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    Mayo Clinic Radio: Planning Long-Term Care/Parasite Blog/Mouse Avatars

    in Health

    Choosing long-term care for a loved one ... or yourself ... can be a difficult decision. The level of care, the cost and the physical surroundings all must be considered. Mayo Clinic geriatric specialist Dr. Paul Takahashi offers guidance on how to evaluate long-term care facilities and services. Also on the program, parasitologist Dr. Bobbi […]

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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 11/12/15 - Classic Anime and Hentai

    in Entertainment

    Birthing in the early 1960s with such works as Astro Boy and Gigantor, the art of Japanese animation arrived on domestic shores not long after. Things would change radically as we moved into the 1970s and such widely beloved cult series as Yamato (Star Blazers), Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) and Macross (Robotech), even in their somewhat bowlderized and sanitized variants aired Stateside, blew the minds of kids accustomed to Hanna Barbera/Filmation/Warner Brothers style fluff with their comparative realism and mature themes (inclusive of such heady matters as interracial relationships, real-world style romances, character deaths and more)!

    Becoming a genuine underground cult craze among the youth of the 1990's, such late 70's/80's era space operas as Mospeada, Megazone 23, Dirty Pair and Bubblegum Crisis were joined by the syndicated television likes of Rumiko Takahashi (Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2), Akira Toriyama (Dragonball), Voltron and Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon), opening the floodgates for a proliferation of anime magazines, late night/Saturday AM blocks on networks like TBS, TNT and Sci-Fi Channel, and entire stores dedicated to the sale of anime and related materials.  

    With the dawn of "meta" series such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, the "harem anime" (starting with Tenchi Muyo) and crossovers to the tabletop and videogame RPG (Slayers, Dragon Half, etc.), anime went from comparative obscurity and often isolated, small-scale fanbases to a global phenomenon overnight.  

    Join us as we talk the days of actual hand drawn, boundary-pushing animation, with nigh-adversarial relations between original language subtitle fans and the dubbing-only crowd, where fans would gather together based on a dawning appreciation of what remains many steps above the standard domestic, toddler oriented cartoon. 


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    Mayo Clinic Radio: Choosing Senior Care/Parasitic Wonders/Mouse Avatars

    in News

    Choosing long-term care for a loved one ... or yourself ... can be a difficult decision. The level of care, the cost and the physical surroundings all must be considered. Mayo Clinic geriatric specialist Dr. Paul Takahashi offers guidance on how to evaluate long-term care facilities and services. Also on the program, parasitologist Dr. Bobbi […]

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    A Simple Home Business That Costs Little & Is Part of A World-Changing Industry

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ interviews Masashi Takahashi of https://www.govoyagin.com/ to talk about Voyagin. It is a fun platform for travellers and natives to work together making every journey in a whole new country more personal, authentic and exciting. 

    Watch: http://youtu.be/BvNiEhaL47c

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    Zenschooling with Tammy Takahashi

    in Parents

    We will talk with author Tammy Takahashi, author of "Zenschooling : Living a Fabulous and Fulfilling Life Without School." Homeschooling is an extraordinary experience, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Bring a little Zen into your education at home with Tammy's ideas.

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    WER 4 - UofW R & S Takahashi & S. Azarbayjani, SFU's Mike Jones & Victoria Anthony

    in Sports

    Canada's Premier Wrestling Talk Show Tune in every Monday night for an un-paralleled experience with Wrestling Edge Radio. ***
    Check out Oct 18 archived show with 20 minutes of must hear on Sport Psychology and mental training for wrestling including mental imagery & visualization. ***

    *** Mon Oct 25, 2010: *** *** 1. Ray Takahashi, Head Coach, University of Western, Saeed Azarbayjani, Assist. Coach. Features & Benefits of University of Western. *** *** Steven Takahashi, 55 kg 2-Time Jr. Greco Champ & Jr. Freestyle Gold & Silver, 2008 Cadet Pan Am Gold, 2010 Commonwealth Youth Gold ***

    *** Mike Jones, 35th Year Coaching at SFU – NAIA & CIS Team Champions. SFU now NCAA Division Two ***
    *** Victoria Anthony, 2-Time 48 kg Jr. World Champion, CIS Champion & Outstanding Wrestler, 2-Time US Jr National Champion. ***
    ***Please pass this email to everyone you can and ask people to add to their Facebook. We also will be interviewing our top athletes, coaches, officials as well as future stars from each province. If you have any questions you want asked to our guests, email to me at either wrestlingedgeradio@gmail.com or during the radio show, send the question in the chat section. If you have any suggested guests you would like us to interview, please pass on their name and phone number or email address. ***For more information contact: Greg Edgelow – 778-989-0287 or greg@gregedgelow.com

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    At Last

    in Entertainment

    Join Sookie (@DarlingSookie) and Bill (@VampKingBill) as they discuss last week's True Blood episodes "At Last". They will be covering everything from Ben's true identity and Bill's attempt at producing fae blood to the new vamp on the block.
    Sookie confronts her attraction to Ben by inviting him to dinner; Eric counters Burrell’s brutal anti-vampire initiatives by hitting him where it hurts the most; Andy’s faerie daughters keep dangerous company; Bill gives Takahashi the task of synthesizing a new kind of blood.
    Waiting for tonight's new episode of True Blood sucks, even if it's just a few hours away. So make waiting suck a little and join us for an all new episode of True Bites!
    *Callers welcome, chat is open to all*

