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    In this episode, we talk with 2x breast cancer survivor Kimberly Jewett (CEO & Founder of Kimberly Jewett Consulting) with our Advocate Spotlight featuring Shaney Jo Darden (Founder/CEO of Keep-A-Breast Foundation)

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    Real Talk with Sy Rogers & Wayne Alcorn

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    Sy Rogers:

    Sy’s unique life and 3 decades of ministry have inspired and encouraged audiences from London’s Royal Albert Hall to many of the world’s most influential pulpits. Regarded as a gifted communicator, award-winning talk show host, recording artist, and pastoral care specialist, Sy is a leading voice regarding sexuality, cultural themes and God’s character. Married since 1982, Sy and his family have lived in Singapore, the USA and New Zealand. Currently based in New Zealand, much of Sy’s ministry continues outside of North America.

    Wayne Alcorn:

    Wayne and Lyn Alcorn have been the Senior Pastors of Hope Centre since August 2000. Hope Centre is a growing multi-campus, multi-cultural church in Queensland’s south-east corner. To date, Hope Centre has three main campuses in Brisbane, Logan and Moreton; and ministry sites in Beenleigh, Fortitude Valley, Jindalee, Stafford Heights and Sunnybank.

    With almost 30 years in ministry, Wayne is the current National President of Australian Christian Churches and a sought-after speaker across the globe. He is committed to teaching the Word of God and seeing people released into their full potential in Christ. He shares candidly through life experience, humour and Biblical truth.

    Wayne and Lyn, along with their two adult sons Brendan [& Josie] and Ryan [& Breony] enjoy a very active lifestyle, taking every opportunity that comes their way.

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    Beyond The Realm Radio

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    David Oman (Producer/Creator/Co-Writer) A native of Los Angeles, David has been intrigued by the paranormal from his early childhood and has been curious about the spirit world ever since. In 1999, David started helping his father build the house on Cielo Drive just down the drive from the infamous Sharon Tate murders aka the Manson murders. After 2 years of living in the house, he created a story based upon his experience in the home with the activity titled House at the End of the Drive. He self-financed the movie and shot it on location at his home and brought his story to life. Since he moved into the house, the activity has been quite apparent so much that on the house has been on 7 paranormal reality shows: Ghost Hunters, Dead Famous Live, Searching for Satan, My Ghost Story...July 2013 he was on The History Channel the show Haunted History and Sy Fy's Paranormal Witness...February 15th 2014 the season 9 premiere episode of Ghost Adventures aired and it was the highest-rated episode to date and dealt with investigation at the Oman House. Recently David was on Ghost Adventures Aftershocks on March 28th 2015. He has also been featured on Larry King Live, EXTRA, and TMZ. David's house has also been visited by Lisa Williams and James Van Praagh and they have had wild experiences here as well. Recently David has opened up his home for private ghost investigations and tours with a paranormal research group to give people the chance to go on a real life ghost hunt just like the shows and you're along for the ride of your life investigating one of America's most haunted locations. David said "I wanted to give a few people the chance to experience a real life paranormal investigation like those on TV but we go all out with 14 infrared cameras canvassing the home in my team is made up of well seasoned investigators who are ready to help in any way possible". Enjoy the show!!

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    Holidays with Mr. Nobody 2

    in Entertainment

    Here's a Holiday treat from DP RadioXL.

    Mr. Nobody grab the mic for the end of the year BS.

    With Sy Sounds, The Ladies of Chat - My, Key, Ice and Special Guest Ray L.

    Join us for 2 hrs of Holiday non-sense and topics on absolutely NOTHING.

    Previewing 2015 - Top stories and events.

    Catch us on a Special Day And Special Time

    Tonight - Tuesday Dec. 29th at 8pm

    Call In Number 909-232-9216

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    in Christianity

    Father Sy Peterka - Founder
    Marlo A. Hargrove Sr. – Director & Co-Founder
    Archie Lee, Sr.- Addiction Counselor & Mentor
    F.A.C.E. (Freedom Advocates Celebrating Ex-Offenders)

    1564 Sheffield Rd.
    Baltimore, MD 21218
    (410) 522- FACE (3223)


    F.A.C.E. (Freedom Advocates Celebrating Ex-Offenders)

    is a group of people who have come together to support one another and reach out to others who have experienced conditions of substance abuse and/or incarceration.

