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    Meditation to Tame The Soul

    in Spirituality

    Carman and Cleo are Registered Nurses who currently work clinically with medically fragile pediatric patients. They completed their undergraduate study at Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2002.


    After working as clinical nurses in various medical settings, they gained a sense that non-conventional methods of healing could potentially give people more power over their own healing. Around this time they watched as their mother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, slowly lose her ability move and eventually pass away in 2003. They chose to explore more holistic approaches to healing and wellness.


    In 2007 they became certified massage therapists through the National Massage Therapy Institute and were introduced to the energy healing modality called Reiki. As they began giving massage therapy sessions and Reiki treatments they noticed people were in a better state physically and emotionally then when they first encountered them. It convinced them that everyone has the potential to promote and maintain their own wellness and healing. They decided to study holistic ideas further and obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Holistic Health from Clayton College of Natural Health in 2009.


    The arena of energy healing and other holistic modalities were very profound and life changing for the sisters.


    In this instance, it was important for them to share and teach others about alternative methods of health and wellness. We emphasize helping others to empower themselves to be proactive in their own health, wellness, and acquiring the calm stillness within themselves.


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    Die4 Radio With Special Guests Defari & Tame One(Artifacts)

    in Music

    Die4 Productions & The Hype Magazine Present Die4 Radio. Join Diar Lansky, Madd Phour & The Die4 Crew as they interview the Best that has ever have done it past and present. Die4 Radio always playing the Best Hip Hop from East To West. Call in at 646-200-4945 Press 1 to speak with host. Tonights Special Guests are Defari & Tame One(Artifacts). 

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    Turkey Broadcast - Tame that Bird!

    in Motivation

    Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and we will not have a live show then so we decided to showcase our random Turkey thoughts on the November 20th show - maybe we'll record one in advance though and also play on Thanksgiving!

    Our "No" Turkey show will have all the stuffing you've come to expect from us and many surprises and some interesting insight on the life of this majestic wild bird ......as we know it today.....the gobbler that we've all known to love on our table!

    On a more serious side we're going to spend some time sharing how to make a Turkey soar like an eagle in your business. Trust us, this is one show you just can't miss...

    Join us on Thursday night at www.TwoBlackSheepRadio.com at 8:30 PM Eastern SHEEP Time.

    Bob and Dave

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    How To Tame The BEAST Known As The Flesh

    in Romance

    The Flesh is a BEAST! Join Author/Minister Kim Brooks as she ministers on ways to tame the beast known as the flesh on the next episode of the How To Date and Stay Saved Show.  Be motivated, encouraged and inspired and receive practical tools and wisdom on how to live victoriously while single.  http://www.kimontheweb.com 

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    The Premiere of CrayfishKings with special guest Phil Kaiyalethe

    in Hobbies

    Joining us for our very first episode is special guest Phil Kaiyalethe, owner of Tamed Waters. Listen in as Phil shares his love for the fish hobby, how Tamed Waters was created and his love for the Cambarellus diminitus, one of the hottiest dwarf crayfish on the market. Phil will explain how to properly care for them, walk us thru his breeding setup and how to breed this amazing dwarf crayfish.

    Have a question for Phil Kaiyalethe or the Crayfishman James call in @657-383-0091 dial 1 and ask your question live on the show or email your question to crayfishkingspodcast@gmail.com

    Special thanks to our sponsors DMV Aquatics, Crayfish Keepers of North America and Tame Waters

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    Talking Cambarellus diminitus with Phil Kaiyalethe part 2 - Breeding

    in Hobbies

    Planning on breeding your precious dwarf blue crayfish? Then this is the show for you, join us this Saturday March 28, 2015 for part 2 of our discussion with Phil Kaiyalethe about the Cambarellus diminitus. This time around Phil will share with us how he breeds his dwarf blues. Listen in and learn how to condition the dwarf blues for breeding, how to properly breed them and how to care for the all the babies. Also Phil will update us on his black dwarf project.

    Have a question for Phil about breeding the dwarf blue crayfish? The call in at (657) 383-0091 and ask your question live on the show. If you don’t want to call in you can send your questions to crayfishpodcast@gmail.com and we will get your question answered.

