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    NW Nail Tech Retreat Recap

    in Education

    Join us for a recap of everything that happened at the NW Nail Tech Retreat... the education, the prizes, the special moments that we'll always remember!

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    Intro to Tantra

    in Lifestyle

    Many believe that Tantra can only be practiced if you have a partner. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your sexual awakening is not dependent upon another person, it is your personal journey. In fact, you can not embrace Tantra authentically, or journey down this path with another, until you can first grasp it within YOURSELF. In this 5 part tele-seminar series, you will have an opportunity to:

    - learn the importance of self love and self worth; and how to put your own needs and desires first 

    - overcome the need to validate yourself by pleasing and performing for others

    - learn how to practice mindful masturbation and self body worship

    - Learn Sacred Touch techniques to enhance your intimate connection with your own body as well as others 

    - Awaken and empower your life by learning how to tap into your sexual power

    - heal your relationship with your genitals and sexual body 

    - release guilt, fear and shame as well as other programming 

    - learn Taoist and Tantric breath work and energy techniques to explore the channels of the sexual body

    - Learn FireBreath Orgasm - a powerful technique you can practice alone

    - develop an intimate relationship with yourself, get to know your true being

    - Learn how to make love to the DIVINE through your precious body


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    Renewing our Spirit With the Arts—The Easter Spirit Renewal & Sacred Art Retreat

    in Spirituality

    Members from The United Urantia Family and Urantia Sacred Arts organizations will join us on the air this week as we explore the intersection between the Fine Arts and the Spiritual Path in preparation for the upcoming Easter Spirit Renewal and Sacred Art Retreat which will take place from March 27th-30th, 2015 at the beautiful Presentation Center nestled within the majestic Redwoods of Los Gatos, CA. The theme for the Retreat will be: "Renewing our Spirit with the Creator Son while Expressing the Creative Spirit through the Arts." Throughout the weekend, attendees will be encouraged to reflect upon Jesus' Life and matchless Teachings while engaging in a variety of activities and enjoying presentations featuring music, meditation, prayer, worship, creative writing, visual arts, dance, poetry, and more—all designed to help us renew our spirit and uplift the group in an atmosphere of spiritual joy and gratitude as we nurture our Inner Artists in gentle and playful ways.

    Register for the 2015 Retreat today at: 

    For more information, please visit the 2015 Retreat website at:

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    Daryl Mooney Talks Tantra, Limp Lingams, Ejaculation vs Injaculation and More!

    in Spirituality

    This week's Talk About it Tuesday has turned into Tantra Tuesday, thanks to Mr. Daryl Mooney! The Handsome Mr. Daryl Mooney will be discussing Tantra Secret, Limp Lingams (Erectile Dysfuntion), Ejaculation and Injaculation. What is Tantra? Where did it Originate? How can Tantra IMPROVE my love life. Do you need some NEW tricks for your OLD DOG??? Why do I suppress my Sexual Desires? Have we been brainwashed into thinkin sex is bad,why?? For all your answers tune in Tuesday @ 9pm. Put the kiddies to bed as this will be an EXPLICIT ADULT SHOW you won't want to miss, the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your BEDROOM LIFE!!!

    Daryl Mooney, CLC is a comedian, certified Life Coach, new thought leader and motivational speaker. One half of legendary comic duo The Mooney Twins, Daryl is the eldest son of renowned comedian and comic writer Paul Mooney, as well as the protege of the legendary comedian and activist Dick Gregory. Daryl's life for over 2 decades has been devoted to empowering people, inspiring them to embrace their personal and spiritual power. Daryl as shared the stage with the likes of Rev. Michael Becwith, Dick Gregory, Paul Mooney, Iyanla Vansant, Jewell Diamond Taylor, Minister Farrakhan, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Stevie Wonder, and of course Dwayne and Paul Mooney He teaches techniques and coaches individuals in the areas of Mind Science, Sacred Sex, Laughter Therapy , Prosperity and Personal Power. You can often see him on stage doing standup or leading Transformational and Prosperity Seminars.

    Daryl is based in North Hollywood, California, and serves clients around the world via telephone and internet.

    Call in to the Goddess Suite 516-453-9075 Press 1
    Have a question? Email us @ GoddessSuite@gmail.com


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    Are You Ready For Our Advent Retreat?

    in Christianity

    Join Gary Zimak as he discusses the Advent Radio Retreat, which will begin on December 1. Gary will share some of the topics that will be covered and also stress the importance of participating in this retreat. This year's theme is "What If This Is Your Last Advent?" and it truly may be. Are you ready? Tune in and let's discuss!

