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    MAEGA Spotlight with Tammy Edwards of The Edwards Sisters

    in Radio

    Tammy Edward is a tradition Gospel Singer that love the lord.  Tammy Edward sings with her sisters.


    You can buy there music by clicking below:



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    Blood pythons and short tails with Terrell Zeigler from Designer Exotics

    in Pets

    In this episode Terrell Zeigler is back but this time he is hitting on the other half of Designer Exotics, Bloods and short tailed pythons. 

    We will be talking about his approach to keeping and breeding these awesome snakes in captivity.

  • 02:48

    Tammy & Jesse Storr

    in Religion

    7:30PM - Tammy & Jesse Storr

    9:30PM - Minister Leah Killings 

  • 00:32

    The Roast of Erik Terrell

    in Comedy

    Listen in as some of his very closest friends hit the line with all of their embarrassing stories and weird habits! Happy Birthday Erik Terrell !!

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    Tammy & Jesse Storr "What Time Is It In Our World Today"?

    in Religion

    7:30PM - Tammy & Jesse Storr

    9:30PM - Minister Leah Killings

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    Why Thugs Hate Church

    in Comedy

    Less than a month remains this season. Help us finish strong.

    I hope you enjoyed "Why Youth Hate Church". It's Week 2 of our Evangelism series, and each week gets more compelling as promised.

    This week, we're taking all you Christians to a place most of you hate to go, but know very well. We're taking you to the streets. We're taking you to the corner right outside your house or right up the street. We're going to the same corner your cousin, brother, son, daughter or best friend calls home.. the same corner you used to call home. We're going to the Strip Club. We're going to the prison. We're going to the crack house.

    This week, we're discussing drug dealers, drug abusers, strippers, pimps, prostitutes, killers, etc. How much better are you than these people? Do you know any of them? How do you treat them? How should an evangelist approach them? Does an immense resume of sin make someone "worthy of judgment" ? ..more worthy than you?

    Don't forget our Season Finale Survey. Send your "Best Black Comedian of All-Time" in to the show!

    And join us this week for . . "Why Thugs Hate Church" with Pastor Danny Sutton on The Erik Terrell Show

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    Talking about having faith.

    in Spirituality

    Why do we lack faith? What stops us from being so open? Do our Angels guide us, talk to us, and show us the way? Call in to learn and hear today how you can change your life to be more aware and open.


    We stop our selves from being open for many reasons help change your enegry and become who you are meant to be by following your inner voice, your intuition.



    God bless


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    Why Youth Hate Church

    in Comedy

    Christians !

    Our last series of the year is for you! We're getting religious, and we're getting real. Join us for our Evangelism Series! It's the realest Evangelism Series you've ever seen..

    First up.. Minister Mike Burger will join the crew to discuss the Church's approach to the Youth. Is there a window for which people are impressionable and open-minded towards religion? When's the window close? How can we get there before it does?! And who are we competing with exactly?

    The Season Finale Survey was revealed last week: Who's your Best Black Comedian of All Time?

    Join us this week for "Why Youth Hate Church" on The Erik Terrell Show..

    Love y'all !

    - ET

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    Achieving Balance with Tammy Ward

    in Self Help

    Tammy Ward, along with her husband Casey Ward, are the founders and owners of Hope Haven Events.  Hope Haven Events hosts Christ-centered Energy Healing Conferences, Homeschooling Conferences, events to strengthen marriage and youth, and mentoring sessions.  This November is the world's largest energy healing conference in Ogden, Utah and Tammy will be sharing some exciting news!!!!  You can learn more or register at:  www.hopehavenevents.com. 

    Tammy will be talking about how to achieve balance in life and how to identify priorities.  She will be sharing what has worked for her and what hasn't.  One of the most common questions we get is how to juggle responsibilities and make time for everyone and everything.  In this episode we'll be exploring how to balance life.  We invite you, our listeners, to call in and share any insights with us regarding the "juggling act." 

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    Does Transracial Adoption Work?

    in Comedy

    So, what is your opinion of Transracial Adoption??

    Black children dominate the foster care system. Will these kids get a "better" life growing up in Lancaster than in North Philly? Is it worth possibly sacrificing their cultural identity? What if they raise them in a white home with white schooling and ship them to an HBCU? But then that'd make them "bougie" right? Oh Lord.

    What about the reverse?! Can little Bob grow up in North Philly.. or will people look at his parents funny?

    It's a Phone Blast. "Does Transracial Adoption Wor?" this week on The Erik Terrell Show.

    Also: Season Finale Survey Revealed !

  • 00:56

    Speaker/Discussion "Meeting" with Tammy L.

    in Lifestyle

    In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We have recreated that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.  Tune in to this episode to hear our guest Tammy L. share her story and our discussion following her share.