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    5 Easy Tricks to Tame the EGO

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of the Great Awakening, we explore many of the myths and misconceptions concerning the role of the ego, and how it can wreak havoc in our daily lives.

    One of the biggest myths surrounding the Ego, is that we have become so disconnected from our higher self, that we believe we are the ego, we believe we are the human body...Likewise, tapping into our true powers means understanding and taming the ego.

    To learn more, listen in to this great explanation of what the ego really is...and how you can develop some easy tricks to tame your ego.

    A big part of our personal Great Awakening, is becoming awake and aware enough to realize that we are not just a human body; instead, we must awaken and remember that we are a sipritual being who lives in a body for a short period of time, and from this level of awareness we can learn tricks to control your ego from higher awareness.

    Dr Lee Vickers, author of Bodies of Light as well as creator of the methodology of the same name and Russell Foster discuss some of the popular myths and misconceptions surrounding the role of the EGO as well as some of the ways it will wreak havoc in your daily life, often times without your awareness of what is happening or why.



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    Tame the Chaos! Get your Ducks in a Row!

    in Health

    ITS NOT THAT HARD!!!!! Listen in and hear how to tame the chaos

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    How to Tame Your Inner Critic so You Can Thrive

    in Fitness

    How many times have you started something and didn't finish it, like a fitness plan?? Or maybe you can't even get started at all because of the voice inside that keeps telling you why bother because you will fail anyway? If only you had someone to help you transform that inner critic into a positive force?

    You are in a wonderful place today, because I have JUST the person to do that...Junie Moon.

    Junie Moon Schreiber helps people create a life that is passionate, authentic, and fulfilling by teaching them how to turn down the volume on their inner critic – which allows them the freedom to do whatever they dream possible. She is a Certified Shadow Work Facilitator, Transformational Coach, and co-author of  the Amazon #1 Best-Selling book, “Journey to Joy”. 

    Junie Moon absolutely adores seeing people embrace life fully bringing them better jobs, healthier relationships and massive joy. Her clients step powerfully into their soul purpose with grace and ease. Be sure to check out her free ebook "How to Tame your Inner Critic” at www.innercritictamer.com

    Join us today and learn how to shut that inner critic up so you can go on with living your life to the fullest.

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    Tame Your Grocery Bill - Easy Ways to Save

    in Family

    Steve and Annette Economdies may just run the most efficient household ever because they are America’s cheapest family. This money smart family has been very busy, you may have seen them on the Today show, The Talk, or even Dr. Phil to name a few shows. They’ve taken their message of living an abundant life with no strings attached all over the world and today they are spending time with us. While we focus today on saving money on groceries, that’s just the start. You’ll want to take notes – trust me.

    Click on the Podcast tab when you visit our website: www.debtfreedivas.org for the show notes to get links to all resources mentioned in this episode.


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    in Religion



                                    LET'S GET INTO OUR STUDY OF THE BOOK OF JAMES CHAPTER 3 

                                                            "FAITH CONTROLS THE TONGUE"

                                                            "FAITH PRODUCES WISDOM"


                                                          LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING WITH YA

    EVANGELIST LACEY KAY GREEN  E MAIL ME @ evangelist@laceykayministries.org    

    www.laceykayministries.org donate PAYPAL   JOIN MY GREAT SPONORS AND PARNTERS

    www.victoryreportonline,com  Cheryl Gipson   www.hsbn.tv.Bishop Andrew &  Ann Marie Bills  

    Dr. Tom Johnson,  POOL BLUE Jason & Mary Ann Miller League City Tx.  Robbie Gean Miller Ga. USA  



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    Time To Tame The Tongue

    in Spirituality

    Dangers of the tongue

  • Write Books That Sell Now with Anita Henderson, Candice Davis, & Carol Dunlop

    in Business

    Host: Coach TMB

    Guests: Anita Paul, Carol Dunlop, Candice Davis

    What's inside this book that you can't do without?

    A system to write the book your audience wants to read—even if you’re not a writer

    Specific strategies to make sure you avoid rookie mistakes so your book doesn’t end up looking like something printed on a home copier.

    Tactics to tame the social media beast and make it work for you, your book, and your busy schedule.

