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    Disabled Veteran Radio Searching For Rand Paul Supporters

    in Current Events

    In this one hour blog talk episode of Disabled Veteran Radio. I will try to reach out to Senator Rand Paul supporters to call into this live show from 11 30pm to 12am eastern time. I will utilize the callers in Tuesday Live Broadcast on WWPR 1490 AM in Bradenton, Florida from 4pm to 5pm live eastern time. Disabled Veteran Radio still need sponsorship or an organization to under write more broadcast for Disabled Veteran Radio http://billapgar.com Tonight I will discuss why I have not filled out my briefing for my rebuttal for retoractive pay through my case at The United States Court Of Appeals for Veterans Claims. I will discuss how The Veterans Administration still cooks the books. Your thoughts on Mr. Woodward from St. Petersburg , Florida who won the Pat Tilliman award and had good 20  minutes before Super Bowl Started. And it's Ground Hogs Day :)

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    Fulham Supporters Around The World

    in Soccer

    This episode is about the Fulham supporters, as they will be sharing their stories of being a fan of Fulham wherever they live.

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    Jackie Robinson West Still Our Champs! Supporters Fight To Restore The Title

    in Women

    The supporters of The Jackie Robinson West League Team are fighting for the return of the championship title, based on unfair behavior of the adults involved in seeking a means to disqualify the children based on boundaries unknown to the children or their parents. Issues of racial discrimination in funding of park district and school sports programs in African American communities have arisen. Chris Janes, Vice President of the Evergreen Park Athletic Association and coach of the Evergreen Park team that lost 43-2 to JRW, checked parents license plates, utility bills and voter registration records trying to find some type of impropriety. What's wrong with that behavior? What is it teaching our children regarding maturity, integrity, losing with grace and displaying good sportsmanship? Contrary to the public accusations, no boundaries were defined for the parents whose children played on the team. What should be done to restore the dignity and respect to the team, the parents and the coaches?

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    Investing In Client's, Supporters ,Friends Join Us to Learn About Who They Are!

    in Business

    Meet some of my clients,friends and supporters as they share with you about their products and services they are offering to the World.

    Juliet Lever - Relaunch My Life (From Australia) who has completely redesigned her life in the past 2 years. Was unhappily married, in a stressful high paying corporate job and addicted to chocolate and alcohol. Now she is living life by her design. A life coach, motivational speaker and retreat facilitator she is  passionate about connecting people to their soul and true purpose in life and being a living example of your life is what you make of it and you always have a choice in every moment.www.relaunchmylife.com.au  

    Want To Write A Book, But You’re Stuck?

    So many people say they’ve always wanted to write a book, but somehow it never happens. Why? They suffer from Someday Isle Syndrome – you know, they are waiting for that tropical, perfect paradise where their every dream comes true? 

    Michele Hall is a published author and former TV producer who runs The Get It Out Book Coaching Program specifically designed to help first time authors get their written, published and into the hands of readers. 

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    Tracey The Director on JOTU & GEMS!

    in Entertainment


    Award winning cinematographer, Tracey The Director. With his company, Kinship Works Production Company, in collaboration with Atlanta House of Shoots, Tracey works for major industry players including T.I., DJ Drama, Trey Songz and more. In addition, he has been hired for large productions including the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards and Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta.

    Tracey The Director has now partnered with National Best Selling Author, David Weaver, to turn his novels into 30 minute episodes. The new series will bring forth some of Atlanta's hottest talent, including Love and Hip Hop's Erika Pinkett. He can discuss his success in one year, the pros and cons of having celebrity clientele, and inform your supporters on how they can get involved in the new series.


     FB ~ Tracey The Director Fobbs

    InstaGram: TraceyTheDirector

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    Calling all Friends and supporters. I need your Help.

    in Entertainment

    I am preparing to run for the office of Senator from the State of Vermont next year. The existing Senator Bernie Saunders has his eye on the Presidency leaving an opening for me to jump in with your help. Join me in making our country stronger and safer.I need you to call on your friends in Vermont or even anyone in other states who know me to attest to my ability to work hard and do a good job.

    I can use your testamonials and help me with my spelling.

    Thank you

    Rick Lenchus


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    3/4/15 #16. Spiritual Supporters: Who's on Your Team on the Other Side?

    in Spirituality

    Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors and Animal Guides - let's talk about your spirit crew and how they came to be!


    Sarah Petruno, Shamana and Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium


    Spirit Consulting - Amanda

    Spring Cleaning Chakra Special - Sarah


    Learning to Trust Spiritual Experiences

    Starter's Guide to the Blog

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    Ultras Alive #168

    in Sports

    The Miami Fusion are BACK! That's right there's a new version of the Miami Fusion getting ready to play in the NPSL with the ambitions of going to NASL in 2016. Tonight we'll get all the details on this new incarnation of a classic team with Ferdi De Matthaies. Ferdi is a former New York Cosmo and will serve as Technical Director, Head Coach, and Executive Committee member. That's a lot of hats!

    Any questions about this new Miami Fusion? Join the show tonight at 9pm.

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    Miami Fútbol Club 001

    in Sports

    Miami Fútbol Club is back! Erik Overland and Ted Cikowski debate all the topics in World Football...we cover Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, Copa Liberatodores and everything in between...and we don't agree on anything. Live from Miami, Florida, call in live! On this episode we have Chris Allan joining us in studio, he is the founder of the Miami Arsenal Supporters Group. Call in (323) 927-1455 to talk to us live from Miami. 


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    Ultras Alive #167

    in Sports

    Writer Simon Evans joins us this week to talk about various soccer topics. Anything goes tonight! Have a topic of discussion or question? Call us tonight at 323-927-1455.

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    2/18/15 #14. What Do You Do About Non-supporters? Handling Naysayers

    in Spirituality

    There are those who support you and believe in your dreams. . . and then those who, well . . .we'll talk about them tonight!


    Light Attracts Dark Article

    How to Sense Energy

    What Other People Think

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