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    Introduction to Women Talking Sex - Get to know Luminessa and Sabrina Rojek

    in Self Help

    Please visit us at www.womentalkingsex.com and don't forget to subscribe here and on our website! As always, feel free to send in your questions or call in. If you miss the live opportunity, you can still listen to the archived episodes at anytime!

    Introducing your hostesses Luminessa Enjara and Sabrina Rojek with Women Talking Sex! Ever have any questions around sexuality, relationships, your body, or anything else.

    Are you confused around this topic or scared to death?!?
    What is sexual intimacy and how do we create it?
    Is there more about your body you wish to understand better?
    Ever wanted to ask a question but didn't know where to go?
    Maybe you just want to know "how to..."

    Join us as we explore many topics, bring light and awareness to your questions and have fun in a safe environment! There are things we ALL want to know about, better sex, have our needs met, intimacy, and our relationships in general. Sometimes we are too scared to ask a question or didn't know who to ask...look no further!

    Learn more about yourself and your desires and how to communicated them!


    We are focusing specifically on women's sexuality and creating shifts in awareness around this topic. We are taking this topic OUT of the closet and making it safe to have a real conversation. Here's the other thing...we know sexuality and our ideas and beliefs change as we age, Luminessa and Sabrina have a 30 year gap between them, which means we have a wealth of experience to cover many different age ranges from 18-65 and beyond!

    This radio show is just a couple of women, sittin' around drinking your favorite beverage, as if we were sitting together in your living room, having a conversation. Join us!

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    Sex Talk with Nikki and Astrid

    in Comedy

    Join Nikki and Astrid tonight with the Relaunching of "Sex Talk with Nikki and Astrid"

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    The G-Spot with Meka Rae: Talking to Your Kids About Sex...

    in Parents

    Hi Bedroom Playmates

    Join us tomorrow evening as we discuss having the sex talk with kids. How soon is too soon to have the talk about sex with kids? Why is it necessary for kids to learn about sex from their parents? Is sex something we should talk to our kids about or leave it to the school? If we have the sex talk with our kids what should we cover, how much is too much information to share, or is "too much" even a thing? Are you uncomfortable discussing sex with your child? If so, why? 

    Parents, lets have an open and candid discussion...

    We want to hear from you!

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    Episode 2936 - Is God okay with sex during Menstruation

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2936 - Is God okay with sex during Menstruation 
    Recorded 10-28-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Let's Talk: Love, Sex and Nutrition is Talking Tantra!

    in Self Help

    Tonight on "Let's Talk: Love, Sex and Nutrition, we are Talking Tantra with Master Teacher and Coach Rev. Harvey Bailey. Rev. Bailey will share what Tantra is and The Practice.

    Join Voni, your Sexual Health and Wellness Coach and Zee your Love and Sex Enthusiast for an evening with The Art of Tantric Love, and Sensual, Sexual Pleasure, at 646-929-0630 7:30 p.m. EST, 6:30 CST.

    One Love!

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    Ep# 98 Talking about Sex

    in Christianity

    Ep# 98 Talking about Sex w/guest Pastor Matt Mager of Sovereign Grace Chapel www.sovereigngracechapel.com

    Welcome to G220 Radio, I am you host Ricky Gantz and I want to thank you for tuning into the program, whether your listening to me live or at a later date by podcast. My hope is this program will be a blessing by encouraging, equipping, edifying and convicting to those who stand apart from Christ Jesus.

    Find out more here>>> http://www.g220ministries.com/

    Tonight on G220 Radio we are talking about sex with Pastor Matt Mager of Sovereign Grace Chapel in Youngstown, Ohio. This is a topic that often is not talked about much from the pulpit, a topic that may be hard for some to hear but the truth is this is a subject that we cannot and must not ignore. We are a clean family friendly show that deals with many different topics from a biblical worldview and this my friends is a major topic that we must address. Our prayer is that this show will help you understand the difference between good sex and bad sex. You can listen to these sermons here>> http://www.sermonaudio.com/source_detail.asp?sourceid=mattmager

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    Case of the Ex: Sex with your ex (lovers, friends and situationships)

    in Entertainment

    We have an exciting show for you this week!  Morning Sex will be discussing the CASE OF THE EX: Sex with your ex.  Isn't it odd that years after you've broken up with someone, they want to come out of nowhere saying they miss you and how they fucked up?  This could be an ex lover, situationship or just someone you occasionally smashed in the past.  Have you ever had an ex you wanted back so badly, you put your pride aside to get them?  What kind of message does it give off when you occasionally smash your ex?  Has there been an instance where you were on the fence about a new BAE and an EX?  

    We will also be sitting down with celebrity author and socialite, Shod Santiago!  Come chop it up with us as we get all up in his head about what he thinks about ex's, talk about his book: Gucci & Gold, and find out what he has up his sleeve for the future.  

    Tune in to the madness this Saturday from 10am-noon and tell a friend to tell a friend!


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    Talking about every aspect of sex

    in Relationships

    Todays show will be about how we think about sex. Its so many different things and ways to explore this topic. WARNING we will nolt be gentle!!! Women and men will be able to learn something today on the show. Sex is a great and broad topic that we can all relate to and dont call in and be shy and squemish.when you call in. JUst a sneak peek we will ask what is the proper amout of time to wait? 

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    Talking in Circles: NASCAR's Championship Weekend, Crew Chief Changes for 2016

    in Sports

    On this episode of Talking In Circles we talk about NASCAR's championship weekend. Kyle Busch, Chris Buescher and Erik Jones were all champions in 2015 and we break down their seasons and what propelled them to the top. 

    Also you'll get our opinions on whether Kyle Busch is a legit champion or not after missing 11 races earlier in the season due to an accident at Daytona in February. 

    Plus we talk about crew chief changes for the 2016 season. Tony Stewart, Kyle Larson, Danica Patrick and A.J. Allmendinger will all have new crew chiefs as Black Monday hit for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series crew chiefs. Who made the right move, who made the wrong move and we give our thoughts on those.

    Plus we take your phone calls at 917-889-8280. 

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    The Grown Folkz Talking Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    Sex, lies, and them damn pies! All that and more tomorrow night at 7pm pst on The Grown Folkz Talking Radio Show! Join us by clicking the link below or calling 424.258.9216!

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    Scorpios Talking November 12, 2015

    in Self Help

    Michael Colberg, JD, LCSW, LMFT and Anne Ortelee, a certified Astrologer ISAR-CAP, PMAFA, NCGR-PAA Level 3, talk about current events from the perspective of Scorpios. Tune in to hear their unique, wise perspectives on how to navigate the wild and turbulent times we live in.  Lively, informed and fun, we encourage you to take your outrage and engage your courage.