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    #TalentNet Radio: #SHRM12 Edition Sponsored by Dice.Com

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    We're going to be coming to you live from #SHRM12 brought to you by none other than our friends at Dice.Com.  For SHRM, we're going to do a live episode at a special time after #DTHR covering the hot topics, happenings, and people at SHRM's annual conference.  This will be a Call-In Show & will feature various Influencers from the Dice Bloggers' Lounge such as the TalentNet Crew, Elizabeth Lalli-Reese, Dwane Lay of Dovetail, and others - so, have your questions ready & your phone handy!

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    #TalentNet Radio: Top Recruiter Special Edition

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    Top Recruiter: TalentNet Special Edition
    Recruiting can often be a cutthroat, winner-takes-all business involving big characters, big drama and big decisions where people’s lives, and livelihoods, hang in the balance.  In other words, it’s the perfect fodder for reality TV.
    Enter Top Recruiter:  Now in its debut season, this new show puts some of America’s most talented talent professionals in a head-to-head competition to determine who has what it takes to earn the coveted title of Top Recruiter.  With slick production values that rival any network, Top Recruiter offers not only a rare (and accurate) glimpse of the realities of recruiting designed to edify, and entertain, recruiters and candidates alike.
    Join us Tuesday, September 11 at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT as we take a look behind the scenes at Top Recruiter with creator ChrisLavoie & cast members in TalentNet as they discuss their experiences & offering a sneak peek at when recruiting meets reality television.
    SPECIAL SHOW Format:
    The format of this show will consist of a closed Q&A format with Chris and select cast members of Top Recruiter for the first 30 minutes.  Top Recruiter team will leave call approximately thirty minutes into the broadcast.
    Call-ins will be permitted and encouraged during the second half of the show.
    Q1: If you were judging Top Recruiter, what would you look for?
    Q2: What movies/TV shows make your “Must See” list for recruiting & HR professionals and why?
    Q3: If you had to produce a movie, TV show or book based on HR or recruiting, what would it be?  Pitch us in 140 characters or less.

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    #TalentNet Radio: Live from #ILSHRM12 - The State of #HR

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    Q1. Does location impact talent management best practices and strategy– or are these universal?
    Q2. In today’s increasingly interconnected, global world of work, do state and local organizations like Illinois SHRM still matter?  Why or why not?
    Q3. What are some of the major themes or trends being talked about at Illinois SHRM?  How do these differ from other state conferences?
    Q4. What are some of the biggest challenges or obstacles facing HR professionals at the state and local level?  Opportunities?
    Q5. What role does local or regional culture play in informing or shaping company culture – or does it?

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    #TalentNet Radio: Social Media, Engagement & Freak Flags

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    As much as we claim to want social media, the fact is that most people are loathe to make the changes this newfound marvel requires—especially organizational leaders. They've set up cultures and processes to protect brands from from the silly things employees do by defining organizations that, while imperfect, are stable.  They've defined succession plans that depend on predictability and consistency... not individuality.  Social Media? Makes that complicated. 
    Join guest Jason Seiden, CEO of Ajax Social Media as we talk about tellingour personal stories, employee engagement, the realities of social media, and how much we can let our individual 'freak flags' fly @ work on 7/24 4p PT | 6p CT | 7p ET! 
    Q1. When it comes to #Social media, why don't leaders and employees don't trust one another to "do the right thing?"  #TalentNet 
    Q2. How does the concept of individualism or 'profersonalism' at work impact employee engagement? #TalentNet
    Q3.  So how do #HR & business leaders to keep employees engaged with the #brand while still allowing room for individuality? #TalentNet  
    (Where should we draw the line when it comes to individualism in the workplace? )
    Q4. How do we keep flexibility while ensuring the predictability needed to execute together & define clear career paths? #TalentNet 
    Q5.  What does it mean for #recruiting, #HR & #marketing now that the line between internal & external communication's been erased? #TalentNet

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    #TalentNet Radio: Cool Tools & Finding Balance!

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    Jason Seiden had to postpone his visit with TalentNet to the 24th; so we're going to take this opportunity to talk about our favorite tools and platforms.  
    Seems like there's never a shortage of things to do and always a need to try to do it better, faster, and get more out of all that we endeavor.  Oh, and we have to make the dollar stretch farther, too!  
    So the #TalentNet team is here to help; "Cool Tools Craig," Crystal, Marianthe, and the newest member of #TalentNet Radio, LeanHR & Dovetail's Dwane Lay (who wants his own intro music, haha!) will be talking about their favorite tools, software, and things that make life easier  on 7/17 at 4p PT | 6p CT | 7p ET... so, join in the fun by listening in here and/or joining the conversation on Twitter under hashtag #TalentNet. 
    Here's the questions for tomorrow:  
    Q1.  How do you evaluate new tools - cost, selection, usage, effectiveness? #TalentNet
    Q2.  What are your favorite Social broadcasting tools - sharing content, etc? #TalentNet
    Q3  What are some of your favorite Sourcing tools & some platforms ppl wouldn't have expected to find candidates?  #TalentNet
    Q4.  What are your favorite platforms for engaging with your audience/community/candidates & measuring engagement? #TalentNet
    Q5.  What about tools that aren't #social - offline tools to make our jobs easier and better? #TalentNet

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    #TalentNet Radio: Remote Control - Virtual Workforce

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    Remote Control: Building & Managing A Virtual Workforce
    Guest:  Elizabeth Lalli-Reese @TxStrategicHR   Q1. What are some of the biggest advantages for employers for building and maintaining a virtual workforce?  Employees? Q2. What do managers or employers need to do differently when leading virtual vs. traditional teams? Q3. What are some ways employers can reinforce or realign company culture with remote workers - or can they? Q4. When it comes to professional recognition & development, what can virtual workers do to ensure they're not, "out of sight, out of mind?" Q5. What are some cool tools or emerging technologies that can help make virtual work work better for employers and employees?    