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    Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled – 24 October 2014

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live” In "Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled"
    Featuring Maha Dakini Lorae, Jessica Marrocco & Hamilton Magtibay

    FriNite, 24 October 2014
    From 7 – 8:30 pm AZT
    This is a Spiritual Image Production’s Event

    This month's Topic – OnLine Dating

    Join Andrew Aloha and the rest of the God/desses for this online Tantra Session that's filled with spice, nice, and everything right.  Aloha will be joined by Tantrica Lorae Lauritch, Sacred Sexuality Educator, certified Tantric Counselor and Tantric Healer. He’ll also be joined by Psychic Mediums Jessica Marrocco, Akashic Records, Psychic Intuitive and Past Life Regressionist; and Hamilton Magtibay, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of LastingChance.com™.

    For more on “Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled” go to http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/Intimacy_Tantra_and_Relationships_Psychically_Fulfilled

    For More Visit Us @ http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ http://www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    GRACEbreak | GRACEbreak Retreat

    in Women

    We interrupt Top4 to bring you GRACEbreak Retreat with Maureen Crag McIntosh, Laura Prisc & Tracy Worley!


    “To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future to be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.” (Alan Cohen)

    Join Tracy Worley on GRACEbreak as we discuss the importance of knowing what matters to you, knowing your Top4 Values and how to apply boundaries to your life.

    Top4 is identifying what is important to us as an individual. If we do not have our own plan we ultimately become part of someone else’s. To plan is not a daily agenda, but to look at whom we are and have to offer the world.  Identifying our current values and what is most important in our life brings focus. We no longer walk into a room and wonder “Who am I, and what am I doing here?”  In most cases, outside influences have created the chaos; we have allowed someone else’s urgency to interrupt our priorities.

    Core values make up our character, self-image, self-esteem, beliefs, experiences, and set points. How to start: Free write how you would like to be treated (Golden Rule), and where you spend resources of time and money is a great start of what you value.



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    Earths Retreat Affirmation Empowerment Show

    in Self Help

    We go live on the air Monday through Friday at 12pm and I am thankful for you all showing interest in what is share here on Earths Retreat Radio. Please support our work by tuning in, sharing our page, giving generous monetary offerings via our website. We give 100% of service to you first. Our reward is that you are able to take something from here that will help you to help yourself and others. Through visualizing what you want, all your dreams and desires can come true.

    At Earths Retreat©®™, our Empowerment Coach and Humanity Wellness Doc, Ah'malah is guided by the supreme creator/creatress within, highly favored by many for her endless servant leadership to people worldwide over the past 15 years. Her goal is to inspire, encourage, uplift or empower you in every area of your life. Ah'malah's personal gift to you if you will accept is: #BEAM each and every day. B.e Love/E.mpower Others/A.ffirm Greatness/M.otivate Self. This virtual internet radio show is a support and guide not the solution! Continue to study self and do the work!

    Our class each day is dealing with (Laws of Success) as we work towards achieving our goals and focusing on our purpose. We should all invest in the first business, which is family. Think about your questions for our class discussion. Come join us and share your methods, advice, or ideas. See you all on our show hosted by Empress Ah'malah & Guest Monday-Friday at 12noon EST (646-649-0119).

    Peace & Love Your Earths Retreat Support Team

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    Tina's Retreat With Poetry In The Mix

    in Entertainment

    Interviews and Open Mic Sessions !!!!! Bring Your Ink & Paper So We Can Bleed Together !!!!!!! 

    Tonight is Part 2 of the discussion, concerning all of the NOT GUILTY VERDICTS, latley as we watch, listen and see our men young and old being taken down by the Police !!!!! Yes, they are suppose to protect and serve us but as of today they are killing us off one by one and we must come together as a people and stop this Ginicide before we loose an entire generation of black males. 

    We also talk about Samuel Jacksons Challenge !!!! Now thats a challenge that we all should do and I promise it will send a message !!!

    Don't be shy... just remember we all had our first time somewhere with that perfect someone, so why not let your first time on the Mic be with me ??? We are one big family, reach one, teach one....... see ya soon.... much love..


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    Tina's Retreat With Poetry In The Mix

    in Entertainment

    Come and let's talk about all these NOT GUILTY VERDICTS lately!!!!!! Let's talk about what we can do as a people to change this situation as soon as possible, before our young men are erased !!!!!!

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    in Politics Progressive


    Join News Director Rick Spisak as he welcomes a group of Progressive Activists evaluate the 2014 Election as we discuss how we can continue to advance the PROGRESSIVE AGENDA.

    NO SENSE Counting Coup - We're building a FUTURE!

    Our Guests: 

    Steve Horn    Progressive Journalist with DeSmog Blog
    Mark Pafford    Progressive Legislative leader 
    Ray Seamans    Progressive leader / Education Activist
    Debbie Jordan    former candidate for County Commission
    Charles Messina    former candidate for the Legislature
    Dr Rachel Pienta    Democratic state committee woman/founding Democratic Progressive Caucus board member/ Small County Coalition officer 
    Meredith Ockman    NOW SouthEast Regional Director / Human /Women's Rights ACTIVIST

    Tune in Sunday Nov 16th 7pm - 9pm

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