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    Healing House Radio with Dr. Ayleen - TAGA with Becca

    in Spirituality

    Today's episode will feature guest Becca Thompson and a phenomenal new healing modality called TAGA: Transforming through Angels, Guides and Ancestors.
    TAGA healing is a shamanic, magical, transformational modality by revealing What Is and optimizing What Will Be. Emotional and energetic knots are "detangled" and healing rituals and blessings are performed.
    Guided by the Ancestors, Guides and Angels, TAGA Healing is profound!
    Breakthrough results are often reported, even for those who simply join and hold the space for those in the circle.

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    The Plan: 1 Government & Nationality 4 Our People & Reparations, Is It Possible?

    in Culture

    Tonight We discuss our Aboriginal Summit and our Operations of Statehood Nationality & Self Administered Reparations

    Call In # 347-945-5802 9 PM Start Time EST

    August 29th Summit @ United Nations

    August 30th & 31st Summit @ National Black Theatre

    Registering Black Organizations with ARNA

    Protecting Wealth Building in Indigenous Institutions from Foreign Institutions

    Implementing Indigenous School Curriculums and Universities Certifications etc..


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    Dr Ali & Minister Enqi The Health Solution & Plan Part 1

    in Culture

    Tonight We Discuss  year 7 of our 25 Year Plan for the liberation of Original People Globally within Indigenous Governments Domestically and Internationally
    Why Indigenous Political Status with the aboriginal republic of North America is the Key
    We also discuss the Scientific Tour: Genetic Fear of a Black Planet
    The Aboriginal Medical Association (AMA) and the ARNA -ISIS Ministry of Health
    Call in for Health Advice, Health Readings & More
    What we have covered Where We Have Been
    Our National and International Health Goals as it applies to Melanin Studies and this tour being the First Tour to Explain a Health Paradigm for Our People
    We Will discuss our Aboriginal Farming Project and Course Curriculum
    Why Taking Herbs is not the end game
    Discussions on what is the Proper Diet vs Vegan Confusion and Why this is important to Black Genetics and optimal access to ones Creativity Power Purpose talents and gifts
    The LA Lockout and blockout of Dr Ali Muhammad...Whats at the root of it and When Will Dr Ali and Minister Enqi be in Los Angeles
    The Secret Cabal of said Brothers said Elders etc... attempting to disrupt our impact on the Community...Why?
    and the core issue of jealousy and envy in people and what factors cause such activity.

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    The 1st Black Hue-Man Genome Project-Why Black People R Sick

    in Education

    Wednesday April 24th 2013 -15099
    Time 9pm Until Call in # 646-381-4991
    Discussion: The Answer to the Human genome Project Via Understanding Black Biology and Mutation Science via Indigenous History and Earth's Catacylsmic History
    We Discuss: What is the Original Blood type
    Many People ask me about this, Now i give ALL the details
    on RH Factors Including RHD (Rhesus Factor + or - and its origins, and RHAG, RHBG, RHCG as Ammonia Transporters that the Original people did not originally have and thus Hign levels of Anemia amongst our people via Ammonia and nitrogenous based diets including flesh eaters, vegetarians vegans and raw foodists, who DONT understand black anatomy and physiology
    & the ABO System
    as Type O (close to original) is thought to be the Original and A and B and AB the antigenic, partly true yet the Original Type will be discussed
    Understanding the Original Earth Biology of Hue-man
    Whose DNA is in the Nucleus of the Cell, the Myth of Autosomal DNA from Both Parents: We Will prove that Autosomal DNA in every Cell of the Body Can ONLY come from the Father's Sperm and that mutations are caused via
    Mitichondrial Reverse Transcriptase which is essentially Womans extra-nuclear DNA (Mitochondrial DNA) invading the Nucleosome
    Black Spern Vs White Sperm, Whats the Difference?The Death of the White Mans Y chromosome from THEIR LEADING BIO-GENETIC SCIENTISTS AND THE PRISON CLONING PROGRAM PLAN
    Food as the Chosen WEAPON OF WAR for the New  EUGENIC BASED Genetic Engineering and its current impact on the Mind (Cellular Magnetic Field) of Original People. Aboriginal Farming Project (Proper Seed germination & Growth) and Aboriginal Diet (Non Nitrogenous Foods) as the Cure to Yakubian Genetic Manipulation of the Carbon Crucifiers

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    From Black Spending to Moor Power: Claude Anderson & Bob Law

    in Education

    Three Phases...from just "buy black" to stabilizing local and moor specifically aboriginal indigenous economies and turning that into real political power within our own jurisdictions ..THIS IS The Economic Blueprint for Black America, Blueprint to Black Power, and POWERNOMICS on a whole other level. This is Moorish Science Yall...w/ Claude Anderson, Bob Law, Diallo Sekou, minister enqi, AND Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Ali. THURSDAY @ 8PM ON AIR. Abundance Internet Radio

