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    Tampogo Training on Social Networks

    in Business

    Join us for this very special Tampogo Training featuring Master Networkers, Denette "Sasha" Casey, Atlanta, Georgia, Minister Greg Wilson, New York, and George Monge, Miami Florida. This hands on training will provide its participants with the skills necessary to properly network on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

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    Kathy Rygiel-Working from home for myself

    in Marketing

    I day trade emini futures.I'm working with two network marketing companies.
    KiSS is structured in such a way as to break the barriers of traditional MLM. There is no start up fee and the monthly price is $10 which can be used to purchase sugar-free mints, lip balm, or to designate to the charity, In Our Own Quiet Way,
    It is very new and will pre-launch 10-10-09
    My Second Company-
    TamPogo is for the strong marketer. I would not recommend it for someone who cannot recruit. It is free to join and the only qualification for commission is to purchase one item/month from the online store. It is the goal of the company to be bigger than Walmart and Amazon.com eventually. Many items in the store are priced $25-$30 and are items you may already be using.
    I joined TamPogo for their non-profit fund raising program.
    My email is kathdance01@gmail.com Phone 407-236-0620.

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    Activating and Integrating the continual flow of Divine Wealth through the Clearing of Chakras

    in Spirituality

    The Universe causes you to prosper by blessing all the works of your hand..the Bible even states " If a man does not work, he shall not eat." Even a system that has been set up for you to receive automatic income time and time again requires you to work in the beginning to create it. But work is not just for making a living, it is Life Itself. Work is primarily for Creativity. Prosperity is continuously being created. It is a creative thing. A person's world falls apart when he/she begins to lose their Creative Focus. To stop Creating is to stop Living.