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    Nano Reef Hour - Ret Talbot

    in Education

    Join us on Sunday November 2nd at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst as we welcome Ret Talbot to discuss the ruling that was published by NOAA of 20 corals that are now on the endangered species list.  Although there are currently no prohibitions associated with this ruling we as hobbyists need to be aware of the upcoming enforcement and how it will effect our industry.


    Ret Talbot is an award-winning author, science writer and photojournalist with over two decades of experience covering stories from some of the more remote corners of the globe. From the icy summits of the Andes to the reefs of Papua New Guinea, his assignments have taken him off the beaten track and put his readers face-to-face with stories of adventure, new ideas and innovative approaches to commonplace and not-so-commonplace issues.




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    David Talbot Author of The Cabin LIVE!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's Special Guest Star: David Talbot, author of THE CABIN!

    Two perspectives, eleven years apart, on one profoundly affecting place, deep in the wilds of Southern Oregon.

    Such is the basis for this dual account by Louise Ruddle Talbot and David Talbot, mother and son, on extended stays at the family's primitive cabin in the Rogue River wilderness. Half of the story is from the diary of Louise, a San Francisco urbanite convinced by her husband to move their family (including six-week-old David), from California's comforts to Oregon's rugged back country in 1933, to ride out the Great Depression. The balance of remembrances are David's, from the family's second cabin stay in 1944, when he was eleven.

    About the Authors:

    Louise Ruddle Talbot was a San Francisco girl with a twinkle in her eye, a passion for arts and culture, and a writer's heart.

    David Talbot is retired director of Oregon State Parks, serving from 1964 until 1992. At the time of his retirement, he was the longest serving state parks director in the United States.

    Purchase THE CABIN on Amazon.com - Click Here!

    Rated G Radio is broadcast LIVE Monday - Friday, 10pE/7pW.  Garrett brings you headlines of the day, interviews fascinating artists and features awesome musical guests.  

    Call in to ask a question, comment or request a song:  323 657-1493

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    All The Wise - Paul Talbot

    in Entertainment

    On Tuesday January 28th at 6:30pm est,5:30pm cst and 3:30pm pst Paul Talbot from the band All the Wise will be talking to the host Dean Swett about his great band. You can check out Paul's band on Reverbnation at this link





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    Overcoming Depression and Addiction with Margo Talbot @margotalbot

    in Lifestyle

    Margo Talbot's journey is chronicled in her first book, All That Glitter: A Climber's Journey Through Addiction and Depresion. She is often brought in as an expet client with lived in experience to worth tih youth-at-ris, rehab centers, and health care groups. Margo brings a fresh perpectie to the mental health issues that affect us both indivdually and collectively. To know more about Margo, visit her at www.AllThatGlitters.com, YouTube channel, or connect with her at Twitter.

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    Michael Talbot on The Holographic Universe

    in Paranormal

    If there were one theory that easily explained all supernatural phenomena, the true nature of consciousness, and solved every quantum physics quandry all at once - wouldn't YOU want to know it?
    Tonight, the late author Michael Talbot speaks from beyond to impart this simple knowledge to you while regaling you with fantastic tales of paranormal events from his own lifetime.
    Do not miss this show!

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    Brownell-Talbot School

    in Education

    As Brownell-Talbot School celebrates 150 years in 2013, metroMAGAZINE publisher Andee Hoig visits with Julie Adams Anderson, Director of Admissions, about what makes this Pre through 12 school unique.

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    Johnny Leyshon on the C.L.C.O.W

    in News

    Common Law Court of Wales talks with singer songwriter Johnny Leyshon. We'll be spending a evening with Johnny, talking about how music has been stolen from the people by huge corporations and used to shape society. Johnny shall also be playing some live music for us to enjoy.

    The aim of the common law court of Wales is to provide an open forum. Discussing solutions for the injustices’ forced upon us all by an unaccountable government that no longer represents the interests of the people.

    Government instead represents odious private corporate interests which facilitate them in thieving our land, our resources, our labour, time and energy. Even our children are bought and sold within this debt slave system which is enforced by colour of law. A system, of fear, fraud and deceit and other dishonourable tactics, is employed by the corporate slave masters and their puppet government and agents.

