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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Fantastic Friday Call: Special Guest Steven Wright

    Steve's Bio: Steven Wright is a health engineer and author. After overcoming IBS, Acne and Asthma he started SCDlifestyle.com in 2009 with Jordan Reasoner to help people who struggled with health issues like him. Together they've sold over $7 Million worth of products online and helped 10,000s of people get healthier. Now he's focused on helping other health business owners reach and impact more lives through the practitionerliberationproject.com.

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    5:00 - Graduates

    5:45 - FDN course keeps improving

    7:00 - Post-grad support, need for a grad space with membership & case studies

    13:00 - “Any clients of your ever experience ravenous hunger while going through a parasite protocol? I’m usually not a fan of calorie counting but she’s requesting guidance since she feels her hunger hormones are out of whack.”

    20:30 - Would you give a 16 yr old Support Adrenals if she has Phase 3 adrenal dysfunction?

    25:00 - Relief care vs. corrective care and FDN

    29:00 - Brain body diagram, how FDN’s work

    30:00 - “MRT came out sensitive to milk. How much of a problem would it be to run the intestinal permeability test?”

    33:00 - Forming and impression versus clinical diagnosis

    37:50 - Immunolabs sub fraction food sensitivity testing, IgG

    39:00 - “ I started the Candida diet and cleanse 2 weeks ago, today I found out I have H Pylori. Do you think I can continue the Candida Diet/protocol and start the H Pylori protocol. I would love to do them together but not sure.”

    40:30 - Commission on ordering labs, PLP, how FDN’s charge for kits.

    44:00 - Medications, pharmaceuticals, getting off of meds safely “I am considering some potential clients that are using pharmaceuticals.  I know we can never tell a person to come off pharmaceuticals or change their dosing but I was under the impression there was to be some education or examples given on how to deal with clients that wish to come off their drugs, especially SSRIs. Do you have any experience with this or how do you handle conversations around the drugs or do you have a network of doctors you know that will titrate clients off. “

    52:00 - Caller, bovine adrenal if sensitive to beef on MRT

    55:00 - Julie from MA, re-testing hormones, interpreting re-tests, cortisol-cortisone-licorice root

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Practitioner Spotlight with Rick Gold

    Rick had a number of health challenges from a young age. Before starting the FDN Certification course, he was experiencing crippling abdominal pains, IBS, indigestion, heartburn, GERD, and a variety of year-round illness symptoms. Today, Rick is happy to report that he has achieved a 90% improvement and that FDN played a huge role in his health success. Rick notes that FDN helped him understand how his body works and how the protocols FDN recommends work to correct dysfunction. 

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Special Guest Dr. Bryan Walsh

    6:00  Being selective on who you work with

    13:00  Different types of practitioners

    16:00  Take an inventory of who you are as a practitioner.  You can't be all things to all people, but there is room for all types/styles of practitioner

    20:00  Fat Is Not Your Fault history.  Dr. Walsh's fitness background, lies of fitness industry, discovering weight loss with clients without exercise

    24:00  Healthy body = healthy body weight.  Diet and exercise will work better when other pathways are fixed.

    25:00  Good effort just wrong focus. High cortisol messing everything up.

    31:00  Reducing cortisol using phosphatidylserine, immune system connection

    32:00  Treating test results vs asking "why" / reasons for it

    36:00  Reed's one diagnosis: Metabolic Chaos.  General principles vs specific treatments

    42:00  Great vs mediocre practitioners ask "why" and not just raising or lowering something.

    45:00  Don't treat the test results; they are not the problem.

    46:00  Truth about Adrenal Fatigue.  Multiple physiological reasons for low cortisol.

    55:00  Fat Is Not Your Fault and Metabolic Fitness both great courses, good reviews, the course Dr. Walsh wished he had when he started

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    Support for Grieving Families

    in Parents

    Julie Hatch is a highly sought after family advocate and mentor, speaker and writer.  She is a contributing author for the book, "Warrioress Rising" - a book about women who have healed from sexual abuse, due to be released this summer.  She is the creator of an online YouTube show called Ollin TV, which will be launching August 3rd this summer. 

    Julie is an expert connector and considers connecting with others one of her greatest joys and pleasures.  Her passion of assisting others on a path of healing as a certified emotional health coach and alternative health fascilitator, is what ultimately gave birth to her business, Ollin Connections (www.OllinConnections.com). 

    Born and raised in Southern California, Julie and her family eventually planted roots in Northern Utah.  She is a mother of 2 young adults and one 8-yr-old daughter.  She has a background in Education and Energy Psychology.  She also homeschools her daughter.  She and her husband have been married for 9 years and have formed a blended family.  Julie understands the unique dynamics that are present in each family and loves to support parents in families in their divine roles as stewards of their children through her 2 support groups on Facebook:

    www.Facebook.com/groups/WholeheartedParentingKids (For parents of kids)

    www.Facebook.com/groups/WholeHeartedParenting (For parents of teens)

    You can stay connected with Julie in the "Divine Parenting with Julie Hatch" fan page:  www.Facebook.com/groups/DivineParentingFanPage

    In today's episode, Julie will be sharing ways parents can support children thorugh the grieving process. 


