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    Cincinnati Business Talk #229 Bill Stille, Sharp Business Systems

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    Cincinnati Business Talk highlights the positive side of Cincinnati area businesses. We will be talking to CEOs who have won awards, innovated with new products and services.

    Today's guest is Bill Stille, Branch Manager of Sharp Business Systems. Bill will share his perspectives and insights on current HOT business issues in the area of education and business systems.

    The show streamed live on Friday March 27th at 4 PM.  You can listen to the show directly at: http://tobtr.com/7337737

    You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes as a Podcast. You can add the podcast at:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

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    Integrated Marketing Principle - Because we own all our own systems!

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    Integrated Marketing Principle - Because we own all our own systems!

    With over 17 years of experience in Training and Systems, Network Leads has established itself as one of the top companies, offering a full-range of Network Marketing, Business Opportunity, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and Work From Home Marketing Packages with or without leads. 

    For more information go to: http://www.networkleads.com/imp

    PM Marketing allows you to leverage your marketing efforts to give you a competitive Edge and separate yourself and your business from everyone else. 

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    Systems Theory of Violence, with Andrés Ginestet: Part 2

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    It is my immense pleasure to host another interview with Andrés Ginestet!

    Andrés is an artist, a scientist/sociologist who also works closely with NATO in Europe.  His title in NATO is, "Senior Expert on Systems Theory of Violence".  He is the author of many academic papers on this subject, and we'll be touching on a few of them in this coming interview.  Here is a short list of some of what we will be speaking about:

    After Chicago: Re-evaluating NATO's Priorities, International Conference
    Why is a Human Being a Complexity Expression?
    Islamic Fundamentalism and the Dialectic of Modernity

    This will be a two hour interview, AND in the second hour, we will be opening the phone and Skype lines for you to speak with Andrés.  You'll be able to listen to this interview in the Blog Talk archives shortly after it airs, but if you want to speak with him - BE HERE!

    For more information visit the K WAVe 6 Radio site.

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    Experiential Learning Systems.

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss what type of company that "It's My House" is.........long story short.....IMH is an "Experiential Educational" company.  We use "experiential learning systems" to teach people do the following:

    Building houses without bank financing.
    How to eliminate your electric bill (light bill) by going solar.
    Eliminating the household water bill.
    Solving your own legal problems.

    Experiential Learning is how we learned our first language, learned how to walk, and many other things in life.

    Feel free to call in and offer your questions and comments.

    We shall also announce when we shall offering workshops and setting up "incubators" that will be available to anyone who wants to experience experiential education.

    Please listen to our Mobile Phone Radio Station: www.waterassetsradio.com

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    REAL ESTATE MENU SYSTEMS- Nathalie answers many questions about why the systems

    in Real Estate

    benefit sellers, buyers, agents and brokers. Join us in this hour to weigh in, give your point of view

    and have questions answered. REAL ESTATE MENU SYSTEMS have become a

    way of the future and are here to stay. Many agents and brokers who are not

    familiar with them in detail are afraid of them, sellers love them, buyers appreciate

    them. It is a win/win for everyone, based on a simple principle.......

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    Marketing plans and systems to generate new business in 2015

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    Episode 37 of Building Your Law Practice with Jim Thompson and Nick Augustine

    It is that time of year again. We are in the slow stretch into the holidays and it seems like everyone is gone on vacation. While many people do take time off around the end of the year, business is slower too, making this a good time to focus on marketing plans for the new year. When we create systems for managing our client prospects and contacts those systems seem to start working on their own as we develop marketing habits.

    About this weekly show:

    Referrals are the lifeblood of any business and especially for lawyers, so why is it that lawyers are not getting the referrals they need to grow their practice? Listen and learn to tips you can use today!

    Brought to you in part by Members’ Choice Federal Credit Union in Denton, Texas on Unicorn Lake Boulevard. You may be eligible to join Members Choice if you live, work, worship or attend school in Denton or Argyle, Texas.

    About Jim and Nick:

    Jim Thompson is a retired lawyer who is well-known for helping attorneys get on track to earning more clients through simple cost-effective activities. Jim is the author of "Why Lawyers Fail To Get Referrals and What They Can Do About It."

    Nick Augustine helps lawyers share tips and stories about their practice areas by writing their blog content, managing social media and producing Internet radio podcasts.