    Johnny Leyshon Links:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jon-Leyshon/1043521522330191?fref=nf

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0L_XlrWOA4e6h00QWEEM_Q


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    A Election Speacial The Peoples Voice on May 7th Uk Elections

    in Politics

    Call the show 01444 390 270

    Justice For Peter Hofschroer  The Grandma B alleged Abuse Cover Up
    HMP Hull Prison
    Prisoner  A3324DJ


    Grandma B is now 85 years old. She is wheelchair-bound and very frail. The past six years of her life have been horrendous. She lost her husband of 60 years, but that was the easy part. She has also been the victim of sustained and systematic abuse in which she has been defrauded of her house, subjected to threats and harassment because she will not hand over her life savings to her abusers, then unlawfully evicted from her house and stranded abroad, with her abusers trying, so far unsuccessfully, to fraudulently sell her house. 

     CASE 2

    The Linda Lewis Campaign

    The true story of a sick 12 year old from Port Talbot South Wales kidnapped in 1998 from America by agents of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services.

    To cover up for medical negligence claim where a healthy appendix was removed leaving the child with an abscess and only a 50/50 chance of survival
    Having been referred to many hospitals in the UK without a proper diagnosis the family decide to seek medical help in Florida.
    28 Laws were broken in the US and the child was returned to the UK with no legal or lawful authority.
    David Johnston the then Welsh Assembly Government Inspector of Social Services “invents” a letter stating that Linda Lewis was going to kill her daughter and herself in a suicide pact.
    This information was kept from Linda Lewis and her Barrister enabling custody to be granted to Neath Port Talbot Social Services.
    17 years later mother and daughter have never been re united as daughter has been misled by Social Services into believing that her mother wants to kill her.

    CASE 3

    The Hampstead Alleged Satanic Child Abuse Story


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    Radio Enso #137 with Warren and Betsy Talbot from Married with Luggage

    in Lifestyle

    Join me on Monday, August 25th at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 Eastern on Radio Enso when I welcome Warren and Betsy Talbot from Married with Luggage. Warren and Betsy write about relationship hacks and insights on Modern Love. They challenge the prevailing ‘wisdom’ that relationships grow less exciting over time, or that you have to settle for less in love as you get older. They cohost the popular Married with Luggage podcast, a weekly conversation with experts around the world on love, sex, and communication in today’s modern relationships. When they aren’t traveling the world, you can find them writing their next book in a small, whitewashed village in Spain.

    About What We Learned About Love by Traveling the World: "A trip around the world…together; Think your relationship would survive it?" We weren’t so sure of our chances either, but after living, working, and traveling together 24/7, we’ve learned a lot about what’s important to a relationship – and (sometimes more importantly) what’s not.

    We’ve been married since 2004. That’s 10 years in regular human years, and a golden anniversary if you start clocking the hours we’ve spent together since selling everything we owned to live, travel and work together full-time in 2010. The sheer volume of time spent together in ever-changing environments around the world and while trying to make a living has forced us to learn lessons it might take years or decades to learn in a more conventional setting. And we’re happy to share the results of this life-sized experiment we’ve been living.

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    The Rink - Podcast (vs Ottawa Senators)

    in Sports

    NY Rangers hockey with the Bleed Blue Show & the fans.  The Broadway Blueshirts of the recipients of the President's Trophy - best regular season record of the 2014-15 NHL Season.  Big Question - will they win their first Stanley Cup in 21 years? How will they fare heading into the start of the playoffs?   The Bleed Blue show break down NY Rangers Hockey...the Bleed Blue way.  


    Twitter:  @BleedBlueShow

    Instagram: @BleedBlueShow

    Facebook:  The Bleed Blue Show

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    Deepertruth: Journey With The Virgin Mary As She Appeared at Ecuador 1988

    in Religion

     On August 28, 1988, in Cuenca Ecuador the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to a young woman named Patricia "Pachi" Talbot. Our Lady identified herself, saying: "I am the Guardian of the Faith".

        These apparitions continued until March 3, 1990. Patricia, twenty-seven today, was sixteen years old when the Blessed Mother chose her as an instrument to spread her messages to all Her people. Patricia was a model, a student, and throughout the apparitions, she continued with her studies. She has since married Andres Vega and they live in Cuenca. Here Patricia continues to strive to fulfill the particular mission the Blessed Mother gave her-service to the poor.

        The apparitions began in Patricia's bedroom and continued in various churches, chapels, and her home until June of 1989 when they were moved to a Garden spot in El Cajas, high in the Andes Mountains. When moved to the Garden Spot in El Cajas, the Mother of God's visits normally occurred on Thursdays and Saturdays, often accompanied by phenomena such as bright lights in the sky, the sun "dancing", and on more than one occasion people's hands and faces sparkled with a golden glow, as if from glitter, which could not be rubbed off. Yet here, as in Medjugorje and in other reported apparition sites around the world, the importance was not the supernatural phenomena, but the interior conversion of heart and the abundant graces God was offering to His people, through His Most Holy Mother.