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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    10 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves with David J. Miller

    2:00  David's Intro

    14:00  Do I have enough in savings to withstand 3 months of no sales?

    23:00  Is it hard for me to save money?

    26:00  What happens to my financial plan if I can’t work for a few years?

    29:00  Am I taking advantage of all the legal ways to reduce my income tax today?

    34:00  Am I building assets that will provide tax-free income in the future?

    38:00  Is my Financial Advisor a broker or a fiduciary? ie does he get paid on commissions, or on a fee-basis?

    45:00  Do I have too much in cash? How much is too much, and what’s a better use for it?

    47:00  What happens to my family if I pass away prematurely?

    49:00  How much should I be saving for the long-term? What’s my “number’’?

    56:00 David's contact info

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    6:00  Promote and produce - 2 things all businesses have to do. 

    14:00  Caller - Low number of reactive foods on MRT and Rx.  Do an elimination diet and work on other areas

    25:00  Caller - Research on bedtime by 10pm recommendation - chinese medicine, observation, circadian rhythm and night-shift worker studies, www.howsleepworks.com

    30:00  Caller - Effects of breast implants on health, hormones, lymph

    39:00  Caller - filtering drinking water, Zero Water Filter

    45:00  Is the Genova IP test a doctor-diagnosable test?  Have the results been correlated with biopsies or otherwise confirmed to correctly show leaky gut or are the results mainly theoretical (i.e. if lactulose is high, leaky gut is should be present)?  I’m not a doctor and I know we don’t diagnose anyway, but I’m mainly asking more b/c I’m curious about how the labs go through validation.

    53:00  Selling packages - 5 labs vs 3 + 2 on occasion.  Diagnose and treat vs investigate and recommend

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Ask The Mentors

    3:30: Case Management Question re: female who has been taking BC for 20+ years and is committed to staying on them.

    15:00: Question re: Celiac client w/ significant dietary restrictions and food sensitivities who is in involuntary ketosis. How best to help her get out of a ketogenic state

    28:00: The use of DIM when clients are taking hormone supplementation

    33:30: MRT; avoidance of external application of MRT yellow and red foods. Also, guidelines for re-testing.

    39:45: Recommendation for effective non-toxic store bought or home-made deodorant

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    5:00 - Bridgit Danner's experience specializing in fertility


    9:00 - Infertility: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Effects on emotions and relationships.


    12:00 - Results take time, set realistic expectations


    16:00 - Infertility increasing.  Having babies later in life.


    19:00 - Ways FDN is really great at addressing fertility issues


    22:00 - What are some things we might overlook, as FDNs, when it comes to fertility? Developmental, anatomical, or structural issues, inflammation, age of client


    27:00 - What are some of your favorite foods for fertility?  Whole, high fat, lower carb, quality animal proteins, seeds and nuts, leafy greens, butter, gluten-free


    30:00 - Exercise for infertility.  Burst/high intensity for men to increase testosterone.  Women choose frequency over intensity, less sitting, watch too much running or crossfit


    32:00 - Stress reduction, acupuncture, massage, spa retreat/TLC


    33:00 - Supplements for infertility.


    36:00 -  What should new practitioners in the field of fertility know? Niche marketing


    38:00 - Caller: FDN + IVF


    44:00 - Caller: How FDN can help after failed IVF


    48:00 - Caller: Reasons for early menopause


    52:00 - Women's Wellness Summit, April 11th, 2016, 35 experts including Reed!

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    The Child Support Hustle Show

    in Family

    In this episode of The Child Support Hustle Show the discussion continues this week with Drew D and we will be joined by Kenya R. We will cover constitutionality and equal protection violations. We will talk about issues that affect everyone of us.

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    Child Support News: The Political Side!

    in Education

    This episode discusses the elements of politics that cover the issues going on in child support, using the Bradley Amendment. And, why those that go to jail for not being able to pay child support can't vote; this issue is not like those that go to jail for killing, stealing and child molesting, bonifide felons with long rap sheets that can't vote? Oh, I forgot it depends on your state...

    In politics, Hillary Clinton is running for President, how come no one is asking the questions about families going through child support? People killing themselves, women and kids in this area. Guess it don't matter, the earth is overpopulated anyway.

    When, while the Presidential race is going on, will anybody ask the million dollar question about having a "freeze"on child support, due to no jobs available for everyone paying child support, like what happened with the Mortgage Fraud issues, because of the economy.

    And, when will the question be asked, of what measures will be taken to demarcate the "Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act" to distinguish the difference a deadbeat Obligor and a decent Obligor? Every Obligor does not deserve to be punished...some are just decent disadvantaged non custodial parent obligors, that just don't know what they are in for when it comes to the system and the Child Support Enforcement Agencies (CSEA)

    How can we come up with solutions, when child support is political? Was it all about money and no sense?