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    Mindful Shift - A conversation with Jennifer Rowntree

    in Spirituality

    Today we are joined by Jennifer Rowntree.  I met Jennifer at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival just a few weeks ago.  She has been undergoing a similar journey into the self and come back out with an Awakened attitute -lol.  Jennifer has started a business in mushroom extracts called MykoGaia.  All around us nature is ready to provide us with all of the nutruits we need, we just have to chose the right ones.  Mushrooms have long been know to be healthy, but I did not know that the are a super food!  Using these suppliments can not only be helpful for your health, but for your mental health as well.  They have soothing qualities when you ingest them as a tablet or in tea.  As we reconnect with the earth, finding new ways to improve the quality of your life is part of the journey.  And I am learning some stuff about natures shrooms that I never knew.  Connecting with plants is vital as we reconnect with each other and the earth.  Only in stillness do these things start to make sense, and Jennifer has had that as her life experience now.  As she moves with the knowing of the unseen, it becomes seen.  Should be a very cool, out side of the normal show, tune in!

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    Some berries for your health

    in Food

    Today we'll talk about berries and spices that have been found to reduce inflammation and biofilm. Turns out that we'll soon be able to take suppliments of cherry or turmeric or ginger to reduce pain and inflammation. Not kidding. I'll bring to light a few studies that have found real relief or some relief in foods available to all of us.

    Cross Link Radio, health from the eye teeth on down. I’m here to help you understand some of the mysteries of health from the perspective of the oral health care provider, that’s me, Shirley Gutkowski. I’m a clinical dental hygienist. I’m in the prevention mode, helping you keep your health at its optimum.

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski

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    Home Front - Dr. Jason Hamed

    in Politics Conservative

    Who's job is it to make sure you are healthy?  How do you feel about the health insurance mandate? How involved does the government get with sexually transmitted diseases? In today's edition of Home Front, we get into the real questions surrounding how and why we take care of ourselves.  

    Today we have a very special guest, Dr. Jason Hamed.

    Dr. Hamed graduated from Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.) with degrees in physiology and chemistry. Dr. Hamed received his chiropractic training at Logan College in St. Louis.

    You will be inspired to hear from someone who believed your health is up to you, not the government.  Dr. Hamed tells us about how the FDA is doing a shake down on the natural suppliments people take to help themselves, while continuing to approve pharmaceudicals that can kill us.

    http://www.connectwithwellness.com/ or  http://www.wellnessconnection-ofallon.com/


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    Health and Wellness Thursday

    in Current Events

    Today we will tak about how to stay healthy, Mind, Body and Soul 

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    Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle

    in News

    This week, I interview Dr. Carolyn Dean , "Doctor of the Future"
    Live simulcast at ussamichigan.com
      CALL 347 677 0812  USA/CANADA   UK 001 347 677 0812 calls cost 5p a minute   Live Call In Show   

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    The Light of Truth "You Think You're Psychic. Now What?"

    in Spirituality

    The Last few shows have focused on recognizing your psychic sensativity. So now what? Today, we talk about learning to live with or work more efficiantly with your natural gifts of intuition. Release the fear and embrace the real you!
    Links from today's show,
    The YouTube Channel we spoke about for better & simple understanding,
    Gluten Free Cookbook and line of suppliments,
    The center I teach from in Sedona,
    It's Mystics gone wild!
    Truth Light has been in the New Age, Spiritual & Mystical fields for over 30 years. Finally away from the Bible belt where she grew up, she shines her light openly from the Sedona Az area. This is an "anything goes" take on life. See the world around you from a whole new perspective. Through the eyes of a modern day mystic.  
    Healing, provocative, insightful & fun!
    The goal of this show? To break the boundaries of conditioned thinking. Set your inner being free!
    Angelic realms, off world beings, other mystics and guests of interest, daily meditations & more as we shine The Light of Truth.

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    The Ethical Doctor

    in Health

    What role does Vit D have in cancer 
    What do you need to know about Vit D what can you do to protect your body 

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    "In Other Words"

    in Lifestyle

    Another "Best Of…"  This one wasn't a regularly scheduled show for me, I was filling in for someone else. On September 17, 2012, Dr. Marilyn Joyce, the Vitality Doctor, was in town and we recorded this live remote from her hotel lobby.  This amazing woman had been been wasting away from cancer and have finally been given only weeks to live.  She couldn't eat, she could only suck on ice cubes.  Someone gave her an ice cube made of cantalope juice, and that was the start of her astonishing recovery.
    Completely healthy a few months later, she - not surprisingly - became obsessed with nutrition.  She shares her story, and talks about the Tower Garden(tm), an incredibly efficient way to grow produce, as well as Juice Plus(tm), a line of fruit and vegetable suppliments.

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    in Business

    Coaches Desiree Savory and Joseph Petrie talk to Dr. Diana Levine about what to do with that hair in your brush.  Find out why you should have your hair analyzed. Dr. Levine will discuss the important information hidden in our hair.  Call in, listen and participate with us to get to the root of some of our problems we did not even know we had.

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    5nC Radio Wellness Wednesdays

    in Culture

    tonight show will be dealing with health aids, pills, vitamin suppliments ,which ones you should use and which ones are not as potent.

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    Nov 16, 2011

    in Lifestyle

    Topics include praying for relatives and for their salvation; Genesis 18 and Christophanies; rocket stove heaters; water barrels as heat sinks in greenhouses; Russian literature; man made in the image of God; initiating rebukes/confronting others in biblical matters; the Talmud; evangelism, and responses to people who try to evangelize you; Talmudic Judaism and the Jesuits; the fallen angels in chains; vitamins and suppliments; Esau weeping for his birthright; is there justice in Christ supposedly receiving the wrath for everone and then some receiving it also in hell; does God still speak to people in dreams; update on Mr. Bunker's milk cow and new calf; the giants in the Old Testament before the flood; and women braiding hair and ornamentation.

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