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    Ask Sue joined by Tanith with Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Readings here with Tanith x
    Call in on 347 327 9694
    Or from the UK  on (001) 347 327 9694
    This show is for entertainment purposes only as the law tells us to say!
    Thanks Sue xx

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    Ask Sue, Brandon Kreitzer and Tanith Medium

    in Spirituality

    ASK SUE show 8pm starts with BRANDON KREITZER   PAST of IL & TN Founder, PAST Family Founder, PTVN Owner

    Lead Investigator/Founder of PAST (Paranormal Activity Specialist Team of Tennessee) & EVP Specialist
    PAST of TN:

    PTVN (PAST TV Network) Owner & Founder

    Host & Executive Producer of PAST PTS TV Show (Paranormal Talk / Music Show) Thursdays 8pm cst/9pm est

    Executive Producer of Battlefield Banter Thursdays 6pm cst/7pm est

    BRANDON KREITZER; as a young adult had many personal experiences with the paranormal. He ignored them, denied them and convinced himself that they never happened. As he became an adult, the personal experiences continued. It was then when he knew, he wanted to learn the truth and look for answers.   THEN AT 9PM I have TANITH MEDIUM well known Medium and a good following from Psychic TV  Tanith will be doing readings from 9pm till 10pm Come and ask Tanith a question Past or present    MORE DETAILS can be found on www.guidance.me.uk and the Ask Sue website is asksue.guidance.me.uk. Promoting The Psychic World. Cosmic Radio is going 24/7 with TV too. Come join us   TO CALL INTO THE SHOW from the US 3476 771 520 or from the UK on 001 3476 771 520. ( UK you can call in for 1p a minute by calling 0844 869 9900 and listen to prompts)

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    Ask Sue is joined by Tanith Medium call in 347327 9694

    in Spirituality

    Hello and welcome to the Ask Sue Show.
    We are joined by Tanith to who does Psychic reading using tarot cards.
    Whether its about your children, travel, career or lurrrrvvvvvvv?
    Then call in from the uk 001 347 327 9694 or from America on 347 327 9694
    To book your private reading you can email

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    Ask Sue Show with Tanith Medium & Amazing People xx

    in Spirituality

    Hi and welcome xx
    Would you like a live reading x
    We have Tanith Medium on the show
    Call in from the US  347 327 9694
    UK 001 347 327 9694

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    Ask Sue Show with Tanith Medium & Amazing People xx

    in Spirituality

    Ask Sue Show every week night TONIGHT04 07 2012 WE HAVE TANITH MEDIUM WITH PSYCHIC READINGS, SO WHATEVER YOUR WANTING TO KNOW CALL IN X (UK time 8pm) Where every night we have fun laughter natta's sometimes rants lol Call into the show
    (UK 001) 347 327 9694
    We bring some rants to the front and let people know all over the world. Please check out http://asksueuk.wix.com/ask-sue#! We have all links to ASK SUE x Even a blog for nattas too x Every Monday - Psychic Readings with Ask Sue & guest Every Tuesday - Debate Night with Ask Sue Every Wednesday - we have Tanith Medium for Psychic Readings Every Thursday - BSL  LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED Every Friday - Psychic Readings

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    Ask Sue, Tiffany Michelle Foster-White and Tanith Medium

    in Spirituality

    Ask Sue show 8pm starts with Tiffany, Tiffany Michelle Foster-White is an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, ordained Metaphysical Minister, and a Holistic Health Practitioner, educated, trained and certified in multiple Healing Modalities.   Tiffany is a Registered Healer of the International Natural Healers Association. (INHA)     Being a Natural Born Psychic Medium, Tiffany connects with Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones in a Healing and Reading Session.t.   Then at 9pm I have Tanith Medium well known Medium and a good following from Psychic TV  Tanith will be doing readings from 9pm till 10pm Come and ask Tanith a question Past or present    More details can be found on www.guidance.me.uk and the Ask Sue website is asksue.guidance.me.uk  

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    Show #13: The Evidence,Tanith Dodge, HRD M&S and Task Force

    in Business

    We recently published the slides that Tanith shared at an Enage for Success event all about the evidence for employee engagement, based on the report by Tanith and Bruce Rayton.  
    Within 24 hours over 4,000 people had viewed them, in less than a week over 8,000 had seen them.  With this level of interest we figured this was a good time to get Tanith on the show!
    Why not dial in or get on the google+ group to ask a question or share a point of view....
    Host: Ali Godding
    Back channel: https://plus.google.com/communities/118419210283831602780/events

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    Ask Sue - with Tanith and Psychic Max

    in Spirituality

    Ask Sue is being joined by Tanith Medium at 9pm followed by Ask Sue and Psychic Max 10pm till 11pm
    for fun laughter readings with Tanith
    An animal show with Psychic Max xx

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    Cosmic Radio - Ask Sue - Tanith Medium

    in Spirituality

    The Ask Sue Show - 8PM (UK) & 9PM Psychic Tanith
    Well a news update .... the show is about ....................me Ask Sue. About my life my past what Ive gone through to get where I am today xx People Ive met people Ive lost and the happy and sad times in my life xx will put some pics up to show you all xx Get to meet and know the real Ask Sue only on Cosmic Radio & Guidance Network xx I will be joined on my show by Psychic Max who will be interviewing me and then we will be speaking to people who can relate to this and also suggesting crystals to help you go through the situation will be a great show xx Love you all my special friends and listeners xx — at 9PM Psychic Tanith will be joining me to take calls and do readings.

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    Ask Sue with Tanith Medium and Psychic Max

    in Spirituality

    Ask Sue, Tanith Medium and Psychic Max with laughter fun and readings and more fun lol
    We will be having a natta and then later in the show having readings 
    Tanith will be on between 8pm and 9pm 
    Psychic Max between 9 and 10 pm
    so come and join us xx

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    Suzi M as James Glass join Behind the Words with Lori Hays

    in Books

    Join Behind the Words host Lori Hays for a conversation with author Suzi M who writes as James Glass about his newest release!

    Suzi M writing as James Glass

    Lurking in a Pennslyvania town near historic Gettysburg, Suzi M is weaving webs of horror: including gothic, noir, ghosts, demons, angels, occult, and the occasional historic and/or post apocalyptic thriller. Her storytelling has been compared to that of Tanith Lee and HP Lovecraft. Writing under multiple pseudonyms, Suzi’s writing reflects and explores the thrill and the secrecy; the untold mysteries waiting in the shadows. In addition to a few other humans, including the tiny Hypnospawn, Suzi shares her home with a 30lb black house panther names Mr. Pants. When she’s not busy with her own work or getting pictures and autographs with people who recognize her on the street, Suzi helps support the efforts of independent artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers. She is also a self-described “fiberfreak,” finding time to spin, knit, crochet or weave when the muse allows. She will most likely achieve fame and fortune with her hand-crafted socks.

    Find James Glass and Suzi M here:




    Find out more about the network here:





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