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    Susyn Reeve - Author - The Whole-Hearted Life

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    The Whole-Hearted Life is the culmination of Susyn Reeve's lifelong work. Comprised of 365 days of change-your-life ideas to try a few minutes each day, this is a guide to a life of contentment and community, where you give and receive love, including the oft-missing piece of self-love and compassion. Reeve, who apprenticed under Don Miguel Ruiz for years, is a scholar of the human soul and is on a mission to help everyone live a whole-hearted life, one of inner serenity, esteem toward self, shared joy and limitless love. Reeve's warm and wise encouragement offers readers 52 week's worth of ways to pray, play, and passionately pursue a life lived utterly and fully from the heart. 

    Reeve's new book is a step-by-step and day-by-day guide to wholehearted living mapped out over a year's time. Readers can undertake the program for all 52 weeks of the year or dip into the rich resource Reeve has provided and sample the offerings for a great sense of the fullness of life. 

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    Living a Wholehearted Life with Susyn Reeve

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    The soul wants to know: What is a wholehearted life? This is one of those questions—one of those big, deep, soul-activating questions that, once asked, will not leave us alone. But this inquiry begs another: How can we live a wholehearted life? 

    Coach Cafe welcomes Susyn Reeve, author of The Wholehearted Life: Big Changes and Greater Happiness Week by Week. Reeve is a scholar of the human soul and is on a mission to help everyone live a wholehearted life: one of inner serenity, esteem toward self, shared joy, and limitless love. Reeve's warm and wise encouragement offers readers 52 weeks’ worth of ways to pray, play, and passionately pursue a life lived utterly and fully from the heart. 

    As a teenager, Susyn Reeve wrote in her journal, “What would the world be like if everyone loved themselves?” This question has guided her fierce commitment in partnering with clients to expand their capacity to give and receive love by removing their inner obstacles to love and living the life they desire. She has done this in many roles over her 35 years of experience as a transformational coach, educator, corporate consultant, and interfaith minister. She is the award-winning author of The Inspired Life, Choose Peace and Happiness, co-creator of Self-Esteem-Experts.com, and a certified “Calling in The One” coach.

    Join us to learn how to live a wholehearted life you love!

    Learn more about your hosts:  Estra Roell: www.AmericasLifePurposeCoach.com

    Kathleen Martin: www.KathleenMartinCoaching.com

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    The Inspired Life with Susyn Reeve

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    What is an Inspired life? Can it be cultivated? Does it come naturally for some, while being unattainable for others?  Join us in the Coach Cafe' as we welcome Susyn Reeve,co-author of The Inspired Life-Unleashing Your Minds Capacity For Joy; co-creator of self-esteem experts.com, coach, corporate consultant, educator and interfaith minister. Find out how to overcome personal blocks and obstacles to fullfilment and joy using meditations, stories and unique practices and learn how to find and maintain inspiration in your daily life! Stop by for your weekly cup of inspiration!

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    The Inspired Life author Susyn Reeve returns to Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back Susyn Reeve, author of the award-winning book THE INSPIRED LIFE to Conversations LIVE to discuss how she is using each day as an opportunity to learn, grow and inspire others.

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    Leading an Inspired Life – Susyn Reeve on The Empowerment Show

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    Are you leading an inspired life?  A life were you are fulfilling your passion and purpose.  A life where your unique gifts support and give to others.  Susyn Reeve hopes so and if you are not, she can show you how. 

    With 40 years of experience as a Leadership & Executive Development Coach & Mentor and Self Esteem Expert, Susyn Reeve helps individuals from Fortune 100 companies as well as physicians, attorneys, and educators find their Inspired List.  She now also supports those looking for their inspired life through her best-selling book, The Inspired Life:  Unleashing Your Mind's Capacity for Joy, and her radio show, The On Purpose Show: Your Path to Fulfilling LifeWork.

    During this engaging show, we talk about our core inherent purposes, how to uncover them, accept them, and manage their transformation over time.  Susyn and I discuss how to avoid regret and attacking ourselves for wasted time so we can focus on starting to live our inspired life now.  Susyn provides examples of others who found that their “outside” success was unfulfilling propelling them toward finding their inherent purpose-driven success.  Learn how commitment, intent, and acknowledgement can lead you to the life you dream about.

    If you find yourself unhappy with your current life and career, listen in to learn how you too can find your passion-filled, purpose-based inspired life.

    If success was guaranteed, what would you be doing?

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    Jeff Belanger & Susyn Reeve

    in Spirituality

    Jeff Belanger joins Dr. Rita Louise in the first hour of Just Energy Radio where he will discuss The World's Most Haunted Places.  In the second hour, Dr. Rita is joined by Susyn Reeve where they will discuss How to Live an Inspired Life.
    Jeff Belanger
    The World's Most Haunted Places
    Jeff Belanger is one of the most visible and prolific paranormal researchers today. Since 1997, the former journalist has interviewed thousands of eyewitnesses to paranormal occurrences. He’s the ultimate insider and knows how to connect with people from all walks of life when it comes to the unexplained. He is the author of a dozen books on the paranormal including the best sellers: The World's Most Haunted Places, Our Haunted Lives, and Who's Haunting the White House.
    Susyn Reeve
    Living An Inspired Life
    Susyn Reeve is the co-founder of Self-Esteem-Experts.com and the award-winning author of Choose Peace & Happiness . She has 35 years of experience as a coach, corporate consultant, and InterFaith Minister. Her clients have included American Express, New York University, Exxon, Continental Airlines, The Metropolitan Museum and Young Presidents Organization. Susyn lives in Long Island, New York.

