Stranger In My Bed.

    Our first show focused upon the PTSD condition and Debbie's personal story, how her life and the fairy tale romance came apart, her journey through PTSD contagion, and how she found her way back.  Tonight's broadcast focuses on the practical steps to retrieving your life and your heart.  Please join us for research, information and wisdom made accessible, right here, on TapFest.  

    Your TapFest host Jondi Whitis is a NYC-based Master Trainer for AAMET, and also trains from time to time for EFT-Universe, in their veterans' outreach.  She specializing in helping people find the courage to listen, think and live from their hearts.  Check out EFT4Results.co for her latest EFT Training for Mastery dates and locations, as well as the next veterans-oriented training in Austin TX this June.







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    Mining The Akash, Getting to the Soul Level

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    Mining the Akash, and getting to the soul level of our issues is a speciality of Australian practioner/trainer/author Jenny Johnston, and she's coming to TapFest on EFTradio to talk about how this deep process of introspection and discovery can help YOU find deeper and more profound transformation in your life.

    She's written Tapping Into Past Lives, now available on Amazon, to talk about her personal journey to this place of reflection and powerful service.  With many years of experience in occupational therapy and clinical hypnosis, Jenny's added tapping, reiki, Matrix Re-Imprinting, Past Life Regression and much from the metaphysical, for transformative results.

    Her experiences and trainings have combined to create a deeper dimension of her work, that speaks to the soul level, in her system called Quantum EFT.  This is your invitaiton to discover those gifts and tools to access not only deeper levels of information.  Come and experience Jenny's method of mining the Akash on your behalf for higher levels of understanding and wisdom surrounding your own soul purpose. A world-traveling Quantum EFT trainer, TapFest is pleased to welcome Jenny to our community, and the opportunity to learn more about her impactful work.

    Your TapFest host Jondi Whitis is a Practitioner and Trainer of Trainers in NYC, offering customized training and mentoring for confidence, mastery and artful delivery.  Contact her for profound integration of tapping with your unique life purpose and to more powerfully serve those you've uniquely come to serve.  Jondi@eft4Results.com

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    TapFest Presents: 3 Steps to Healing Anger

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    TapFest presents "3 Steps to Healing Anger", with our guest Ingrid Dinter.  Well known for her work with war veterans, Ingrid is lending her talents and years of insights to bring healing from anger for everyone.  Her rich palette of client experiences can help you heal, too, in this compassionate and respectful paradigm unique to her practice.
    Find out for yourself and your loved ones how emotional overwhelm and feelings of betrayal or anger prevent you from enjoying your best life ever.
    After the show, contact Ingrid Dinter, Jondi Whitis or Lillian Fimbres to work on issues discussed during this broadcast.  Jondi specializes in classroom uses for EFT as well as clearing blocks of all kinds.  Lillian specializes in working with people to claim their unique identities as well as working with animals.  Each understands the value of clearing anger and related issues and is available to work with you.  Also contact them for public appearances to increase awareness of these issues and to explain how EFT can make a difference.

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    How to make a video for TapFest - the Digital Unity Quilt

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    Tonight is a special edition on TapScoop. TapFest is featured, the global community of EFTers and meridian tappers. January 20th is the 3rd anniversary of TapFest with the Digital Unity Quilt project in full swing.
    Did you know that videos can have the most impact on your website in the least amount of time?
    I know what you're thinking. I don't know how to make a video. It's too technical, too complicated, I've never made one before.
    I'll talk about how to make a video if you've a beginner, some tips for a good looking video with good sound quality, some things you might want to talk about, how to email it to TapFest.com and more importantly why making a video for TapFest is really benefiting you.
    Lillian Fimbres is an EFT practitioner available for private phone to phone work and group sessions. Contact Lillian with lillian@thegenuinelife.com

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    EFT Master Jaqui Crooks' MasterClass: Sharing What I've Learned

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    TapFest is pleased to welcome back EFT Master Jacqui Crooks, whose 15 years of experience has now been contained in her EFT Masterclass webinar series.  Those of you who haven't met or worked with her are in for a treat!  On this episode of TapFest, Jaqui speaks candidly about her desire to share her skills with those of you who really want to make an even greater difference for your clients and your own level of satisfaction, too.  During our visit we'll discuss how to introduce techniques and tips you can use straight away, and start using in your sessions for better results.

    Jacqui says "For a long while I’ve been wanting to offer my skills to those who don’t live in the UK.The Masterclass series will build your skill set, and includes the most important things I’ve learned since I started using EFT in 1999.” Listeners will get a secret, substantial  discount, too!

    We'll discuss these Masterclasses:

    Getting to the real roots of an issue easily
    Using language for change (including reframing)
    Working with parts and the inner child
    Clearing Ancestral and family patterns
    Rebirthing to create a new start for the rest of your life
    Looking forward - creating the life you want to lead

    Join TapFest host Jondi Whitis for another lively evening conversation with the best EFT experts, authors and practitioners to super-charge your results and satisfaction with EFT.  You can find Trainer & Practitioner Jondi in NYC, USA.  Jondi@TapFest.com, or meet her in person at the giant Spring Energy Event in April, 2015!

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    Dr. Bill Tiller on TapFest: Intention and Surrogate Tapping

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    Esteemed scientist Dr. Bill Tiller joins TapFest to talk about the latest discoveries in the fields of Intention and Consciousness. We'll focus on how these relate to TapFest's mission of Surrogate Tapping. Although this scientist is famous for tackling complex quantum and energy field issues, he provides a warm and clear lense through which we can easily experience the concepts.
    His last book, "Psychoenergetic Science; A Second Copernican Scale Revolution," will be discussed and we'll find out to better focus our consciousness in spirit-directed intention and group healing. Don't miss this fascinating opportunity! (More on Dr. Tiller is available through his site, www.tiller.org)

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    Mr. Right is NOT Coming...? Becoming Ms. Right Will Change That

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    Do you ever wonder if you get could off the merry-go-round of feelings and habits that keep you chasing Mr. Right?  TapFest welcomes author and EFT practitioner Susan Orosco, whose fantastic book, Don't Invite Mr. Right Until Mr. Wrong Is Gone! to show you how to stop chasing 'the quality catch' and become the 'quality catch.'  She invites us to see ourselves as the master of our lives and creator of our reality...even the manifester of Mr. Wrong.  Susan says you have to let go of Mr. Wrong, and the Past he rode in on. So, just how can we do that?

    Spend a little time with Susan and TapFest host Jondi as they discuss how clearing a path to the Real You is the fastest path to the partner of your dreams...and everything else in your Life that you want.  What if the key to finding a loving partner began with loving your own Life?  Find out how the patterns and baggage you've been carrying so valiantly are the thing that actually stands between you and LOVE keeps happening!  How the very thing you hate stands in the way of your success and happiness?

    Twice divorced and now happily in love with her family and her Life, Susan knows from which she speaks, and now teaches both women and men how to move through their past and into their own authentic, loving present for a fantastic future.  Listen to how self-love first can bring about companion-love, and your other Life dreams, too. 

    Jondi Whitis is an EFT Trainer, Trainer of Trainers and Practitioner based in NYC, NY, welcoming students to EFT Training For Mastery.   Contact: Jondi@eft4Results.com