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    Spend Halloween with Holly Stephey & Sybil Danning!

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    Come spend Halloween with Sybil Danning as we talk about her Scream Queen Movies & her current projects!  SYBIL DANNING, Reigning as The One-and-Only Celebrity officially ranked "The World's #1 Female Action Star" by Entertainment Tonight shoots for first person shooter video game, blasting into your house 2013.Executive Producer Les Thomas "tail blazes" Kickstarter with the pulse pounding video game SYBIL DANNING'S RUGER ©™.  Les Thomas and Independent Entertainment Studio acquired the rights to develop, produce and release SYBIL DANNING'S RUGER ©™ from Adventuress Productions International, a Sybil Danning Co. and have the full support of Sybil Danning. http://sybildanning.net. Kickstarter is providing extra support by reaching out to a wide variety of gamers.Sybil's role in the new film 'Space Command' with writer/director of Marc Zicree and her new picture book will be talked about as well as  Halloween Fun!Tune in as you never know who may be calling in .. Rumor is Chad Cherry of the last Vegas will be calling as well as others ! what a way to start Haloween SCREEMMMMM

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    SYBIL DANNING, the iconic bombshell from cult classics such as CHAINED HEAT, AMAZOM WOMEN ON THE MOON, HERCULES, BLUEBEARD, the Rob Zombie HALLOWEEN and she has many projects upcoming. Follow Sybil on TWITTER, on FACEBOOK, and check out her offical WEBSITE and check out this music video produced and starring Sybil by THE LAST VEGAS and these fantastic designer pixelated handmade glasses from paris by her friend Dzmitry Samal.

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    Holly Stephey ,Les Thomas & Sybil Danning LIVE!

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    Les Thomas and Sybil Danning explore the clouds, comic books and high fashion in their newest creative ventures. Having met by way of feminism and videogames, both Les and Sybil know the importance, the need for strong female figures in the lives of all genders. Ruger, the character created by Sybil Danning, is being franchised into a cloud videogame, graphic novel and film. She is a mystery, and you may learn more during the next hour or so, maybe even a little bit from Sybil herself. We’ll also talk to Les about Sybil Danning representing Dzmitry Samal’s new line of eyewear. Sybil will be wearing simple black in a classic Hollywood style that she so embodies. The black does not limit but extenuates the eyewear’s singular pixilated quality. In addition, Les will talk about how the Ruger game is a gateway program to helping the world through computing in technologically remote parts of the world. Les and Sybil also connect on the level of believing all people deserve to have basic computing services, and also play a few fun games along the way. Les was recently called a "key analyst and producer in the global gaming industry" by Cloud Computing Journal and attended the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012, just two weeks ago. He attended CES 2012 to talk with financiers regarding Sybil’s and other exciting projects in the works. He also attended some hot parties that put the Sin back into Sin City. A resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Les will undoubtedly reveal more over the course of the interview.

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    Holly Stephey And Sybil Danning the Blond Dynamite!

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    Whether reigning as The One-and-Only Celebrity officially ranked "The World's #1 Female Action Star" by Entertainment Tonight, or nicknamed "Queen of the Action Flicks" on her cover of Playboy, or celebrated as "Sex Symbol of the Year" by Roger Ebert, Danning stands tall as an icon for the new wave Tough Women whose recent corps include Uma Thurman, Angela Jolie, and Lucy Liu.
    Having dominated the popular image of the Powerful Woman in media ranging from cinema and television to magazines and pin-up posters, Danning has lately redirected her energies to behind those cameras. She controls as President-and-Chief for Adventuress Productions, the production company designed to create and market new projects that expand her dynamic on-screen persona into a complete vision in mass entertainment targeted for both cinema and television - -so though she will not personally appear in all Adventuress work, her forceful presence will be there in its spirit.
    Sybil on working with THE LAST VEGAS:
    “Working with Chad and THE LAST VEGAS, who are Hot, Sexy and Rock, on “The Other Side” music video was the ultimate in class act professionalism.  I’d rather be in hell with TLV, than in heaven with Mother Teresa. Mick Jagger once said, “It’s all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back!” With THE LAST VEGAS, I went to The Other Side; a good thing never ends!”

  • Actors Laurene Landon and Mel Novak

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    Beautiful, talented, spunky and at times outrageous actress Laurene Landon often portrays tough, two-fisted no-nonsense action heroines with a winning blend of fiery aplomb and cheerful good humor. She played one of two female wrestlers managed by Peter Falk in Robert Aldrich's uproariously funny comedy "All the Marbles" the hilarious flight attendant in "Airplane II: The Sequel," the rugged warrior woman in "Hundra" and police woman Teresa Mallory in "Maniac Cop."

    Also today: Mel Novak is an American award winning character actor who is best known for villainous roles in Black Belt Jones,Bruce Lees Game of Death and Chuck Norris An Eye for An Eye. Novak made his film debut in 1974, appearing in Truck Turner and Black Belt Jones, the former starring Isaac Hayes, the latter Jim Kelly. Subsequent parts in The Ultimate Warrior (1975) starring Yul Brynner, Cat in the Cage (1978), starring Sybil Danning, and others followed. One of his more high-profile parts from the 70's was as the hitman Stick in Game of Death (1978), directed by Robert Clouse. 

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