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Will Reeve Jr, Charles Sledge, Whitfield Jenkins

    in Sports

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for all of your Sports Highlights Past & Current with your hosts of Sports Tuesday, Steve Manderson & your host of Black College Sports,

    At 6:15 Join Steve as he welcomes back Will Reeve Jr into the studio to discuss the NCAA Tournament.

    At 7:15, Steve welcomes special guest, Author of, The Batter's Out, Charles R. Slegde Jr. Charles has been an avid baseball player and fan since the age of eight. Although he enjoys all sports, he has a special love for baseball. He rose through the ranks of organized Youth Baseball, having played Little League, Pony League, Colt League, high school, and Semi-Professional baseball. Charles tried out for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1975 only to serve his country in the U.S. Army. 
    As Director of Youth Programming, Charles hopes to reach out to youth programs across the country to give them a unique opportunity that they will cherish for a lifetime. Tune in as Charles and Steve discuss baseball highlights and his book, Batter's Out, (Baseball Training Manual).

    At 8:15 Join Edd Hayes as he welcomes special guest, Whitfield Jenkins into the studio to discuss his football playing experiences under  the Legendary Coach, Alonzo A.S. " Jake" Gaither.

    At Florida A & M University, Whitfield starred as an end with the famed Rattlers football team 1959-63, winning two (2) Negro National Championships under the leadership of Hall of Fame coach, Alonzo “A.S.” Jake Gaither.

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.


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    Living a Life of Passion and Purpose with Susyn Reeve

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    We are thrilled to welcome back into the Coach Cafe' Susyn Reeve!   Susyn Reeve, is the co-founder of Self-Esteem-Experts.com, best-selling author of The Inspired Life:  Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity for Joy and award winning author of Choose Peace & Happiness. She has 35 years experience as a Corporate Consultant, Transformational Coach and InterFaith Minister. Her clients have included: American Express, New York University, Exxon, Continental Airlines, The Metropolitan Museum and YPO (Young Presidents Organization).   She has apprenticed and worked with don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements); Katherine Woodward Thomas (Calling in “The One”) and studied with Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston and Robert Fritz.  She has been a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and adjunct Associate Professor of Management at New York University Management Institute.    Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from Susyn Reeve how to awaken your purpose and ignite your passion!   To find out more about Susyn Reeve visit -www.susynreeve.com

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    Susyn Reeve: The Inspired Life

    in Women

    As a teen, Susyn Reeve wrote in her journal, "What would the world be like if everyone loved themselves?"  This question has informed her commitment to partner with clients and guide them in deepening and expanding their capacity to give and receive love. Susyn Reeve has 35 years of experience as a Coach, Educator, Corporate Consultant and InterFaith Minister. Her clients have included:  American Express, New York University, Exxon, Continental Airlines. She has been a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and adjunct Associate Professor at New York University. She is the co-creator of The Mind Manual System and the award winning author of Choose, Peace & Happiness. She is also the co-author of the newly released book, The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind's Capacity for Joy. Join Chizoma Cluff as she interviews Susyn about the book The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind's Capacity for Joy which she co-authored with Joan Breiner. http://susynreeve.wordpress.com/books

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    Sports Tuesday,BCS, Steve Manderson,Will Reeve Jr,Edd Hayes,Bridgitt Brown

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    Source Nation! It's another amazing night of Sports Tuesday and Black College Sports We have two dynamic shows with two fabulous Sports Hosts Steve Manderson and Edd J Hayes. In the first two hours 6 and 7pm Steve will share the latest information in NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and more. In the third hour at 8pm Edd will share amazing history and facts in the world of Black College Sports. You don't want to miss either shows. You've heard it here on your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network!!

    7:15 Will Reeve Jr.

    Will has a unique background, including academic awards and play-by-play and color commentary experience. Ascending from four years of homelessness from 16-20 Will earned Phi Theta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude awards in his associate's program before receiving a scholarship to California Lutheran University where he became the voice of the Kingsmen and Regals. Wrapping up his education this semester, Will again earned Lambda Pi Eta Upsilon Upsilion awards for academic achievement and built an industry standard studio to launch his All Weather Fan Podcast in January of 2015.

    8:15 Bridgitt Brown

    Bridgitt Bradley-Brown is a second-generation basketball coach. She received  academic and athletic scholarships to various universities but chose to attend an HBCU.  Her collegiate athletic career began at Alabama A&M University under the late Coach Press Parham. She quickly found success on the hardwood as she became the SIAC Freshman of the Year. In 1990, she was recognized as the AAMU Female Athlete of the Year. She was named to the Black College Sports All America Basketball Second Team (1989,1990), the Kodak Women’s All-District Basketball Team (1990), and twice named to the Women’s Black College Basketball All American Team (1989, 1990)

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    Boomer and The Babe Present - Susyn Reeve

    in Lifestyle

    Imagine being connected to an infinite source of loving energy and feeling whole, happy and content.   Susyn Reeve contends that all of us have a wellspring of limitless creativity and drive within to achieve that sense of fulfillment. In THE INSPIRED LIFE: Unleashing your Mind’s Capacity for Joy, publishing in November by Viva Editions, Reeve, with Joan Breiner, offers proven tools to access your inspiration, no matter how deeply buried.
    Directed to those of us who need a push to open our minds and hearts to the vast creative potential and possibility alive in each moment, THE INSPIRED LIFE urges readers to wake up from the trance of life on automatic and appreciate what they do have.  
    The book reframes breakdowns as stepping-stones to breakthroughs, with inspiring stories and quotes, practices and exercises to access the power of your mind to live a life truly guided by your gifts.

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