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    Taoism & Mindfulness

    in Spirituality

    Learn the principles Taoism and how it helps your mindfulness.

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    Taoism vs. Buddhism

    in Spirituality

    International Psychic Medium Abbeygale Quinn, and the Rev. Lila Gee, discuss the similarities and differences between Taoism and Buddhism

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    Unified Jedi

    in Spirituality

    4/19/15 10:30pm

    For those new to the Jedi Realist community you may have never heard of this website before which is why I am feeling a great need to dicuss the tenets of Unified Jedi and its founder Shaun Seifer. This commmunity did have a short run as it pertains to communities but its impact on the community will be around for generations to come. It is sad that we can not longer see the forum section on this page. the lessons learned and battles fought were certainly something to remember. 


    UJ Tenets

    Every great movement since the beginning of time has had some sort of code from which to use as a foundation. From the Knight's code of Chivalry, to the Shaolin Monks of China, we have integrated those which best represent a Jedi Realist.











    I hope you all find this episode interesting and rewarding. Shawn my old friend rest in the force and know that we are doing all we can to make the Jedi Realist community what we all wanted it to be so many years ago. 

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan


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    Prepare to DIE - Page 24

    in Spirituality

    Often times, we support our writing with one of Einstein’s brilliant quotes. Today is a day to break tradition: not only we won’t build a foundation on what the great genius offered, but we will even go in the opposite direction to his findings, specifically the one part about God and playing dead… We mean, God and playing dice!

    Here is the quote we inquire upon, when Einstein says: ‘quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the “old one.” I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice.’ It is likely that Einstein, although of a Jewish persuasion, didn’t know that the first word of the Bible – which is traditionally translated as “in the beginning” – could also be rendered as “Created SIX.” We had an astounding show last Sunday on what would happen to the three main cosmologies, namely Taoism, Hinduism and Judaism (and by extension, Christianity and Islam), if they were to join hands… It would be elementary: the four classical elements of Western and Eastern traditions (Fire, Earth, Air/Metal, Water) would partner with the 5th element of Taoism (Wood) and the 5th element of Hinduism (Ether), for a total of SIX elements. These SIX are a clear manifestation of the “Created SIX,” as the God who created Heaven and Earth. Moreover, when I look at the geometrical shape that has SIX faces, I get a cube – the symbol of materiality and of Earth!

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    Tao Tuesdays Human Ascension within the Tree of Life # 5

    in Spirituality

    In this week’s 5th installment, Noble Anpu will discuss Sphere # 6 which is the realm of LIFE and LIGHT within the tree of life. This is a unique 10 week discourse that will fully explain human nature, consciousness, intelligent spirit, natural spirit and the cosmic forces that are within the human being. Tune in and make sure to bring a pen and paper and share with your friends. 

    And as usual Noble Anpu will surprise us with some new updates and other topics that blend perfectly into the conversation in his unique Aquarius style of teaching. 


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    Secrets of Erotic Magic - Sex, Sorcery & Spirit w/Jason Miller

    in Spirituality

    Tonight Jason Miller will share the secrets of erotic magic from his book, Sex, Sorcery and Spirit.  The sexual act is possibly the most potent - and pleasureable  gateway to the primordial.  Fom the Tantric mysteries of Hinduism and Buddhism and the inner alchemy of Taoism, to the sacrament of the bridal chamber in Christianity - and of course, the traditions of Western Magic and Witchcraft - sex pervades the highest and most secret teachings all over the world.  In our conversation with Jason, we'll delve into what exactly erotic alchemy actually is, how Aleister Crowley's teachings differ from his, why this type of erotica always seems to be focused on the male and how the GLBT folks can adapt this book for their use.  We'll talk about dedicated vs casual partners for this practice, if sex magic is dangerous and given the popularity of the book, 50 Shades of Grey, is there a place for BDSM in sex magic?  And no doubt, you'll want to know if you can use sex magic to get a job or find a lover. and if we can use orgasm to achieve high levels of spiritual attainment..Yes, I'll ask!  :)

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    Tao Tuesdays Human Ascension within the Tree of Life # 3

    in Spirituality

    In this week’s 3rd installment, Noble Anpu will discuss Sphere # 8 which is human Intelligence vs. our Original Spiritual Intelligence. This is a very important sphere of consciousness as it is the seat of our conscious thinking self that often times disconnets us from the Source or Tao.  

