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    ONE-HOUR SPECIAL with Joe Steffen, The Prince of Darkness

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    Politico, Communications Expert, Republican Operative, Author, Blogger, Father and Friend, Joseph "Joe" Steffen carries many titles, but none more interesting to some than "The Prince of Darkness" of Maryland's rough and tumble politics. 

    Joe Steffen is a one-of-kind legend in Maryland politics. A former ally and aide to Congressman and Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., The Prince of Darkness has a pulse on Maryland politics like none other. 

    Ryan Miner, host of A Miner Detail, will host a one-hour special with Joe Steffen on Wednesday, February 18, 2015. 

    Ryan and Joe will discuss:

    Joe's early days as a Republican operative 
    The time Joe spent with former Governor Bob Ehrlich 
    Joe's take on Maryland politics and the future of Maryand under Larry Hogan's governership 
    The Maryland General Assembly and the current session underway 
    The Republican victories of 2014
    Joe's horror romance novels and what he's currently authoring 
    And much, much more! 

    Join Ryan Miner, host of A Miner Detail, on Wednesday, February 18 from 9:00 - 10:00 p.m. for a one-hour special with Joe Steffen! 


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    Maryland's Heroin Emergency & LIVE with Change Montgomery County's Frank Howard

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    Governor Larry Hogan has declared a heroin state of emergency in Maryland, and he has tasked his number two, LG Boyd Rutherford, to oversee the efforts to combat the burgeoning epidemic plaguing the state. 

    Ryan will talk with a mom from the Eastern Shore whose family has been directly affected by the widespread use of heroin. Ryan will dissect the heroin problem in Maryland and talk about how families can help fight and cope with drug use. 


    The second half of the show will feature a LIVE, on-the-set interview with Change Montgomery County's President Frank Howard. Change Montgomery County is a non-profit start-up registering as a 501(c)(4) focused on education and advocacy, providing community engagement tools to residents of Montgomery County, Maryland. We're building a movement for change by encouraging and supporting the development of grassroots leaders committed to local issues that matter to everyone.


    And the conclusion of the show, Ryan will make a BIG ANNOUCEMENT about the future of A Miner Detail. 

    Tune in this Wednesday, February 25 at 9:00 p.m. for a new episode of A Miner Detail with host Ryan Miner! 

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    Governor Hogan's Budget, C&O Canal Fees and Common Core. OH MY!

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    This week on A Miner Detail: 

    Ryan will dissect Governor Hogan's budget and talk about the Democrat's overraction and hyberbole 
    James Coyle, Secretary of the Hagerstown Tea Party, will join the show to discuss the proposed C&O Canal fees and the Central Committee Replacement Process
    Education Activist, Cindy Stickline-Rose of Frederick County, will join us to talk about her battle against standarized testing and Common Core State Standards. Cindy Rose is on the front lines of fighting Common Core and standarized testing in Maryland. She filed suit in March 2014 in Frederick County Circuit Court to get a parents' right to refuse standardized tests affirmed. While waiting for a second court date, she learned that Frederick County Public Schools tested her developmentally delayed nine-year old without parental permission.


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    Talking with Supermodel Susan Miner about a Unique way of Setting Intentions

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    Join me for a conversation with Supermodel turned Counselor, Susan Miner, MA as she shares an unique way of setting intentions.

    We will discuss a different perspective to help you in setting your intentions - Divergents. Divergents help snap us back into the present moment.

    Ride this fun adventure as Susan shares her recent learning experience that uncovered an entirely new process in setting intentions.

    Susan is founder of Beauty From the Inside Out and a former Super Model who will share a way for you to participate in "1 Billion Rising," a worldwide event to increase the awareness of violence against women.

    Contact Susan Miner: website and Facebook

    Look forward to your joining us.

    Margaret Martin
    Contact me

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    LIVE from the Inaugural Gala: Celebrating Governor Lawrence J. Hogan Jr.

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    A Miner Detail will be broadcasting LIVE from the Baltimore Convention at the 2015 Inaugural Gala! Congratulations Governor Hogan! 

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    How to Prospect like a Miner

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    Lines open up at 8:15 and we go live at 8:30 PM. - www.TwoBlackSheepRadio.com

    In this upcoming show Bob and I will be discussing the startup process and ways to prospect that would make a gold miner proud. At least make Norbert Hennessy proud as we find "Nuggets of Gold".

    The Start Up phase is almost finalized for our Fun Five contest where you'll be part of their success as we follow their journey as they start their business or go after that next promotion level. There is still time since we have decided who the last person will be yet. Just eMail us: Baa@TwoBlackSheepRadio.com with your info and we'll call you back!

    I know that Bob can't wait for the Letter J in his Lone Granger segment and I'm fired up to share my latest Brain Hurts as well.