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    Meade LX800 Owner Interview

    in Science

    The Meade LX800 has been a "Hot Topic" ever since Meade announced these revolutionary mount combos back in September of 2011. Preorders started to mount up, and Meade finally released these mounts in limited quantities in April 2012, just before NEAF. There have been a few amateurs out there that have had a chance to do some first light reports, and so far not exactly what Meade, or its customers, were hoping for. Numerous issues have been reported with tracking and with the StarLock system, the heart of the LX800 mount, so many in fact that Meade actually issued a full recall of all LX800s just this week to resolve the software and mechanical issues reported so far. 
    We have a great opportunity this episode to discuss the LX800 mounts with an actual owner, and someone that has reported a functioning LX800 mount, after a replaced StarLock system from Meade. His name is Glenn Spiegelman from Danville, California.
    Glenn owns a number of astronomical equipment, from Meade to Takahashi, and certainly has a passion for astrophotography. We'll be getting his first hand opinions on the LX800 systems from Meade, and his experience with the mount and its performance.
    I'm really looking forward to this discussion folks. If your considering one of these Meade LX800's, or simply curious to know first hand opinions of the telescope and mount from a fellow amateur astronomer that actually owns and uses one, then you have got to take a listen to this episode.
    Don't forget to CALL IN WITH QUESTIONS to Glenn and myself, or simply stop in the chat room and present them there. 

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    wireless network; Yuki Takahashi at the South Pole

    in Radio

    The ApprenticeTeacher joins me today to discuss a revolution in wireless networking and our plans to help children using this technology.

    Call in #:) 347-826-9862


    Some kids asking questions for Yuki's research:
    Q1. Why are you going to the South Pole?
    =) To set up our telescope there to find out about how our Universe started, because it's the best place on earth to observe the radiation left over from the Big Bang...MORE...

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    WER 25 - Mar 28 - 2011 Jr & Sr Nationals Recap

    in Sports

    Host: Greg Edgelow – 1992 Olympian 90 Kg, 1994 Commonwealth Games Gold 100 kg, Seven-Time CDN Sr Champ (82 Kg, 90 Kg, 96 Kg, 100 Kg), 1991 Pan Am Bronze (2) 90 Kg, 1990 Goodwill Games Bronze 90 Kg, Coaching *****

    Co-Host: Jamie Macari - 5-Time OUA & 5-Time CIS Champ, 54-57 Kg 3-Time Cdn Sr FS Champ & 2-Time Sr. GR , 55-60 Kg, 5 Yrs Coach (Queens – Head Coach & Lakehead – Assistant) *****

    WER 25 - Mon, Mar 28, 2011 – Recap of the Cdn Junior & Senior Wrestling Championships *****

    1. Clint Kingsbury- CAWA Domestic Development Mgr., 2002 & 03 CIS Champ, 54 kg, Cdn Sr. Medalist, Official, MMA Athlete *****

    2. Leigh Vierling - Cdn Women's Head Coach, 5-Time Canadian Greco Champ, CIS Bronze, Silver, Gold (76-82-90 Kg) *****

    3. Steven Takahashi - 55 kg 3-Time Jr. Greco Champ & Jr. Freestyle Gold, 2011 CIS Gold & 2011 Sr Freestyle Silver 55 Kg *****

    4. Sabrina Kelley – 2010 Juv. Champ 69kg & Cdn Jr. Silver 72 Kg, 2011 Cdn Jr Champ 67 Kg-OW, 2011 CIS Silver 69 Kg
    5. Arjan Bhullar - 2010 HWT Commonwealth Games Gold, 4-Time Cdn Freestyle Champ (2011 Cdn Sr HWT Champ) *****

    6. Sunny Dhinsa – 2010-11 Jr National HWT Champ, Hargobind Int’l Silver, 2011 Sr. Freestyle 2nd, Greco 1st HWT

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    JAPAN QUAKE: Briefing with Columbia Journalism Alumni

    in News

    Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) presents a conversation about the latest situation in Japan. Join several J-school alumni who have been covering the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear crises since the moment they happened. They'll discuss what they have been covering, what they have been seeing and what they have been learning. You will be able to call-in live and ask questions. If you'd like to send in questions via email, please email sree at sree.net or tweet at @sree and @ColumbiaJourn. Speakers include Rob Schmitz (@marketplacerob), J'01, is the Asia Bureau
    Chief for Marketplace (based in Shanghai) and has been reporting from northeastern Japan and Tokyo for the past two weeks; Takahashi Kosuke(@TakahashiKosuke), J'03, Tokyo-based correspondent for Jane's Defence Weekly and Asia Times Online; Alexandra Poolos, J'06, producer for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, who was in Japan covering the aftermath and is now back in NYC; we are also joined by good friend of the J-school, Steve Herman (@W7VOA), Northeastern Asia Bureau Chief of VOA, now covering the nuclear aspects of the story.
    Moderated by MEGHAN BERRY, Columbia J-school web manager and Prof. SREE SREENIVASAN, Dean of Student Affairs. *** See full list of alumni covering the earthquake: http://bit.ly/coveringjapan and @sree's collection of Japan resources: http://bit.ly/japansoc *** [Want to get an automagic email one hour ahead of every Columbia J-school webcast? Create a free account at http://blogtalkradio.com/columbiajournalism and hit the "fav" for favorite button.]