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    Is NY the Mecca of the Basketball Universe Again?

    in Sports

    With about 1/4 of the NBA season in the books, panic is setting in out west in Lakerland while Knicks fans are rejuvenated & making plans for a deep playoff run. Are the Knicks for real? Is Melo making a case to be MVP? Has D'Antoni's hot seat grown hotter? We'll be joined by a NYC journalist covering the Knicks beat to find out if the Knicks can build momentum as Amare gets closer to a return to the court.
    We'll also address several other hot topics including Tagliabue's decision in the BountyGate case, another tragic weekend in the NFL, Bobby Petrino getting a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) chance in Western Kentucky, and more.
    Tune in Wednesday at 1:00pm ET as we provide a "New View from the Sideline!"

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    in Football

    Join the Professionals as we go over the breaking news in the NFL's Bounty-Gate.

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    The Sports Craze

    in Football

    Our favorite topic - The SAINTS and the Bounty Scandal. What do you think of Paul Tagliabue's ruling?
    Does the NFL have a drinking problem?
    Player celebrations - When is enough too much?

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    Kickin It With Keeler

    in Football

    join Kickin' It With Keeler every week for the best sports takes on Tuesday nights.
    Tonight, Ricky talks about the Patriots' big win over the Texans last night and what it means for the AFC going forward
    Also, Ricky and George discuss Week 14 in the NFL and look ahead to some important games in Week 15 with 6 matchups featuring both teams with winning records.
    On the itinerary is also the debate over the bounty ruling by Paul Tagliabue, the 2nd installment of Knicks-Nets, the latest baseball rumors and Hot Stove signings, and the discussions by the Atlantic 10 to form a 21 team basketball league with the Big East Catholic Basketball schools!
    Call in and let your voice be heard!

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    The Exchange - Money, Money, Money, Money, Money

    in Sports

    The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase would be in heaven if he was a baseball player today.
    On The Exchange, Sumit & Jason bring it back to the Winter Meetings, the early portion of baseball free agency, and the trades that have shook up the ranks. The homie Matt Whitener of The Sports Fan Journal and Cheap Seats Please joins to help chart how December baseball movements will affect teams headed into April.
    And let's be real here; how could there NOT be a discussions on the thrilling Juan Manuel Marquez knockout of Manny Pacquiao or the Tagliabue ruling in relation to Bountygate?
    As always, come through The Exchange in the chat room, via Twitter (@skd_thExchange, @asportsscribe & guest @cheapseatfan), and the phone line at 347-202-0247.

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    “Queer Questions Straight Talk” - Abby Dees & her Mom Cathy. 108 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask!

    in Moms and Family

    Ever had questions you would like to ask your gay, lesbian, bi loved ones, and perhaps feel uncomfortable to do so?

    Author Abby Dees shows it’s OK to be a little nosy - no matter how intrusive or personal the questions may be. There are no bad questions or wrong answers. Queer Questions Straight Talk (QQST) helps people break the ice and spark a necessary, often difficult conversation.

    From leading gay public figures such as former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, to Married with Children actress Amanda Bearse, executive director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights Kate Kendall, and humorist Kate Clinton, QQST gets it all out on the table in a loving and respectful way.

    Abby Dees is also a civil rights attorney and editor for St Lynn’s Press. She and her partner Traci were one of the 18000 same-sex couples in California who married in 2008.

    Abby, her mom Cathy and I will be discussing this long overdue “Public Service Book” that is serious yet fun, and with deep wisdom that creates a better understanding for everyone from an honest and loving perspective.

    Please call 347.327.9995 on Tuesday July 20th from 10-11am CST US to join Abby, Cathy and I live on the air with your questions and personal stories.