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    Left for Dead: A Story of Suvivor

    in Women

    Join Broadcast Journalist, Victoria Gaither and Entertainment Co-host Michael Kay as they talk with author and survivor Ebony Canion about an accident that changed her life forever. Ebony was hit by a speeding car and dragged for almost two feet and in a coma for two months.

    She is releasing a new book called 'Left for Dead' as she details how her life changed but more importantly where she is today. Its a great story of faith and promise.

    Her book is available at  http://lifechangingbooks.net/lcb/

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    Cancer Awarenss

    in Motivation

    For guests to call in and give a testimony about a suvivor of cancer or someone who have pass on,and express howw that person have had a positive impact on your life or how they have overcome their own cancer.Guests will have the opportunity to call in and give their
    testimony of that important person in their lie even, if it concerns themselves.This is the month that all cancer survivor or those who have pass on to honor them in any expect of respect. because many have had a strong battle of fighting with this disease,

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    Your Kind Voice

    in Lifestyle

    A captivating conversation with Carol Graham - author, health coach, motivational speaker, blogger, and excellent business woman. Carol is passionate about many things; dogs, writing, blogging and definitely health, as she was given two years to live over 40 years ago.....She proudly states, "I'm still here and I found my own cure."  Now, as a health coach, she teaches people how to build and maintain a strong immunity.

    Hosted by Dominick Domasky

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    Kelly Falareau- What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger

    in Women

    Tune in and show your support for Kelly Falardeau.  Kelly is a burn suvivor and was burned over 75% of her body.  Kelly found a way to go from near-death to success.  Tune in on Saturday April 19th @11AM EST.  


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                                 RISING RAPPER PINQY RING

                                      TACKLES TABOO TOPIC

                                        OF SEXUAL ABUSE

                                         IN “LITTLE HEARTS”

    The Decision to Heal
    Once one recognizes the effects of sexual abuse in one's life, one needs to make an active commitment to heal. Deep healing happens only when one chooses it and is willing to change

    Many survivors suppress all memories of what happened to them as children. Those who do not forget the actual incidents often forget how it felt at the time. Remembering is the process of getting back both memory and feeling.


    Breaking Silence
    Most adult survivors kept the abuse a secret in childhood. Telling another human being about what happened is a powerful healing force that can dispel the shame of being a victim.

    Understanding That It Wasn't The Victim's Fault

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    ACL: WWE Survivor Series Preview and Independent Rundown

    in Sports

    ACL looks to the world of professional wrestling to draw inspiration for our latest show. Join Josh and Mike as they discuss the upcoming Survivor Series PPV, Kassius Ohno's NXT release, and what's to come from the independent circuit this weekend. 

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    Secret Survivor (Her-Story) Q&A and Reading with Author T.E. Best

    in Books

    On this show I will read a little from “Secret Suvivor (Her-Story)” and answer a few of the questions that I’ve been asked about the book. For example, who is Lorraine?, Is this based on a true story?, and Where’s Lorraine now?. For more information about the book or to order your copy visit www.amazon.com/author/tebest

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    What's Your Story Fannie Lee with Divas Boss Lady

    in Entertainment

    Fannie Lee is a sixteen year breast cancer survivor born and raised in Winston-Salem NC into a family of eleven children with a single mother. Watching her mother struggle for most of her life prompt her to tap into her creative abilities in order to provide for herself the things she needed and wanted. Though her mother taught her how to sew, her visionary creative abilities she says could only come from God.
    Tune in as Fannie Lee shares her story of pain, cancer, tears, rejection, jobless, and how she used these things to become the woman she is today to give back to so many other people in return.
    Fannie Lee:Spoken Word; Event Planner; Jewelry Designer; Gospel Song Writer; Fashion Show Producer; Speaker on Creative Dressing for Success for Less; Designer/Maker/CEO of Fannie Lee Handbags
    To share your story of struggle turn triumph, please submit to divasbosslady@gmail.com. Visit our online store at www.divasbossladystore.webs.com.

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    HERgroove Radio with Maricia Sherman

    in Motivation

    HERgroove Radio is all about you and your passions. We are here to celebrate your gifts, talents, and unique abilitites while discussing relative topics for women. This Friday is PART 2 of our incredible shine the light interview with Kelley Alsobrook of Ashes to Beauty and Domestic Violence Suvivor Betty Meeks. Be sure to join us as we give positive steps for how to shine a light on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.  

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    Rio Scafone

    in Business

    Rio Scafone joins us ON THE DEAN'S LIST. She is best known as the hard workin, hard singin' lead vocalist for Rio & The Rockabilly Revival.   Rio's appearance is to celebrate the release of the band's new album, RUNAWAY TRAIN, which will be relased as part of a three group mega release party on August 23rd. This kicks off a whirlwind tour that will see the group as a part of the Woodward Dream Cruise, and in venues throughout the region playing the roots rock which has made them in demand.    Her vocal presence draws upon gospel, rockabilly, hard rock and country to produce a dynamic sound all her own. Meld this with the power packed musicianship of The Rockabilly Revival, and you have an engine more powereful than those coming off one of the Detroit car-maker's assembly lines.   Born into rock 'n' roll royalty, Rio came up under her famous uncle, rockabilly pioneer Jack Scott, and carries on the family tradition of serving up spitfire Roots Rock 'n' Roll.   For more information about Rio and The Rockabilly Revival, including upcoming appearances:   http://www.reverbnation.com/rioandtherockabillyrevival   ----------------------------------------- ANOTHER PODCAST YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN:   Musician, author and cancer suvivor Steward Franckie:    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onthedeanslist/2013/09/11/stewart-francke

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    in Health

    Tonight we're joined by Suzanne Skala (Executive Director, SuperSibs), Melanie Goldish (Founder, SuperSibs) and Whitney Kvistad (Masters of Nursing Grad Student) to disuss the unique and unmet needs of siblings in the cancer journey, significantly in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Also, live in-studio, writer/comedian and testicular cancer suvivor H. Alan Scott.

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