    See you at 8:30 PM Eastern SHEEP Time - TwoBlackSheepRadio.com

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    Episode 1: Kicking off 2015

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    A Miner Detail preimers for the first time on January 7, 2015 at 9:00 p.m.!

    Host Ryan Miner will lay out what is in store of Washington County in 2015
    Washington County Board of Education change of leadership 
    WCTA's opposition to the school calendar 
    Change in leadership on the Washington County Board of County Commissioners 
    Election 2014 recap and the change of political power in Maryland's governor's mansion 
    Frederick County District 4 Vacancy and Republican Central Committee process
    Community events in Washington County
    And much more!



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    Dissecting the 2014 Washington County Board of Education race: A TELL ALL!

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    Ryan will give a month-by-month account of the campaign and will highlight the following:

    The decision to run for the Board of Education
    Ryan’s political and personal background and “baggage”
    Campaign preparation and kickoff
    Sign Waving and Door Knocking
    The Fundraisers and Monies Raised
    The Guessford, Harshman and Stouffer Slate
    The unforgettable smear campaigns on social media  
    The inflamed rhetoric
    The core opposition to Ryan’s campaign and all parties involved
    The “anti-Ryan Miner” sign encounter
    The Primary Win in June
    The Toby Frevert encounter and the subsequent social media affront
    Todd Roberts’ obsessions
    The Anti-Facebook page
    Amber Sheffler and the infamous Herald-Mail letter
    Guessford, Harshman and Stouffer baggage
    Mike Guessford’s forum dodges and political baggage
    The Herald-Mail forum
    The Chamber Forum
    WC Parents and her behind-the-scenes activism for The Guessford, Harshman and Stouffer Slate
    The WC Parents/Teachers’ Association “Meet and Chat” in October the decision not to attend
    WCTA’s Neil Becker confrontation in Dunkin Donuts
    The ILLEGAL wiretap and YouTube videos and who was behind it 
    Signs, signs and more signs
    The Herald-Mail endorsements and editorial board
    Election Day in November and “the day after”
    Moving beyond the campaign

    If you want to be part of the show, please call (646) 716-5971. Join Ryan Miner this Wednesday at 9:00 P.M. EST for a TELL-ALL ACCOUNT of the 2014 Washington County Board of Education race. 

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    Michael Hough's Empire Strikes Back: FCRCC gives voters the finger

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    A special edition of A Miner Detail. 

    Join host Ryan Miner on BlogTalkRadio for his show, A Miner Detail, this Friday, January 9 at 8:00 p.m. for an hour-long discussion about the Frederick County Republican Central Committee's District 4 vacancy process. 

    The will of the people in Frederick County has been subverted, and Michael Hough's carefully-planted allies on the Frederick County Republican Central Committee have turned Frederick County upside down and defied the same people who elected them into their positions. Michael Hough's wife, JoeyLynn Hough, is the Chairman of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee; this is political cronyism at its worst! 

    We'll talk about: 

    Secret Meetings
    Wendi Peters 
    Simple Math and Logic
    The HoughZali entity 
    Protests and Passion
    Carroll County's Republican Central Committee and their impending decision. Will they take a different approach or follow the herd? 

    ***NOTE: I invited Michael Hill, a Frederick County Republican Central Committee member and Hough ally, to join the show to talk about the process. As of 11:05 a.m. on Thursday, January 8, I have heard no response from Mr. Hill. 

    Please join me and other guests for an action-packed show about backroom meetings, deceit, lies and political vendettas 

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    SERIAL-Susan Simpson

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    In 1999, the body of Hae Min Lee was found in a shallow grave in Baltimore's Leakin Park. Six weeks later, her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was arrested and charged with her murder. The state's case against Syed hinged entirely on the testimony of Jay Wilds, who said that he had been with Syed on the day of the murder, and that he had assisted with the burial in Leakin Park. At trial, the prosecutor argued that although Wilds had repeatedly given false and inconsistent statements concerning the crime, his story was corroborated by Adnan's cell phone records. Syed was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison; Wilds pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact, and was released without serving a day in prison.

    Last year, the creators of This American Life covered Syed's story in the popular podcast Serial. In order to better visualize the events that were being described on the show, Attorney Susan Simpson put together a series of maps comparing the location data from the cell records with the various witness statements concerning the location of the phone throughout the day on which Hae Lee was murdered. The result showed just how fragmented and incoherent the prosecution's case was, as none of Wilds' multiple stories can be reconciled with the cell phone data. It also highlighted many of the gaps in the prosecution's evidence, and showed how numerous witnesses who could potentially have confirmed or denied Jay's stories were never contacted by investigators. SERIAL-The On-Going Story-Susan Simpson






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