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    Tamia Dow on Insights for the Soul Febrauary 18, 2013

    in Spirituality

    Our show is scheduled for 2 hours so we can ensure that we don't have to cut anyone short.  Our show is generally 1 and 1/2 hours.
    Join Us and Tamia Dow for an interesting show as we talk about local and international events around International Women's Day.
    This is going to be an interesting show. Find out what is happening in your arear at http://internationalwomensday.com

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    Jennifer Ouellette, Glen Whitman & James Dow • Zombie Economics

    in Science

    Undead characters have terrified popular audiences for centuries, but when analyzed closely, their behaviors and stories—however farfetched—mirror our own in surprising ways. Jennifer talks with Glen Whitman & James Dow about Economics of the Undead: Zombies, Vampires, and the Dismal Science. Economic recovery after the zombie apocalypse, analyzing vampire investment strategies, illuminating the market forces that affect vampire-human romances. 



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    This week in Boxing

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    Breaking dow the John Molina Vs Adrien Broner Fight List of there most recent fights and what I expect out of this Matchup 

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    Talking Finances w Leighsa G has the insite of what you need in order to save money, build wealth, become active in the stock market, obtaining good credit, and anything else you can think of to become a financial guru. 

    Topics include:

    Financial planning 
    Stocks and bonds
    Stock market investing
    Life &health insurance 
    Renting vs owning
    Credit Repair

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    A FAB U with Retired Domestic Violence Detective TAMIA DOW

    in Lifestyle

    Domestic Violence is an issue many women and men have faced in their lives... Please join host Eboni Nicole and special guest Tamia Dow who is a Retired Domestic Violence Detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as we discuss this issue.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month...Show your support!

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    057 WHITNEY DOW: "The Whiteness Project"

    in Self Help

    What does it really mean to be white? And how do white people define themselves in a post-Ferguson world full of rage and protest? Today on BOLD, LeGrande Green interviews Whitney Dow, the award-winning director of “The Whiteness Project,” an explosive documentary about race and cultural identity in America.


    Whitney tells LeGrande: “People see this as controversial but I don't. I simply wanted to create a vehicle for white people to look at themselves. Whiteness is an attribute that affects everything in our everyday life and our interactions. But no one talks about it.”

    “The Whiteness Project” features intimate interviews with 21 people from Buffalo, New York, discussing race in a frank–and often cringeworthy–fashion. People like “Jason” who says, “For some reason, some black people hold on to the back-in-the-day slave thing. Should slavery be something that because it happened we owe black people more? Absolutely not.” Another woman expresses her fear at how “black men in general” take a smile as “an invitation to approach.”

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    Crystal Ball 2015: Top 4 Hot Investments, with 4 Investor Alerts.

    in Finance

    Wall Street keeps roaring to new highs, however, most Americans are still on the sidelines. So what gives? Buybacks. Corporate buybacks are at an all-time high, which fuels gains in the markets and increased earnings at the same time. How does this work? Howard Silverblatt, the senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones Indices explains it best, writing, "Companies are caught in the buyback mode – reduce them and EPS growth declines."

    Apple has spent $45 billion over 12 months to support its #stock via buybacks. Information technology leads the pack on buybacks.

    What does this mean to the average investor? Where's the best place to be if buybacks abate? Will earnings deflate on a stronger dollar? What's the hottest investment for 2015? The safest? The best hedge against a downturn?

    All this and more in the show, Crystal Ball 2015!





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    Grid Down Hunting Special

    in Prepping

    Rambo Lybrand and Melissa Prissy Osmundson will be talking hunting and trapping. I will be giving away a survival snare kit from www.snare-trap-survive.com the the best caller. Grid Down has big plans for 2015 and we are more than a prepping and survival group we are hunters. Don't be a butters and join us on the show. Saturday night 9pm central/10pm eastern 1/17/2015 646-727-2638 is the live number and you must call to qualify for the prize.

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    CEMEX SAB de CV (ADR) NYSE:CX "MM") Shareholder Derivative Action?: Part1

    in Legal

    Will CEMEX ("ADR" CX:US" CLH" CEMEXCPO:MM) (BVC: CLH) and CEMEX SAB de CV (CEMEX USA) shareholders file a derivative class action lawsuit in 2015? It appears that the shareholders may have a viable claim against CEMEX based on fraud, illegal activities, or gross mismanagement by CEMEX because the Board of Directors has failed to address corporate abuse and criminal acts committed by their employees, agents and affiliates. CEMEX has failed to police its own employees to the detriment of productivity and outcome and therefore, a decline in stock value.

    Has the negligent behavior exhibited by CEMEX staff, employees and agents resolved in poor cement quality; that the lack of proper handling and use concerning the production of cement is the reason for defective housing structure, buildings and infrastructure throughout this country and abroad. Has these acts resulted in misappropriation of corporate assets, has there been a wrongful delegation of corporate duties and a failure to address the negligent acts of employees, and is the negligent acts committed by employees deemed a breach of corporate duty of care, duty of loyalty and has resolved in a a waste of corporate assets to cover their wrongdoings. This is particularly true, where these acts are the result of nepotism. 

     Therefore, it is important to do an extensive background investigation into the company and companies responsible for manufacturing, producing and distributing cement because poor quality cement resolves in billions of dollars in losses to businesses, insurance companies and consumers. For such reasons, CEMEX shareholders may consider litigating against the corporation in 2015.

    Jaime Gerardo Elizondo Chapa Board Member President and Karl Watson are called upon to take immediate action.






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    Ron Siegel Radio Network Jan 8 2015

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills CA, Tom Tackett of Orange CA, Bill Dow of Santa Ana CA and Lisa Lewis of Anaheim Hills CA discuss current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA.

    Ron, Bill, Tom and Lisa will discuss: Service Dogs; Patriotic Service Dog Foundation; What defines a Service Dog; Penalties for mis-representing a Dog as “Service Dog”; Who is really to blame when a Dog misbehaves; Who will take care of Mom when you Cannot; Can Home Health be Short Term: $441 Billion Paid in Rent; Pres. Obama Announces FHA MIP Cuts; Mortgage Minute; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate; Word on Wealth; The SLT Mortgage Adoption Program Will Provide a Complementary Semi Annual Real Estate Check Up, and so much more.

    Our guest, Oren Segal, offered a free guide on Cyber-Safety Action.  Click here for your copy.

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at                  

    Twitter: @RonSiegel



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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Winter Storm Gorgon has sent a second blast of bitter cold air and wicked snow as Pastor Paul Begley experienced first hand. Also a massive earthquake of 6.0 hits just outside of Christchurch, New Zealand. Also a huge "Sinkhole" opens up in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Also Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are being pulled into the Prince Andrew sex scandal of the "Private Island of Jeffrey Epstein. Also 2 more New York City Police Offiecers shot and wounded in the Bronx, New York as the tensions continue to rise. Also Dow Jones dropping again today and now fallen 449 points in the last 2 days. Also falling oil prices has put the squeeze on Hezbollah, and Iran's Shiite Allies. Also Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu vows to protect IDF soldiers from Palestinian attempts to drag them into the Hague. These and much more current news events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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