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    Zonavon visits Sweet Perfume and Bares It All!

    in Lifestyle

    Ladies, Sweet Perfume, what do you want in a man?  Men, Leather Jackets, what does your "real man" element look like?  Were your really created to follow others or lead the way?  Ladies should we take more initiative so that men feel equal to us, and, we quit sinking in stagnation?  Wow, I have a feeling that "Zonavon" will leave us all feeling stripped bare!  Bring it on!  

    If you can hold it in or hold up another after today, I will be surprised!  Let it all hang out, and, get into the meaning of life!  Get turned on today!

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    Sweet Seduction

    in Music

    Music and Adult talk: Topic will be announced

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    Free-For-All-Friday at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets!

    in Lifestyle

    Come play with Sabrina and Company (Zonavan) and others on Friday, when host, Jill Reed leaves the scene for others to take over the microphone.

    This is your day for your voice to be heard!  Go ahead try to show us that people aren't born good!  They are and we will show you they are.  Every individual has value and here you will fee that worth!  If you are seeking and searching for "that something more in life" this is the place!

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    godlili44 with Jake from Sweet Leaf will talk to us about MMJ USES

    in Entertainment


    ASK JAKE AT 2;30 PM TODAY CALL 713-966-0644


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    in Radio

         On the Saturday before MOTHER'S DAY, the cool critics did a show on MOTHERS.  A dedication to mothers.  A week ago because B.B. King died, the Cool Critics did a show on BB King.  Both of the shows are available via BlogTalk to download if you want.

    THIS WEEK, after having William "Mickey" Stevenson on KINGS IN THE MORNING, I was thoroughly impressed of what that man brought to MOTOWN Records.  Mickey Stevenson put Motown Records on the map with his writings, with his producing, with his organization.  I saw his name on records, but I never knew how valuable William "MICKEY" Stevenson was the the Motown foundation. With a great foundation like MOTOWN has become, where do you think, the Commodores, Rick James, The Jackson 5, the many many MANY artists that Berry Gordy Jr & the MOTOWN company created, exposed, manufactured and more would have been had there not been a Motown Music Empire?  Today, you will hear his words, his works and learn some information on a piece of Motown.  Thank you for joining us!

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    The Sweet Science: Floyd Mayweather vs. Tim Bradley analysis

    in Sports

    Monday, June 29, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents a special "Mayweather PPV Adversary" edition of "The Sweet Science" with Don "War a Week" Chargin and James "Lights Out" Gogue!!

    Kicking off our weekly, two-hour program, the Hall of Fame legend will talk about what went into Oscar De la Hoya's seemingly wise decision of retirement, and what could potentially drag the Hall of Fame fighter back into the squared circle.

    The six decade fight promoter and matchmaker will also educate our listeners on the fine art of matchmaking, and why it's absolutely crucial in cultivating the stars of tomorrow.

    At the thirty minute mark of the show, three decade fight trainer James Gogue will talk about who he thinks Mayweather SHOULD choose as an opponent for his highly anticipated "final" PPV under the lucrative and historic Showtime agreement, and who he feels Mayweather WILL select for the heralded assignment.

    "The Gogue" will also give his thoughts on the controversial Bradley/Vargas showdown that just took place at the StubHub Center in Carson, California this past Saturday night.

    The master strategist will also breakdown a potential meeting between Tim Bradley and Floyd Mayweather Jr!!

    - Stengths and Weaknesses

    - Keys to Victory

    - Final Prediction

    James will also discuss July's "checkered" boxing schedule!!

    Tune in to another packed 2-hour edition of "The Sweet Science" with Don "War a Week" Chargin and James "Lights out" Gogue!!  

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    Spiritually Sweet Talk Radio! Please Tell Us About Your Best Friend

    in Podcasting

    This is a show that will focus on interacting with our audience. And, what about our best friends? Do you have one that you want to brag about? Make sure to join us!Irma/young

    daugthers 850-358-9498

    Sabriena 352-275-3549


    Kandra 352-363-4944


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    So powerful this love for life!

    in Lifestyle

    What is it that we are searching for?  Can someone really be a better lover than another?  What makes lovin sweet?   What are we after in life?  If you didn't have to go to work tomorrow and you could do anything you wanted to make your money to thrive who would you be and what would you do?

    Are you really happy?  Do you know where happiness comes from?  Why not go for more happiness and see what that brings you?

    Do you know there is a formula for love?  It is a triad!  We shall talk about that today!  Oh, love, beautiful love.  It's a love triangle -- a three-way relationship!  You will enjoy knowing this formula.

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    Are You In Search of Happiness and Prosperity?

    in Lifestyle

    What were you going to do to build a fortune for yourself?  Are you a:  painter, singer, dancer, chemist, geologist, dentist, actor, musical instrument performer, writer or some other talented individual? What happened to it?  Did you give up on your childhood dreams?

    Would you go back to being a child again so you could do what you want to do when you grow up?  Raise your hand if you wanted to be rich and famous or just rich!!!!   Why aren't we that?

    Why do some people have money and all the love they want?  Why do some people not have the secret to this success?

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    Spiritually Sweet Talk Radio with Minister Sherilyn Bennett

    in Sports

    Spiritually Sweet Talk

    Vision: Every girl and woman, no matter her age, recognize who she is in Christ and uses her gifts to make an impact in her community and the world!

    Mission: Spiritual Sweets™ is a brand in which women and young girls of the Christian faith can identify, be proud of and use it as a witnessing tool to introduce the Gospel to the world.

    It is our prayer that each girl and woman use what she learns from the gospel to positively impact the lives of others through Kingdom service in their community, schools and beyond.

    It is not the apparel that makes the girl or woman but she knows when she wears it, she is the brand!

    We will expand our merchandise and launch events as the company grows. Let us know what you think of the Spiritually Sweet™ tee-shirt line.  Like us on Facebook! Tweet about it! Tell every spiritually sweet girl you know!

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    Free For All Friday!

    in Lifestyle

    Have you ever wanted your weekend to begin on Friday Morning instead of Friday Evening?  Want no more!  Listen in to Sabrina and Company (Zonathon) and feel like your weekend started early!  Come get a charge!

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