    We realize there are prisons made by men and women and prisons made by ourselves. In either case, it requires us to realize that we need others, but most importantly, we need a belief in a power greater than ourselves.

    Understanding that together we will stand, and divided we will most certainly fall/fail, we seek the greatest good for each other and our communities.

    F.A.C.E offers the following community support services:

    Life Skill Training

    Spiritual Support

    Residential Referrals

    Substance Abuse Treatment Referrals

    Employment Training Referrals

    12-Step Programs

    Offenders Anonymous

    Re-entry Prison Ministry

    Education Referrals & Assistance

    Motivational Speakers


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    Joanna Langfield's Movie Minute interview with Omar Sy.

    in Entertainment

    Omar Sy is an actor and writer, known for The Intouchables (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) andJurassic World (2015). He has been married to Hélène since July 6, 2007. They have four children.  His father is from Senegal and his mother is from Mauritania.

    Personal Quotes-"On emerging from the working-class suburbs of Paris, There are two Frances that exist side by side. For me, it was only when I started to work that I saw the other France, that I heard other ways of speaking. We knew it existed. But we didn't ever see it."

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    Charles Dubow, Sy Montgomery & Jean Zimmerman

    in Books

    Tune in to the Monday, June 15, Literary New England Radio Show for an hour of lively conversations with three diverse authors about three unforgettable books! Hosted by Cindy Wolfe Boynton, the episode features:

    Sy Montgomery on The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness. This touching, entertaining and profound memoir explores the emotional and physical world of the octopus, and the remarkable connections it's able to make with humans.
    Jean Zimmerman on Savage Girl. Recently released in paperback, it's the story of a wealthy and outlandish Manhattan couple who adopt a girl purportedly raised by wolves with the goal of civilizing and introducing her into the high society of the Gilded Age.
    Charles Dubow on Girl in the Moonlight. A scorching tale on countless summer recommended reading lists about one man’s all-consuming desire for a beautiful, bewitching and beguiling woman.

    Listen and Tweet or email us to win each of these titles!

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    The Freakin Awesome Halloween Special with Molly O'Connolly

    in Paranormal

    Tonight while the ghouls and ghosts prepare themselves for the halloween festivities its time for the freaks to turn down down their lights,..light some candles and gather around the computer or smart phone for the 2nd annual Halloween special.   This time around we are bringing you Molly O'Connolly who was an investigator on the Sy Fy series Killer Contact.  There will definitely be some tricks...and maybe even some treats.   

  • Twin Radio Syndicate Presents: Music 101

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight to Your Favorite Look a Likes as we bring you Music 101 from 8-10 pm EST!!! Tonight we will bring you the hottest Indie Artists out right now and we will also have the pleasure of interviewing former NFL player and local high school and college standout Chris Cook along with a friend of the show (and our very first mainstream artist to ever call in to the show) Mysonne at 8:30 pm EST...he will chat it up with us about the Million Man March where he was a keynote speaker there and ask him about the cameo on last night's Black Ink Reunion Show...yeah we seen you lol...so make sure you tune in and see what all the fuss is about!! Call in number is (646) 716-4952 press #1 to chime in or make a request!! 

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    Motivate Enrich and Inspire Radio Show with Sy G

    in Motivation

    This month MEI Radio Show with Sy will dig into how to remain Motivated and Living On Purpose. Gain information and inspiration to encourage you to Live on Purpose weekly from Change Agents on MEI Radio Show.

    Sy G special Guest is Jay W. Foreman.

    Jay W. Foreman is an award-winning author of eleven published books, including two best-sellers.  In addition to writing, Jay conducts a wide variety of writing workshops for schools, including Elementary, Middle, High school and collegiate levels. Jay is also an accomplished public speaker whose audiences have included National Civic Clubs, community business leaders, churches, sales forces and upper management for successful corporations.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been featured on TV, radio and newspaper. More information about Jay can be found at jaywforeman.com

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