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    Interview: Logan Welch and Laney Orr R.J. Reynolds HS Baseball Players

    in Baseball


    2014 All-State and 2-time All-Conference selection, Welch is the ACE of the talented Demon

    pitching staff. Welch heads into the 2015 season with tremendous opportunities. “Logan has

    a chance to set every RJR pitching record covering the last 2 decades... but “those are just

    numbers...Logan says he wants a state championship ring for the 2015 Demons!” To get that

    ring, Welch(10-0 in 2014, 97 strikeouts and 1.58 ERA) must lead the Demons with dominating

    pitching and a highly productive bat at the plate. Welch, along with the others Demon seniors,

    must lead Coach Welch’s squad as a unit if they are to capture the first state title in RJR

    baseball history.



    Coach Welch hopes 2015 is a breakout year for Orr. “Laney is a freak athlete with unlimited

    potential. If he stays healthy, he will help us in every way.” Orr has power, speed, arm strength,

    and defensive skills that put him into a category with only a few high school players. The

    Demons need Orr 100% healthy to truly make a run at the 4A state title

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest Rudy Orr

    in Politics

    TUNE IN TONIGHT 8PM E 7/C To Hear My Guest Rudy Orr

    Tonight's Broadcast Will Be Adult Programming - Different Than We've Done In The Past - But Rudy Is Too Hot To Handle And We Have To Let Him Fly Free

    If You Have Had Enough Tyranny In Your Life And Want To Talk The Way You Talk - Then Join Us www.blogtalkradio.com/thecapt Or Call-In At: 646-716-7978

    Let Your Voice Be Heard - Be Loud! - Be Proud! And Be You! 
    No Holds Barred Tonight Shipmates! We Will Unleash The Beast!


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    Author Tamra Orr joins this week's 'Aged to Perfection'

    in Lifestyle

    What a treat!  This week join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we welcome Tamra (Tami) Orr to the podcast.  Mark went to high school with Tami, oh, about 35 years ago, and recently reconnected. This from her stellar bio:

    "Tamra Orr has been writing educational books and testing materials for kids of all ages for the past 20 years. She has run the gamut from writing phone apps to board games, newsletters to newspaper columns, test items to test prep books.  She has written more than 300 nonfiction books on almost every topic imaginable, including more than two dozen biographies and half a dozen books on homeschooling. Tamra is a secular homeschooler and has homeschooled all four of her kids from the very beginning.  In 2001, she and her family moved to the Pacific Northwest where she writes, reads, goes camping, and tries to keep up with extremely active kids."

    lgbtSr is a site for LGBT people over 50 and our friends & allies, where aged is embraced and life is celebrated

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    Angels on Air - Carolyn McGee with Fiona Orr - Magical Manifestation Formula

    in Spirituality

    Join Carolyn McGee and her special guest Fiona Orr on Wed, May 6, 2015 at 7:00 PM eastern for the Magical Manifestation Formula~      Call 626-213-5652.  

    Want to be even MORE EPIC than you are right now?
    Learn the #1 Law of Attraction mistake?
    Crush fear and unlock hidden energy in only 68 seconds?

    As part of a plan to sell more Girl Scout Cookies when she was 13 years old, Fiona Orr began her life-long love of studying success and motivation. She is an accomplished EPIC Life and Success Coach, motivating people to step through their fears and release their limiting beliefs to create an extraordinary life that they love filled with energy, enthusiasm and confidence!

    She uses lessons learned from her experiences as a former captain and MVP of a nationally ranked Women’s Roller Derby team to infuse high-octane energy, fun and inspired action into her transformational mindset coaching. 

    Fiona is an Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach, a certified QSCA Law of Attraction Coach and a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

    Carolyn McGee, Master Intuitive Healer, Coach and & Teacher helps you release your blocks & turn on the faucet of abundance so that your life will flow with ease & grace.  By helping you identify & transcend patterns that are preventing you from achieving the life of your dreams, she guides you to align with your inner power & wisdom so that you easily recognize your intuition & trust your guidance!   

    Carolyn is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Coach utilizing EFT ,co-author of the International Best Seller ”Embracing Your Authentic Self”, co-author in “365 Days of Angel Prayers”.    www.CarolynMcGee.com

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    The Captain's Special Guest: Rudy Orr - Single Father Abused By CPS

    in Politics

    Hear My Very Special Guest, Rudy Orr Talk About Some Of The Most Egregious Acts Ever Perpetrated On A Private - Law Abiding Citizen - With No Criminal Record.

    In 2004, Rudy Orr Calls Authorities For Help With His Wife Driving Recklessly With Their 2 Month Old Child In The Car.

    Subsequently, He Was To Blame For The Act And Has Been Harrased By Cps And Law Enforcement Ever Since. 

