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    Real Talk With Tami & Monique

    in Entertainment

    Please Join Tami & Monique In The Relaunch Of Their Show "Real Talk With Tami & Monique". We Are Very Excited To Get Started Back Up Again, Same Sista's New Hot Topics! Tune In This Sunday February 24th At 1pm MST/3pm EST.

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    InnerSpeak - Jean Adrienne and Tami Lynn Kent

    in Spirituality

    Your body has a creative energy field that is perfectly designed for making the life of your dreams, yet most people don't know how to access this place. Holistic energy healer and award winning author, Tami Lynn Kent, will share her "wild creative" tools developed with over 3000 clients to harness the true potential of this inner creative field.

    Soem of the topics we will discuss are:

    - Missing link between spirit and body that affects creative flow & abundance.

    - Potential in working at spirit/body interface to engage with the creative framework that is imprinted.

    - Application of ancient feminine energy for our modern lives & how bringing in the feminine can transform our masculine ways of being in jobs, schedules, careers, partnerships.

    - How to work with this inner creative framework so that it aligns with our intentions.

    - How to manifest careers, houses, partnerships, dreams based on using the creative energy in ones own center.


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    Tami Harris-Heritage School:Spiritual Life in a Therapeutic Boarding School

    in Family

    On December 4, 2014, Tami Harris explained their program to facilitate spiritual life in Heritage School in Utah, a secular Therapeutic Boarding School and Residential Treatment Center for adolescents.  Tami is the school's Director of Spiritual Care and their Chaplain.  In this interview she describes her mission to give all students the opportunity to grow in their spiritual life in addition to the emotional growth and therapeutic healing which is the overall mission of Heritage School.  Participation is not required, but most of the students decide on their own to either practice their own religion they were raised in, or to sample other practices of religions they are not familiar with.  The goal is to make sure this spiritual and religious opportunity is available.  The latest addition is the first Kosher Kitchen in a RTC in the country for their Jewish students.  This joins the regular Catholic Mass on campus, various Protestant denominations services and non-denominational service opportunities that are spiritual in the sense of giving.


    Tami Harris

    Heritage School-Utah

    801-473-6843, tami.harris@heritagertc.org, www.heritagertc.org 


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    Guest: Tami Weissert - Getting More from God's Word

    in Religion

    Reading God's word doesn't have to be a dry,one-way street where we sit and try to concentrate on dusty words in a book. The Bible is alive, and active, and sharper than a two-edged sword! Off the Page and Into Your Life will help readers cut through the clutter and connect with Christ in wonderful new ways.

    Tami Weissert was the Executive Vice President and in-house counsel for Back to the Bible, and oversaw their Bible Engagement division. She served as co-host of the Back to the Bible radio program for more than eight years and is also the blogging voice of Powered by 4, a daily online Bible engagement ministry of Back to the Bible.

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    Tami Racaniello

    in Business

    The Holiday season has begun and so has the nibbling, gnawing and noshing.
    Did you know Halloween is now the official starting gun for eating season? It used to be
    Thanksgiving through New Years, but much like the retail market that now starts holiday push in the fall, we start our binge season. "It's okay, it's a holiday, I can indulge" Yah...62 days of holiday!! Tis the season for more networking, parties, drinking, and foods with little to no nutritional value, and it is very difficult for people to be healthy, unless they are mindful.
    CPFT-HFI, Health Empowerment Coach
    Tami, President of It's Time to Get Fit, Inc. & Yummilicious Creations, Incorporated, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Master, Pilates & Yoga Instructor, and Raw Food Chef/Healthy Cook. At the age of 40, Tami realized she was on a path destructive to her health, and changed her mindset and lifestyle, leading to a weight loss of 130 pounds. Tami teaches clients innovative and easy ways to fit exercise and healthy eating into their life for better health and lasting results. She believes that health is represented by more than just numbers on a scale.
    Tami Racaniello, CPFT-HFI, Special Population Certified,
    Nutrition Consultant, Corporate Wellness,
    Health Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Author
    Strategies of Success Host Brian Cohen www.briansos.com 631-255-3581 briansos@optonline.net

