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    Doug Beatty & Gordon Smith, Your World and Outsider Politics

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    Former Newt Gingrich staffer and Libertarian Candidate Gordon Smith joins Doug Beatty to give you an 'outsider's' perspective on politics. Who are these 'third party' candidates, whey are they here, and more importantly why should or shouldn't you support them.

    We discuss the 'game' of the two party system and cover everything from race relations, gun policy, drug policy and social issues. Please join us for a compelling discussion.

       Shownotes @ Doublebad.net

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    Soul Empowerment Radio with Susan Zummo

    in Spirituality

    Susan Zummo is a highly motivated and qualified teacher of higher awareness. She is one of three nationally certified teachers of Perceptive Awareness Technique, Inc. (P.A.T.) and Soma Pi™ healing, an Integrated Awareness graduate and Intuitive Performance Coach. With over 25 years experience, Susan has been helping students connect with their Higher Mind through Intuitive Counseling sessions, P.A.T. seminars and healing workshops. Her teachings have helped her workshop attendees to reinforce their belief in self and their connection to a higher source.

    Indigo or Crystal child self assessment survey:



    Edgar Cayce's suggested guidance for Psychic Abilities in Children:


    Connie Newton's Website:  www.thedestinyoflight.com and www.perceptiveawareness.com

    Susan's website:  www.susanzummo.com





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    A Kind Voice on Books: Susan Coll & The Stager

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    Tonight's guest on A Kind Voice on Books is Washington DC based fiction author, Susan Coll. Her latest work is the novel called The Stager. The story is a layered narrative from a set of dysfunctional characters, set in a posh Bethesda, Maryland gated community. The Stager is a classic and funny portrait of fragile modern day egos, who are unsatisfied, know-it-alls - be they adults, 10 years old, or a rabbit! 


    Hosted by Jason Lawrence

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    F.L.U.I.D. 15 Starring Willie Aames, Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon

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    "High School resentments"

    F.L.U.I.D. is an innovative, first of its kind Iradio show,  starring Willie Aames, Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon.  It’s our hope that in the spirit of audio books, internet radio and all else you download, you’ll be able to enjoy voices you’ve loved for years in a whole new way. Exactly as they are, unfiltered.

    F.L.U.I.D. – Every Tuesday evening at 7PM PST and 10PM EST of WBAR NYC IRadio.

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    F.L.U.I.D. 15 Starring Willie Aames, Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon

    in Pop Culture


    F.L.U.I.D. is an innovative, first of its kind Iradio show,  starring Willie Aames, Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon.  It’s our hope that in the spirit of audio books, internet radio and all else you download, you’ll be able to enjoy voices you’ve loved for years in a whole new way. Exactly as they are, unfiltered.

    F.L.U.I.D. – Every Tuesday evening at 7PM PST and 10PM EST of WBAR NYC IRadio.

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    Ultimate Business Owner Radio Show - Beatty- Tony Arnold

    in Business

    In his interview with Steve Beatty. Tony discuss several of the concepts he uses with business owners to help them create a business that is valuable, sustainable and transferable.

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    La'Ticia Nicole Beatty - Founder Professional Divas, Inc

    in Radio

    La'Ticia Nicole Beatty a Detroit native may have begun her residency in North Carolina in 1992, with $15.00, four outfits and a dream at Livingstone College, but what could not be foreseen at the time was her evolution to become a business leader and philanthropist.  Beatty who is an executive director of a senior healthcare facility, is also an evangelist, author, motivational speaker and founder of the non-profit organization, Professional Divas, Inc.  In 2013, she describes a vision she had to feed 1,000 families from Durham, NC to other cities across the country during the Thanksgiving holiday. "The purpose of my Professional Divas organization is to provide our members with opportunities to serve others. When I expressed what I wanted to do, the word spread, and friends of mine in other states wanted to join in. We were able to provide food for 2,500 families, instead of the planned 1,000!" Now Beatty and her organization, along with friends in Springfield, MA-Ayanna Crawford; Atlanta, GA-Chandra Southern; Detroit, MI-Ronneshia Carter; Winston-Salem, NC-Keya Jemmeh; Raleigh, NC-Kim Sessoms; Greensboro, NC-Alana Allen; Washington, DC-Trevor Otts; Junctionville, KS-Tamica Jones; Charlotte, NC-RoCarol Manning; and in Colorado Springs, CO-Carbella Cheek, will join forces collectively on November 22, 2014 to provide food for families in need. "Each city joining in this effort with Professional Divas, Inc., has a leader. Here in Durham, NC, our focus will be on the Cornwallis Apartments, where we will be providing food for its 200 residents. In Detroit, MI the leader Ronneshia Granger will decide what area of the city that they will target, and likewise with our other partners," states Beatty.

