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    The Ole Sarday Staggered Swagger Struggle Routine

    in Poetry

    ladies and gents the Ole Sarday Staggered Swagger Struggle Routine has commenced So gather around and let us all repent we are broadcasting from an undisclosed location because we couldn't pay the rent. SPS is in the house and every creature is staggering ... even the mouse. We have all your favourite segmentssometimes just in fragments cause that's how we roll and if you don't know ... no you know Time to tilt back let it all hang out ala smellys ball sack  We got Tammys Top Ten Gookoosh Sightings Even Mr Scabs, we would have had Datumz and his Boobiish sightings but it appears he's in Rehab.So Ricky Gookoosh if you're tuning intell chi Rose where you've been whispen in her ear that you're living in sin. So put that stagger back in yo swagger raise your glasses and suck back that JagerAnd if your drinking with Blake .... I guess your drinking stinking Lager. Untill then Wikwemikong .... Keep your head Up

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    Welcome To Swagger Radio Station

    in Business

    We are very happy and are about to rock your world we are very nice and sweet and do not agree in having all that curseing so if it has to curse we block it out we try to be the the best radio station we will inprove on our station and we hope that you love it and you tell your friends and family about us we are looking for sponsers like ford and sears they sponser us and we thank them for all there help

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    The No Reply Show

    in Poetry

    Hello Hoodlums Strugglers Hairpieces and ballsacks we are back/ it is saturday night and the time is right/ to let wine flow and let your hair down/ but don't letcha liquor hit the ground. Sps is in the house and you guessed it every creature is staggering even the mouse. We are comin at you live large and in chrage from an undisclosed location/ somewehere deep in the nutsack of the rezervation. It seems the world is a mess and it is something we have to address/ from the shit goin down in paris to tammys absence due to her snugglefest. We got all your favourite segments maybe even a piece about jape sohs torn legiment. it is fight night tonght/ but before you tune in to ufc let sps get the night goin/ get that liquor flowin lets put that swagger back in your stagger/ time to get down with the Sps crew cause you know how we do/ We are yet to solve the case of the stolen sps tickets tho we may have leads you know who you are /and that you done did the dirty deed so without further a due it's time to get this party started /so if you don't know...now you know..... Till then Wikwemikong ....keep your head up 


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    Late Night Swagger

    in Entertainment

    Rashad and Ced speak on REAL TOPIX! Point Blank!

  • the Quiet Storm - Live Interactive DJ Experience - "Single With Swagger!"

    in Entertainment

    the Quiet Storm - Live Interactive DJ Experience - "Single With Swagger!"

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    Late Night Swagger

    in Entertainment

    Rashad and Ced are back at it again! Giving the Listeners EVERYTHING they want to hear! As they discuss trending topics in the social entertainment arena they crack jokes and verbally humiliate the issue- but at the end of it all, you’ll hear positive feedback about the situation (well, sometimes) LOL. But without a doubt, you will be strictly entertained about life’s situations and know that- You aint the only one going through that Bull$#97. Sit when you edit your weekly calendar- Don’t forget to block a spot for Late Night Swag- Every Sunday and Wednesday Night @ Mid-Night… Or is that Monday and Thursday Mornings? You be the Judge!

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    It's All About the Swagger.....

    in Jobs

    For people in job transition.

    Video version available at


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    Swagger Lifestyle

    in Lifestyle

    Swagger Lifestyle is a premier show the will target the African American Male. We will discuss an array of topics from Finance, Health, and Relationships to name a few.

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    Swagger TV Live Sports Talk Radio Super Bowl Preview

    in Sports

    Swagger TV Live Sports Talk Radio host Cleve states his opinion about the latest in the sports world. Cleve then gives callers a chance to call in and give their two cents about the topics at hand. Special guests Lyfelong and Prince Charm are also along for the ride courtesy of "The Black Senate".

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