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    Music Ministry Month guest Tami Rowbotham

    in Music

    LifeThoughts Radio welcomes

    Music MinistryMonth guest

    Tami Rowbotham

    Executive Vice President for Incubator Creative Group

    and author of "Funk Justice: 15 Fixes for Your Ministry Funks"

    For more information about Tami, visit



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    Interview with Murray Williams & Tami J. Wilde

    in Country Music

    Born and raised on the farmlands of rural Ontario, Murray Williams released his debut single “Thank a Farmer” in 2006. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, bass and banjo, Murray began performing at the age of 14 when he formed a band called Harley Express with classmates. After that came Night Shift, which hit the Ontario circuit on weekends for about 10 years. After a short break, Murray played in a duo, which eventuallyy grew into a four-piece called Common Thread. Country fans are loving his current album Goin' Nowhere Fast which showcases traditional country music - a great collection of originals like the heartfelt "Daddy's Little Girl" and covers like Murray McLauchlan's "Farmer's Song" and Kenny Chesney's "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy." Murray's latest single is the moving "Love Song For My Father."

    Tami J. Wilde is a singer/guitar player/songwriter on a music mission. She hails from the Peterborough area. Tami has proudly released her self-titled debut album featuring her songwriting on every track. The CD was recorded by James McKenty from The Spades.Tom Street played drums. Ken Tizzard played steel on many of the songs. From the opening track "Me And My Ole Guitar" through to the closing track "Redneck Ramble", Tami takes you on a musical journey full of characters you'll recognize and experiences you'll want to relive. It's country meets rock meets high energy performances. 

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    Tami VandenBerg Talks About Life At The Well House

    in Lifestyle

    Executive Director Tami VandenBerg

    Tami adds Well House to her list of community givebacks. Her passion for housing and volunteering with Well House pushed Tami to take the executive director job at the end of 2012. "I passed people on the streets without homes, our neighbors, everyday on my way to work."

    Ladies and gentlemen we are in for a very fun and informative time as we listen and learn from our friend Tami VandenBerg! We are talking about "homelessness" on this episode of In Life Now Radio and what her organization the Well House is doing to provide solutions to this epidemic in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    For more info go to http://www.wellhousegr.org

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    Cartomancy Reading Gemini Full Moon w/Stacy Hill & Tami Sabo

    in Spirituality

    Join us today at 2:30 for a card reading of the energy surrounding this Gemini Full Moon, December 6th, 2014.  We will be doing free one card readings, as well.  Tami and Stacy, both ordained ministers, are very Gifted individuals in the realms of spirituality, Reiki, intuitive readings, energy work, astrology, and Shamanism, just to name a few. They have offered their contributions to 6th Sense World for several years bringing a variety of metaphysical talents to the table.  You're sure to enjoy this interaction with these awesome ladies!

    Learn more at



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    Cartomancy Reading Gemini Full Moon w/Stacy Hill & Tami Sabo

    in Spirituality

    Join us today for a card reading of the energy surrounding this Gemini Full Moon, December 6th, 2014.  We will be doing free one card readings, as well.  Tami and Stacy, both ordained ministers, are very Gifted individuals in the realms of spirituality, Reiki, intuitive readings, energy work, astrology, and Shamanism, just to name a few.  We will be giving ***FREE*** one card readings for a more personal reading.  You're sure to enjoy this interaction with us!

    Learn more at


    Learn more at


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    Live with Tami Balavage, Help A Diabetic Child Founder

    in Health

    Tami's son, Michael, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes four years ago at 16 years old. So distraught and unprepared was she over this unexpected news, she vowed to help other parents of children with diabetes.

    The first need was for money. The cost for supplies can run into the thousands and if you're caught without insurance or your deductible or copay is too high. 

    The next need was to help parents adapt to a completely new lifestyle, espcially in the begiining when heads are spinning and hearts are plummeting.

    Help A Diabetic Child was born.

    Tami now works tirelessly at providing all the essential support parents of children and the children, themselves are seeking. listen now as we talk to Tami about how she got started, exactly was the HADC does to help children and where she hopes to bring the organization. 

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