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    Julio Montero and Cuñao

    in Poetry

    An interview I have been waiting forever to have with Julio Montero AKA Cuñao is HERE!!! Featuring original music from Cuñao.

    Visit their website for more information on their upcoming CD release on October 2015 and upcoming presentation in Lancaster and other venues!


    Cuñao speaks in a voice that feels the duality of cultures as the norm not the exception and that learns the way of the new but yearns to belong to the old.

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    in Spirituality

    I'm going to tell all you what I feel and whats really goin on here.

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    InvictaFC Suzie Montero & G3's Tami Carswell

    in Sports

    Coming off a successful pro debut, Suzie Montero is set to face Jessamyn Duke at InvictaFC July 28. She will also be on hand for the upcoming G3 WMMA Summit in Ft. Lauderdale the week after.
    We will be joined by Montero and the G3 Summit chair Tami Carswell to talk about both events.

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    Speaking Spirits with Glenn White

    in Paranormal

    Our guest is the President of the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club, none other than Miss Suzie Q! We will talk 2015 with the UndeadCon, Gathering of the Ancients Vampire Ball, and all of the events surrounding Halloween weekend in New Orleans!!!! Check out ARVLFC.com for details!!

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    EPL Week Two Review: Uncatchable Aguero, Unplayabale Montero, Unstoppable Lukaku

    in Soccer

    We review all the action from the second weekend of the 2015-16 Premier League, naming our favorite goals, best bits of skill, best player and more, taking a close look at Man City vs Chelsea and Southampton vs Everton, and examining Man Utd right back Matteo Darmian's innovation in the art of man-marking.

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    Kickboxer turned MMA Fighter Suzie Montero

    in Sports

    Kung Fu specialist and kickboxer Suzie Montero has been fighting for years from facing Gina Carano in a hottly contest amateur bout, to being apart of Chuck Norris's World Combat League.
    She will make her long awaited MMA debut against Kim Couture at W-1 MMA - Reloaded in Maimi, FL Oct. 15. We'll talk to Montero about her well established career and tranistion to MMA.  

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    Episode 132: Meaningful games in August

    in Baseball

    In the "Yoenis Cespedes is gritty" edition, Jeffrey and Greg are in good moods about the Mets. That makes two straight weeks for Jeffrey and is a podcast record. We wonder if it is playoffs or bust now, and who might help (Yoenis Cespedes) or hurt (the bullpen) those aspirations. Next we do a quick minor league news round-up, mostly so we can talk about glow-in-the-dark hats. Then it is onto your e-mails. It's a light week, only eight e-mails, and only two with pro wrestling content. Finally it's a whole bunch of soccer updates, a plug for our next live show, and a possible farewell to an Amazin' Avenue Audio icon.

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    Road Map 4 Seeker's with Suzie Daggett

    in Spirituality

    Suzie Daggett

    Suzie writes, speaks and teaches about everyday soul ~ human interactions and the Intuitive Process. In her Dear Source series, she writes to Source about the day’s soul journey. With Conversations, she chats with Clare, her inner soul friend & Posey, her ego mind to understand that lovely intersection between our soul needs and our ego wants. She teaches about Intuition and offers Intuitive Business and Life Consulting. Her book, PEARLS ~ 52 Contemplative Insights offers practical life advice and timeless spiritual wisdom.  A former publisher, she created and produced the Insight Healthy Living Directory, and Insight Lectures featuring national new thought teachers. She was a newspaper columnist and TV and radio host interviewing many speakers and healers. She is a retired Real Estate Broker whose successful business was built on intuition.


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    Small Steps to the Real You with Suzie Daggett

    in Spirituality

    The Voice of Change welcomes Suzie Daggett, author of PEARLS ~ 52 Contemplative Insights offers practical life advice and timeless spiritual wisdom. 

    Suzie Daggett writes, speaks and teaches about Source energy and soul ~ human interactions sharing musings for everyday living.  The title of our program today is, Small Steps to the Real YOU!   Suzie says that life will change when small, purposeful, positive steps are taken to discover your soul’s desire. Being aware of your soul’s needs creates a life full of deep inner adventure and expansion. As humans learning to be close to Source energy and love, our soul whispers proactive guidance for growth. Our fearful ego/mind shouts loud and reactively. What we do, or choose not to do, can have profound results. Stretch, learn, seek and grow in your way. If confused about the difference between the soul and ego, remember, fear/ego constricts and love/soul opens. It is that simple. It is that hard.

    Suzie Daggett writes a question and answer column with Clare, her inner soul & Posey, her ego mind to understand that lovely intersection between soul needs and ego wants.  Suzie is an Intuitive Business & Life Consultant.  More at dearsource.com

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    What is a Soul Activator?

    in Self Help

    We are wealthy in having unlimited creative potential. The knowledge and science of creativity has long been lost to humanity. Join Michael, L.J, Jennifer and Suzie with your host Divya as our fabulous panel will share the complete recipe for how to have, be, and do what you want by tapping into your creativity!

    Our guests are:

    Michael Robins is an Abundance Revealer. He teaches and supports people in practicing the science of how to have whatever you want.

    L.J. Jackson is an Award Winning Women’s Empowerment Expert, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Master Success Coach and NLP Coach with 20 years of experience helping 1000’s.

    Jennifer Schuitemaker is 'The Buddha With Bling' Author, Speaker and New Thought Leader. She has carved a  FRESH NEW WAY that reincorporates the physical portion allowing us to progress and coexist as an integral WHOLE. 

    Suzie Daggett  is a Business & Life Consultant.  She writes, speaks and teaches about soul and ego choices in everyday living. Her book, PEARLS ~ 52 Contemplative Insights offers practical life advice and timeless spiritual wisdom. 

    Co-author of an international and amazon best-seller book “The Voyage to Your Vision”, Divya Parekh is an international career leadership coach and speaker who partners with clients in a creative process that inspires them to step up into brilliance and ‘stay in the dialogue’

    The highlights of the show are:

    How we became Soul Activators
    What we do
    Why it's valuable to listen to a soul activator
    How being one can improve every area of your life

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    Soul ~ Human Interactions and the Intuitive Process, with guest, Suzie Daggett!

    in Spirituality

    Discover • Manifest • Transform!

    Our show guest, Suzie Daggett, will share about her favorite subject...the Soul ~ Human interaction, and the Intuitive Process.

    Suzie writes, speaks, and teaches about this intriguing subject.  She also has two blogs: "Dear Source", in which she writes to Source about the day's Soul journey, and "Conversations", in which "chats" with her inner soul friend, Clare, and Posey, her ego mind.  Her "Dear Source" blog can be accessed by clicking this link: http://www.dearsource.com

    She has published a book called, "Pearls".  It contains 52 Contemplative Insights offering practical life advice and timeless spiritual wisdom. 

    Suzie also teaches about Intuition and offers Intuitive Business and Life Consulting.

    She is offering our listeners a free "Pearls" audio file.  Simply visit http://www.dearsource.com/#!contact-sign-up/c3fg   to learn more about her free gift to you!

    Please do join the discussion with your comments and questions by calling in or reaching out through our chat board! 

    Together WE create the Shift!

    One Love!

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