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    Examination of Matriarchy & Patriarchy-& Devolved Races

    in Education

    A 2012 Throw Back

    A discussion on the Origins of Life Cosmology of the Ancient Blacks and the Origins of Race  a prelude to my 2013 Book

    Ancestors Encyclopedia

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    UFO's & Black People Facts Versus Myth-2 Top Secret ISSUES

    in Education

    This Show discusses what is called UFO's in History and Modern times
    We make special connections to The Message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and His arrest by the FBI and their inquiries into UFO's during his prison term
    The Agencies then formed 17 total to deal with this intelligence issue
    The reverse engineering of the US and other Nations to produce their own 'flying saucers' 
    The SHUTDOWN of American Nuclear weapons as a display of power by these advanced civilizations as Predicted by Messenger Muhammad
    Who is on these UFO's Greys/aliens or advanced black civilizations
    How we fell from grace from this advanced lineage
    UFO's in history and the hisotry of Angels and Gods

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    2012 & Beyond Solstice Prophecy & Real Planning

    in Culture

    Tonight We discuss the Solstice of 2012 and its Importance to Olmec Prophecy
    Book of the Ancestors - The Umm Al Kitab and ancient Science of the Tzulu-kin Calendar and Islamic Manzil Astronomy and Divination System ...the lost Mystery System unveiled...
    We also Discuss our Upcoming Bio-Organic farming Project for 2013
    We Also Discuss Indigenous Land Investments 2013 and Pooling Periods in January for New Investors
    We also Discuss Nationality Political Status and The Honorable Elijah Muhammads Directives and Guidance He Left for us in Our National Projects
    Is Voting Gonna Do It for You???
    A Proposal To Minister Farrakhan for Feeding Our People
    A Message to Nationals of ARNA
    Spring Book Message to the Black Woman- Keys to Our Rise
    Much More

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    Cosmology Course & Readings: The DAILY Science of Prediction

    in Education

    Call in # 646-381-4991 9pm EST   Tonight we discuss Dr Ali's New Book   and the ISIS Cosmlogy Courses   4-week   10-week   52-week   Book of the Ancestors Volume 1   The Science of Prediction based on The   Xi (Olmec) Tzolkin Cards of Destiny   Order the Course or the Book Now!!!!!!!!!!!!   http://www.indigenousgovernment.org/#!store   We will discuss The Use of the Cards of Destiny and their Origins in Ancient America   We will Dr Aly's discovery of how to do daily readings for yourself and know what will happen in the future daily!!!!!   We will discuss why Barack Obama Lost the October 3rd Debate based on his daily readings and the Prediction Sciences revolving around his mind being on his continued affair with Vera Baker a former staffer for his campaign   Who will win the election based on the cards!!!! What do the Olmec cards of destiny say about the Financial Status of the United States up until its next birthday 7-4-2013?   We will do daily readings, 13 day, 52, day annual, 4 year and 13 year   Business, Finance, Health, Relationships

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    The 2012 and Beyond Plan

    in Education

    We have a BRIDGE overwhich the denationalized African American can walk over
    It is a safe strong and sure plan that we are 5 yers into implementing
    We have less than a decade to be at a certain rate of progress as a people Domestically and specifically with safety outlets in South America and Africa.
    Our plan deals with our proper political status, entry into an Indigenous Plebiscite, securing our dual nationality and Citizenship, Assisting in the already built institutions of note:
    Indigenous Land Investments (securing non usurous operations for Home Ownership, Indigenous Business Location Ownership for our People domestically with ZERO Property Tax obligations)
    The Worlds First Indigenous Doctorate Law Program made to secure the Operations of our Indigenous-Klan-Tribal Government. The Aboriginal Jurist and Doctors are the bedrock for a strong Civic Structure, assisting with Plebiscite implemetation, understanding Contracts and Operating Our Indigenous Courts
    The World First Indgenous Medical Doctor Program
    Implementing the teaching modality and implementation of Aboriginal Bio-Cosmology Program Including Nutrition Exercise Birth Disease Cures
    Aboriginal C.O.R.E. Educational Curriculum:
    A full service Homeschooling Program for Indigenous Children and Adults coming Worldwide with our Indigo Children's Indigenous Behavioral Modification Program,  
    12 Areas of study with substudies
    corresponding to Our 12 Councils of Government
    Martial Arts & Military Studies
    Communications and Diplomacy
    Community Action and Family
    Arts Culture and Leadership Training
    Health and Human Service
    Births Deaths and Forensics
    Philosophy and Languages
    Government and Management Systems
    Science and Technology