    After Receiving A Pirate Costume From His Father - His 7 Year Old Son Was Removed From His Classroom -  Put In Handcuffes And Driven Four And A Half Hours To A Mental Institute For Simply Role-Playing As A Pirate - In Their Home No Doubt.

    His Youngest Daughter Was Pre-Sold To A Foster Mother For Adoption Several Months Before The Girl Was Even Born - Without The Knowledge Of The Parents. 

    These Are Just Some Of The Egregious Acts Perpetrated Against Mr. Orr.  CPS Has Given 4 Of His Children Back To Him, But Has Yet To Release His Oldest Daughter.  They Have Brainwashed This Young Girl To Not Want To Come Home.  Rudy, A Single Father, Is Doing Everything He can To Raise His Children, Is Left Devestated Without ALL Of His Children . . . And His Story Is Not Over Yet.

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    MMA Jam Session - Amberlynn Orr & Bobby Cooper

    in MMA

    Join Cole and Doc Howie as they bring you Episode 2 of  MMA Jam Session, produced by Jay General! Here at MMA Jam Session, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news in the MMA world. Tonight Cole and Doc Howie be joined by V3 womens bantamweight champion Amberlynn Orr, Gaston Reyno and Bobby Cooper. We've got all this and more coming up this Thursday on MMA Jam Session!

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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Real Estate

     State of the Housing Market - The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show our returning guest Michael Orr will help educate us on a major asset class, which affects each of us whether we invest in residential real estate, we own a home, or we rent. I've said before that once housing prices start to rise rapidly, we can expect housing to be kicked out of the US CPI just like food & energy. Although as far as I know, we don't have a single listener who can avoid eating, consuming energy, and living somewhere !
           It's been a full 3 years since we had Michael Orr on the show, and I forget that most listeners don't have regular access to the information he provides in the Cromford Report and as Director of the Real Estate Center Theory & Practice at the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (ASU). So you may not know that his prediction on the housing market bottom, the rapid rise, and the plateau in prices starting late in 2013 happened just as he stated. I can assure you, he's not like one of the talking heads just sharing his opinion ... he bases his predictions on facts and trends. And no one has better data on housing than he does.
           So has the resurgence of housing prices just begun? Are we in another bubble? And what are the indicators he suggests we use to navigate this important asset class? We'll cover these topics and many more, so prepare your questions for THE expert, grab a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us for the State of the Housing Market ...

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest: Ruddy Orr - CPS Funding and Incompetence

    in Politics

    Rudy Is A Return Guest On The Program And Has Some New Information Relating To Who Is Funding Cps And How They Receive Those Funds

    Rudy Will Also Discuss The Overwhelming Red Tape Associated With Cps And Family Court: The Mistakes, The Lies, The Corruption And How It Can Happen To Anyone

    Corruption Will Only Continue If We Allow It

    When Injustice Becomes Law . . . Resistance Becomes Duty!

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    Show #44- Become the Person You are Meant to Be!!!

    in Motivation

    1st Guest: Bobbi Schwartz, Founder of The Bobbi Schwartz Group/Be Iconic Style.


    Leading fashion stylist, author, speaker, and frequent radio show guest, Bobbi Schwartz, is a well-known style maven to the wealthiest women and men. She has worked for some of the world’s leading fashion houses including Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus. Bobbi has been an independent fashion consultant for a decade, and has a global clientele. Her focus is timeless chic with a twist. Her impeccable service and flawless style has made her indispensable to her client base.

    2nd Guest: Tamra Oviatt, founder of Sacred Activations (SA), a seventh plane energetic modality.


    She is an author, energy worker, professional speaker and teacher who trains advanced energy workers to use SA in their professional practice. Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems. 



    Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is President/CEO of the Executive Women’s Success Institute located in Maryland. She is a trainer, speaker, author, career strategist, and business consultant. She’s Chair of the Woman’s Advantage Forum a program created to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses to 6 & 7-figure annual revenue

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    Business Over Coffee International Radio

    in Business

    BOCI: 10am CST: Please interact via chat line or social stream.Twitter: @bocoffee @sherrihenley #togetherstrong #businessovercoffee

    Sponsored By: Nashville NAWBO, Inside Info Marketing & Sherri Henley Intelligence

    Host: Sherri Henley


    Tina Tatum, Founder of One Voice - Mississppi
    Carol Leake, Shelby County Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer
    Pastor Bartholomew Orr, Senior Pastor of Brown Missionary Baptist Church

    Segments: Communicating With Shelley Baur

    Register to Attend Digital Citizen University (DCU) Here

    Purchase latest edition of The Power of Collaboration in Business and Digital Citizen 101 here.

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    L'Marco (@LMarcoMusic) Live with TVMG

    in Entertainment

    TVMG returns to Friday nights with special guest international recording and performing artist, L'Marco.