    Join Noble Anpu as he will discuss the nature of the Tao and human ascension within the tree of life. This is a unique 10 week discourse that will fully explain human nature, consciousness, intelligent spirit, natural spirit and the cosmic forces that are within the human being. Tune in and make sure to bring a pen and paper and share with your friends. 

    And as usual Noble Anpu will surprise us with some new updates and other topics that blend perfectly into the conversation in his unique Aquarius style of teaching. 


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    The Witch That Can Be Named Is Not The Witch

    in Spirituality

    Thank you for joining me for episode 103 of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age.

    Pick up a FREE copy of my eBook "HiPPiE WiTCH : Peace, Love & All That Good Sh!t" here... http://www.joannadevoe.com/p/free-stuff.html

    MUCH LOVE -xo



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    in Self Help

    Please go to QigongMasters.com to watch the video versions of this and other interviews with our remarkable guests.

    Lao Da Long began his training in Daoism and Chan Buddhism at a young age. Apprenticed to a Chinese master at the age of 8, he was classically trained in the Daoist philosophy, martial arts, internal cultivation, medical arts of acupuncture and herbs as well as mysticism. Having been raised for 10 years under his Master’s tutelage, Lao left and began a 20 year journey to many different countries learning and sharing with many different esoteric traditions such as Kabbalah, Sufism, Sikhism, Gnosticism, Yoga, and many different indigenous peoples all in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the Way. Now along with several close colleagues Lao owns and runs Jade Garden Classical Chinese Medicine and the Four Dragons Institute in Houston, TX.

    Lao Da Long is the President of the Board of Directors and Dao Li Shi (Scholar) of the Dao Li Jiao (an international Daoist organization focusing on the Way of Reason Daoism), a Daoist Abbot and ambassador for the Qingcheng Daoist Temple on Qingcheng mountain, Sichuan China, a Priest in the American Dragon Gate Lineage of Quan Zhen Daoism, a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Texas, a professional member of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) as well as and is ordained as a Priest in Southern Chinese Zheng Yi Daoism.

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    The Realm of Hungry Ghosts in the Post JFK Era

    in Politics Progressive

    Buddhism and Taoism have a belief system that roughly translates to "hungry Ghosts" in the West.  It embodies the idea that people can damage their spiritual self by doing evil to others. Some societies believe that this spiritual damage can be passed on to the person's descendants.  In the next two hours we will explore this concept in relation to collective delusional processes in the US. We will also trace a critical path of the three seeds of destruction sewn into the foundation of the American Republic from the very beginning at Jamestown.  These three seeds, racism, genocide, and militarism, reached a crescendo when JFK was assassinated and the pace has accelerated since that pivotal event.

    Feel free to call in and join the discussion!

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    ODWIRA: Kamiti Culture and Pseudo-Kemeticism - Pt. 2

    in Education

    In this episode of ODWIRA we build upon our previous broadcast: EGUA - Marketplace: Real New Year, Real Zodiac and Pseudo-Kemeticism [http://www.blogtalkradio.com/odwirafo/2015/01/01/egua--marketplace-real-new-year-real-zodiac-and-pseudo-kemeticism] by delineating the differences between authentic Kamiti culture and pseudo-Kemeticism. Those Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans~Black People) who have yet to consciously purge themselves of the infection of white culture have brought that infection to bear in the form of pseudo-Kemeticism.

    Concepts such as monotheism, atheism, pseudo-metaphysics, 'exoteric' and 'esoteric' forms of christianity, 'christ consciousness', islam, judaism/hebrewism, gnosticism, hermeticism, gnosticism, sufism, kabbalism, vendanta, hinduism, taoism, buddhism, pseudo-'native'-american spirituality, 'new'-age pseudo-spirituality, unconditional love, interracial coupling, multiculturalism, 'universalism', dissexuality/homosexuality, moral relativism, extraterrestrialism and more have absolutely nothing to do with the culture and religion of our Ancestresses and Ancestors from ancient Khanit and Kamit (Nubia and Egypt) nor its expression in Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion and Cultures today.

    We examine these issues as addressed in many of our publications. Download the free e-book versions of our books from  our NHOMA page:

    KUKUU-TUNTUM - The Ancestral Jurisdiction

    MMARA NE KYI - Divine Law/Love and Divine Hate

    THE OKRA/OKRAA COMPLEX - The Soul of Akanfo

    ANIDAHO - Awareness

    KOKOBO - Warning

    UBEN-HYENG - The Ancestral Summons



    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 

    Akwamu Nation in North America