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    Tarot: Ancient Systems

    in Spirituality

    Tonight, Bryan and Amanda take you through the ancient divination systems that latently reside within the 78 cards of the modern tarot deck. They will continue more discussion about their new training program that will guide you through the archetypes of the tarot, teaching you how to exponentially increase the accuracy of your readings by learning how to communicate with and engage these archetypes directly. If you wish to master the tarot, you must listen to this show!


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  • Philip Mollica's Consciousness Evolution Hour - Dealing with Belief Systems

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Philip Mollica’s Consciousness Evolution Hour!  On our show, we will be discussing in depth a wide range of metaphysical topics from the perspective of the 5th Dimension.

    Tonight! January 1st, New Years Day 2015 at 9pm ET, 6pm PT, join host Philip Mollica for a special LIVE holiday edition of the Consciousness Evolution Hour on Rob Gauthier 's Enlightenment Evolution Network.

    Tonight we will be discussing the work that is before us - that of our Belief Systems and more specifically, our self-created Negative Beliefs and the ways in which we can become aware of them and begin to remember that we are Eternal Beings, and we created this system of Duality, complete with Negative Beliefs, in order to have a polarized Physical Experience.

    Spend your New Years Day 2015 evening with Philip, Debbie, Paetra, Tammara and all our Spirit Friends for a very special edition of The Consciousness Evolution Hour on Blogtalk Radio.

    Join the Local Live Consciousness Evolution Meetup Group that meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in Clarkston, Michigan at: http://www.meetup.com/ConsciousnessEvolution/

    You can find Philip and the Consciousness Evolution 2.0 Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/sethabe

    Also subscribe to Philip's YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd_P0t3__hlaQxikjnnWL5w

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     "Our guests today are Jennifer Kobrin, Emily Lai, and Amy Reilly, who are part of Pearson’s Research & Innovation Network, a group focused on researching and inventing capabilities and tools educators need to help ensure engaging, meaningful, and personalized learning is available and supportive of student success

    www.researchnetwork.pearson.com    @PearsonNorthAm

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    Education Canaries: Can data rich systems predict and prevent failure?

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    One of the significant promises of big data in education is to predict and prevent student failure. Of course we want to see learners succeed and data can help us with that as well, however, catching students before they get lost or even drop out is essential. Some visionaries see technology as driving learning through increasingly intelligent prompts, assessments of learning, and directing learners to ever more complex and advanced concepts… all driven by models for learning driven by student generated data. More recently many educational leaders have a more holistic view of data and recognize that while we need to educate the whole child, we need to also look at information about the whole child to diagnose and address learning deficiencies and help students on a path where they can be successful. Beyond their inherent interest in helping children, educators and the institutions in which they work are being held accountable to show learner progress. In this show we will explore the many different kinds of data that can be used to monitor student progress, identify those who require assistance, and the systems that make sense of those data to support educators and parents in driving student success.

    Guests at the table:

    Barbara Clements,  Consultant at ESP Solutions Group
    Dan Ginsberg, VP Global Product Strategy at Pearson
    Bill Meade, Data Science Director at Neal Analytics

    To keep up to date, subscribe to the show at  edtabletalk.org

    Ideas for future show topics? Tweet us @edtabletalk.  

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    Life Business Systems - Expert Author - Featuring Omar Tyree

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    The Life Business System show is designed to assist socially conscious entrepreneurs with starting and managing their life as if it was a business.   On the show we will discuss the following:

    Book Title “Life Business Systems – The Seven Steps to Freedom”

    Establish a Life Plan
    Giving Back Plan
    Build Social Capital
    Build a network of their Stakeholders
    Become a Conscious Leader
    6- Month Action Plan - A Revenue plan for leveraging $5000 into $50,000 in 6-months.
    Discover their purpose in Life/Higher Purpose for their business.

    Christopher King (King) - who goes by King is the President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and author of a new book titled" Connecting With Intent - Why Social Capital is more Valuable than Financial Capital". He is the founder and CEO of King Connections.

    Meet today's Coach:

    Omar Tyree is a New York Times best-selling author, journalist, lecturer and publishing consultant who has won a 2001 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literature and a 2006 Phillis Wheatley Literary Award for Body of Work in Urban Fiction. He was also awarded a 2010 HBCU Legends Award for his tiresome work in urban literacy. Tyree has published twenty-five books on African-American people and culture with more than two million copies sold worldwide that have generated more than $30 million. His six New York Times bestselling books include the recently published Mayor For Life; The Incredible Story of Marion Barry Jr. in Washington, DC. Tyree is a well traveled and popular speaker, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife and two sons. Learn more at OmarTyree.com.

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