    What people are saying:

    "When it comes to getting your book DONE, you need a system that holds you accountable, keeps you motivated and delivers results. Candice, Carol, and Anita gets the job done every time."

    Monique LaRue, Author: Cultivate Critical Connections: 3 Steps for Creating Genuine Relationships

    Visit Anita, Candice, & Carol online @



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    Customers Aren't Your Problem Entrepreneurs

    in Entrepreneur

    Who is YOUR Gladys? Today, we learn about who Gladys is and how you can tame her! Customers aren’t problems – they are people! Today’s show is going to focus on human interaction as a key customer tool. I believe this is a lost art with all our digital and technological advances. We somehow have decided that a FB post is as good as actually  connecting with a client in real time!

    To connect with host Christine Monaghan, email ckmoyp@gmail.com

    To receive more tips, tools and acumen, go to http://dailylifemastery.com/blog

    This show is brought to you by http://karatgroupteam.com

  • Radio Show: Gut Hormones and the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of the Nervous System

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    How leptin has an effect beyond appetite control
    Fat cells on fire—how to tame the inflammation
    Why practices like meditation HeartMath are key for weight loss


    Many people who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off suspect there’s more to it than simply eating less, and resist the notion that failure is simply a matter of not trying hard enough. The fact that two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese suggest it’s a more complex situation.  One component of the complexity is the influence of appetite hormones. During the past few decades, researchers have identified numerous hormones that play a role in overall appetite control

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Mike Mutzel as they discuss how brain and gut hormones impact eating behavior and weight loss efforts.

    Mike has an B.S. in Biology from Western Washington University and is completing his M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is a graduate of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s (IFM) Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP)

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    TCH Ep. 77: 8 FTDF: Bastard's Powell Robinson, Patrick Young & Rebekah Kennedy

    in Film

    This month on The Calling Hours Horror Podcast, we are featuring the films that comprise the After Dark Horrorfest 8 Films To Die, and on this episode we are covering Director's Powell Robinson and Patrick Young's Bastard. On to discuss the film, we will have Co-Director Powell Robinson (Home's Where The Hearts Are [2012], Tame [2014] and the upcoming Born Again [2015], Co-Director and Writer Patrick Young (Ear Today Gone Tomorrow [2012] and the upcoming Born Again [2015] and Rosewood [2015]) and Actress Rebekah Kennedy (Season of the Witch [2011], Succubus [2011] and House Hunting [2013]).

    In our Digital Dismemberment Reviews, we will be covering Scream Factory's Blu-Ray Double Feature Release of Metamorphasis and Beyond Darkness.

    In our Metal Massacre Spotlight, we will be featuring Century Media Records Artist Before the Mourning and songs from their new CD Etherial End.

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    The Walking Dead Novelist & Writer Jay Bonansinga

    in Spirituality

    THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE says, “Jay Bonansinga (www.jaybonansinga.com) has quickly and firmly established himself as one of the most imaginative writers of thrillers. His twisting narratives, with their in-your-face glimpses of violence, are set in an unstable, almost psychotic universe that makes the work of many of his contemporaries look rather tame.”

    His novels include LUCID (2015), ROBERT KIRKMAN’S THE WALKING DEAD: DESCENT (2014, sole writing credit), THE WALKING DEAD: THE FALL OF THE GOVERNOR – PART TWO (2013), THE WALKING DEAD: THE FALL OF THE GOVERNOR – PART ONE (2013), THE WALKING DEAD: THE ROAD TO WOODBURY (2012, co-author, with Robert Kirkman), THE WALKING DEAD: RISE OF THE GOVERNOR (2011, co-author, with Robert Kirkman), PINKERTON’S WAR (2011), PERFECT VICTIM (2008), SHATTERED (2007), TWISTED (2006), and FROZEN (2005), among many others. His work has been translated into 11 different languages, and his 2004 non-fiction debut THE SINKING OF THE EASTLAND was a Chicago Reader “Critics Choice Book” as well as the recipient of a Superior Achievement Award from the Illinois State Historical Society. His debut novel THE BLACK MARIAH was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award, and his numerous short tales and articles have been published in such magazines as THE WRITER, AMAZING STORIES, GRUE, FLESH & BLOOD, OUTRE and CEMETERY DANCE, as well as a number of anthologies.