    In order to fulfill its mission, Beatty has an Eventbrite site set up so that monetary donations can be made to the Thanksgiving "Feed 1,000 Families" event. 

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    Toltec Wisdom with Dr. Susan Gregg

    in Self Help

    Coach Cafe' is THE Self Empowerment Place to Meet where you get your 'Weekly Cup of Inspiration! 

    Join us Friday November 28th @ 11 am eastern as we welcome Dr. Susan Gregg! 

    Dr.Susan Gregg is the author of nine books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations, Dance of Power and the award winning Mastering the Toltec Way. Susan’s two most recent books are The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters and The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants.

    For the last two decades she has taught thousands of people how to be happy regardless of what is happening around them. Susan teaches people how to use their mind as a powerful tool to totally transform their experience of life. She believes it is our birthright to be happy and that magic and miracles are a natural part of everyday life. In her gentle, loving yet powerful way Susan empowers people to create a life filled with happiness, joy and ease.

    Visit Dr. Susan Gregg: www.susangregg.com

    Visit Coach Cafe': www.coachcaferadio.com

    Visit your hosts:

    Certified Master Life Coach

    Kathleen Martin, LOACC: www.kathleenmartincoaching.com

    Certified Master Life Coach

    Estra Roell, LOACC: www.americaslifepurposecoach.com

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    The Universal Tone by Carlos Santana, Quiet by Susan Cain & Best of 2014

    in Current Events

    Join Marie to discuss books, e-publishing, indie authors, independent best selling books, magazines, Second Life events and share original music and writing. What's on your reading list? What's your favorite book? Do you have a favorite author you can't get enough of? We welcome calls from listeners and want to hear from you. If you enjoy the segment, follow the show to get notices.


    Music by DJ Ben Castaneda

    Singer/Songwriter Offiong Bassey

    Singer/songwriter and poet, Offiong Bassey, is an exciting artist who draws upon the numerous influences that have touched her life. As the first generation from her Nigerian family born in the U.S., the soul, jazz, and gospel music of America reside within her just as comfortably as the musical traditions of West Africa. She brings to them her unique ear for harmonies and phrasing, her ground-shaking, power vocals, and her unmatched versatility to create music that is fresh, inspiring, and just plain fun.

    Her debut album, "Offiong Bassey" (released on her label Moonlit Media Group), is a nuanced, mosaic of songs that truly represent who she is as an artist – a genre-bending mix that includes Afro-Peruvian rhythms, funk, R&B and Nigerian Ekombi. The album debuted at #2 on the CMJ New World Music adds chart its first week in radio promotions and reached #4 on the Soultracks music chart.

    Book (s) Featured

    The Universal Tone by Carlos Santana

    Quiet by Susan Cain

    Collected Poems by Mark Strand, Winner of Pulitzer Prize

    Space between the Stars by Deborah Santana


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    4th Anniversary of The Frontier Beyond Fear: Susan Larison Danz

    in Spirituality

    In what has become a kind of Frontier Beyond Fear tradition, host Susan Larison Danz reflects about Unconditional Love in the 4th Anniversary broadcast of the program.  The Frontier Beyond Fear began very spontaneously, with no guests, on October 26, 2010.  Now reaching its 225th episode, the program has expanded significantly, welcoming wayshowers and listeners from all over the world.

    Enjoy this link to the very first show, entitled "Standing in the Empowerment of Love".

    Visit the web site FrontierBeyondFear.com to learn all about the show, and where contributions (energetic and otherwise!) are always accepted with the deepest of gratitude to support the show's preparation, maintenance and airtime costs. The Frontier Beyond Fear is a gift from the heart.

    Twitter: @bridgebldr

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/frontierbeyondfear and www.facebook.com/susan.larison.danz

    Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/bridgebldr/the-frontier-beyond-fear

    iTunes: frontier-beyond-fear-blog

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.


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    Ultimate Business Owner Radio Show- Beatty- Parker, Katz, Cronin

    in Business

    Steve Beatty interviews: Don Parker, Jerrold Katz, & Paul Cronin. 

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