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    #TalentNet Radio: HR Technology: A Look at the Landscape

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    So, HRTech is almost upon us and we decided it was time to take a look at the landscape with one of HR's most popular bloggers & head of Huffington Post's Work blogging section, Jessica Miller-Merrell.  Join us this evening at 6p CT | 4p ET as we ask: 
        Q1. What are some of the hottest technology or coolest tools you're most excited about at this year's #HRTechConf? Q2. With over 300 exhibitors at #HRTechConf, what does a vendor need to do to stand out from the crowd? Q3. What are some of the major trends or themes you expect to emerge from the #HRTechConf conversation? Q4. Who's ultimately responsible for the success of HR Tech within an organization?  What's the best way to measure ROI? Q5. When looking at the market, what are some of the biggest business needs that HR Tech doesn't address or adequately support?  

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    #TalentNet Radio: Video Recruiting Gets Ready Close-Up

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    Video Recruiting (Guest: Lindsey Stanton)
    Q1. Where does video fit in with the bigger talent acquisition picture? 
    Q2. What impact does video have on employer branding?  Candidate experience?
    Q3. What makes a recruiting video successful, and how do you measure this success?
    Q4. Which roles, functions or industries does video recruiting tend to be the most effective? 
    Q5. What are some of the major objections or misconceptions employers have about integrating video into their current recruiting strategy/spend?

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    Cool Tools Show: Linkedin's recent changes + Recruiting with Waze

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    Cool Tools Show hosts Craig Fisher and Lars Schmidt discuss the latest changes on Linkedin affecting apps like Rapportive, Nimble, Card Munch, and more. They also discuss the new Linkedin premium features like the banner background.

    Also on this show are tips about how to track your links out of Instagram, ways to measure your influence on Google+ with CircleCount, productivity app Mynd, and ideas on recruiting with traffic app WAZE.

    Learn more about Craig and Lars and the Cool Tools Show atwww.Evolverco.com.

    This episode is brought to you by www.Candarine.com and the Recruiting Daily Network: www.RecruitingBlogs.com, www.RecruitingDaily.com, andwww.RecruitingTools.com

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    Dawn of the smart Twitter resume - Interview w/ Gozaik CEO

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    Join Craig Fisher (@fishdogs) and Lars Schmidt (@thisislars) for a special cool tools episode of TalentNet radio.  We'll talk with Gozaik CEO, Joe Budzienski (@gozaik1) about their recently beta launched smart resume and job search app for Twitter users.   a free social web application recently launched in Beta that basically uses aggregated technology to dissect Twitter for job openings and releases this information to Gozaik users who can then apply for the jobs using their Gozaik résumés.   Gozaik has seen impressive buzz since it's initial press release this week and wracked up 3000 users in 48 hours.  Budzienski told us they are receiving contact from 14 countries around the world requesting new and extended features.   When? Wednesday, 4/3 4PM ET Where? #Talentnet on Twitter and BlogTalkRadio.com/Talentnet   More about Gozaik:   Follow @Gozaik on Twitter Here is a great video Gozaik created to introduce their platform   Create your Gozaik profile here Business Insider article:  Now There's A Way To Apply For Jobs Directly Through Twitter 

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    Cool Tools - How to Ditch Your Laptop and Live in the Cloud

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    Lars Schmidt and Craig Fisher recently recorded a podcast for the Cool Tools show with guest Chip Luman from Hirevue about how to ditch your laptop and live in the cloud.  

    Chip is a frequent business traveler like Lars and Craig and has taken to using just small devices on the road and keeping all his data stored in the cloud.  

    We discuss our top tips, apps, and strategies for being more lightweight in the air and on the ground.

    Chip's tips:

    Cloud apps:  various free cloud storage apps, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive to store my stuff, Evernote, Cloudmagic, LastPass, Haiku Deck, Presi and CloudOn to access and manage my stuff, Bloomfire, Salesforce for work specific stuff - of course Pages, Numbers & Keynote get used too. 

    Capture - FilmicPro, Camera+, Instagram

    Travel - TripIt, Delta
    Social - Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, - kinda use Google+
    Checking out - Refresh, Wunderlist (as a replacement to ZenDone that is not planning an iPad app) and Cloudbeats/TuneBox

    Devices:  iPhone, iPad, Zagg keyboard, Jambox, Bluetooth for the Jambox and Zagg

    Music: iTunes, Shazam, Spotify, Soundcloud, Songkick, BandsInTown, Last.fm, KRCL 90.9, NPR Music, Checking out - Cloudbeats/TuneBox 

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