    Check out our new fan page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crayfish-Kings-Podcast/676914125769043.
    Special thanks to our sponsors DMV Aquatics, Crayfish Keepers of North America and Tamed Waters





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    Facebook: Digital Bull$hit or Truth Serum?

    in Radio

    It's getting more and more prevelant that Facebook has made people claim to be tht which they are not. But with some, it shows exactly who they are. When it comes to Worldly matters, people seem to have more of a "Sheep" mentality. Following the flock or a silly Meme. Whereas something more tame, such as Sex, everyone is all of a sudden a Sex Specialists and has done EVERYTHING. But don't call them a "Whore"! Plus our take on South Carolina and Walter Scott. Join us.

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode 16 with Guest Giana Love)

    in Entertainment

    Today I am so excited to bring to you the Sexy Giana Love she is a gorgous cam model that has been teasing men & women for almost 9 yrs so watch out boys and girls she has experience to tame the beast in all of you.

    Her sexy hot body is not the only thing you will fall in love with her personality is to die for so break out your lube and toys boys and girls and make sure you catch this sexy chica live on cam you will not be disappointed at all. I would love to get my hands on her for sure.

    Now sit back relax and enjoy the show it is going to be one you will never forget.

    Follow us on Twitter and our live cam shows: @SammyBrooks69 Sammy_Brooks.cammodels.com

                                                                            @SageMontana1 Sagemontana.cammodels.com

                                                                            @MissGianaLove Flirt4free.com (Giana) MyFreeCams.com (Giana Love) GianaLove.com

    And remember you can only catch us here live on Dollhouse Radio Every Thursday From 7-8pm ET.

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    "Payback '14" Tour Continues As Cowboys Tame Lions In Wild Card Round

    in Sports

    The Cowboys are on a mission, and it's not a small time thing. Facing a 14-0 first quarter deficit and bad play from both sides of the ball, Dallas righted the ship and was able to pull out a 24-20 victory over the Detroit Lions, paying them back for their come-from-behind wins in '11 and '13. Tony Romo had another great performance, with a passer rating over 110 and the defense tightened up to only allow 6 points on the Lions final 9 posessions. Patrik Walker joins CowboysHQ's KD Drummond to discuss the ins and outs of the game, as Dallas prepares to turn the page to the divisional round and the Green Bay Packers. 

  • Packers tame Lions at Lambeau Field, and earn second seed, in the NFC playoffs

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will discuss the Green Bay Packers victory, over the Detroit Lions.  With the win, the Packers claimed their eight overall, NFC North Title, and fourth consecutive.   With the Seattle Seahawks beating the St. Louis Rams, the Packers will be the overall two seed, in the NFC playoffs.  The second seed comes with a bye week.  This will be much needed, as Aaron Rodgers aggrevated his calf.

    Late in the second quarter, Aaron Rodgers rolled out of the pocket and pulled up lame.  During this process his did toss the ball to Randall Cobb, for a Packers touchdown.  Rodgers would be carted off the field, and did not come out of the tunnel after halftime.  Matt Flynn filled in, for one series, then Rodgers trotted on the field.  Lambeau Field erupted, and the grey skies went away for the time being.  With the first round bye, Rodgers will be able to recieve treatment and rest.  Will it be enough time, to fully recover?

    It was apparent that Rodgers was sore, as he rarely left the pocket.  Suprisingly, late in the game, with the Packers on the one foot line, Rodgers kept the ball and pushed forward, for a touchdown.  How important is Aaron Rodgers, for the Packers to make a Super Bowl run.  Listen in and call the show, with your thoughts.




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    OutSkirts Science Fiction Theatre: Terry M. West

    in Books

    Author and king of gore, Terry is the author of  Servant of The Red Quill, All of The Flesh Served, The Rose Man, Dreg, most recently The Night is Long and Cold and Deep, and much more. Not only an author, Terry M. West is a filmaker and has earned acting credits in several films including Joseph M. Monk's The Bunker and The Blood Shed. Broadbased with his writing, Terry expands his work into graphic novels in the Young Adult category with his series Confessions of a Teenage Vampire. A finalist in the 1997 International Horror Guild Award for his short story The Night Out and having made the 1999 Bram Stoker Award preliminary ballot for Hair and Blood Machine, Terry has been all over the scare scene for decades now appearing in FrightNet, Scream Factory, House of Pain, Dark Muse, One Hellacious Halloween, etc., etc.  Terry M. West is also a director, his work not at all tame and PG. Are you ready?

    Dreg little known facts 

    Terry M. West's official website 

    Follow @avidreadershows on TWITTER

    Follow @ladramaprincess on TWITTER

    Host La Drama Princess' erotic website