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    NABWIC TALKS with: Stacey Silvera of SEGAS Solutions & Office Express Supplies

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    Account executive and business owner with over 25 years of experience in providing excellent customer service in the area of office furniture and supplies. My greatest priority is to be the most responsive and attentive I can be to those who are a part of my universe and to encourage as many as I can to seek to be the same in their respective arenas. I am able to provide the greatest service to companies that desire personalized service without compromising the value proposition. 

    I am passionate about assisting others in pursuing their desires to be entrepreneurs and offer myself as a resource.

    Office Express is a full service office supply company that has operated in South Florida for over twenty five years. We always strive to exceed our customers' needs and provide fast and simple ordering. Let me be your single source for all your office supply, janitorial, breakroom, paper and toner supplies and office furniture. We do all the work so you don't have to! Check us out at www.xpressbuy.com!! We take care of our Customers so they can take care of their business!


    Contact info:  Phone (305) 753-2080/ Email: Stacey@expressbuy.com

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    Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment "The Prepared Canadian"

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    Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment
    The Prepared Canadian
    on American Preppers Radio!
    7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Here in Canada, we experience a wide range of dangerous weather related emergencies. Some of these weather conditions will give us a bit of a heads up, such as the case with Hurricane Arthur. Some will be a complete surprise with only a moment’s notice at best as with a tornado. Others will have some advance warning in the form of a “possibility” like with the flooding in Saskatchewan. This week I’ll discuss regular maintenance of supplies and equipment, as well as last minute checking to make sure everything is as up to snuff as possible by topping off supplies, running and testing power equipment, and checking your homes and properties for repairs or just plain battening down the hatches. Read More HERE!

    Visit the Prepared Canadian blog: Go Here!

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting

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    Spiritual School Supplies

    in Religion

    Greetings!  Join me, Doctor Dayciaa C. Smith, for a beneficial back-to-school episode of Divine Experience on Sunday, July 27, 2014 @ 3:00 p.m. CST.  I will give personal updates, talk about P.O.I.s for the week and share my shopping suggestion list of the top twelve bargain places for the impending school year.  Our featured topic is on having a "spiritual school supply kit."  Whether there's a fearful first-grader, a frantic freshman or a confident college student, this collection of divine principles and practices should be securely in tow wherever you go to foster wisdom, cultivate skills and talents, and most importantly to give glory to our Creator, Who is the Originator of all that is good, right and just.  Tune in; this is must-hear show for the upocming school days.

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    Common Sense Preparedness (Supplies)

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    USA Emergency Broadcasting Network Radio Show (Common Sense Preparedness)
    Come join Tim as we talk about supplies needed during an emergency.
    USAEBN Radio is a 24hour Preparedness radio network and can be listen to at www.usaebn.org. You can always download the show, for reviewing at a later time by clicking on the microphone on our website.
    In order to bring you the most professional radio talk shows about disaster preparedness and protecting your family during emergency, USA Emergency Broadcasting Network is opening up a 24hour internet radio station, which can be access by click the “ON-AIR” button on the www.usaebn.org website.
    A wise man prepares for the darkness, while a fool plays. Don’t get caught playing.
    Listen to USA Emergency Broadcasting Network – An American Readiness Program at www.usaebn.org
    Preparedness is as simple as A-B-C
    A – Always be informed by listening to USA Emergency Broadcasting Network
    B – Build a kit
    C – Create a Plan
    In order to save as many lives as we can please pass this information around, link to our site, whatever you need to do to share this information. USA Emergency Broadcasting Network’s Mission is to save lives, so teaming up together we can save lives.

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    Rodent Issues, Cranberries, and Medical Supplies!

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    Survival Medicine w/ Bones & Amy

    on American Preppers Radio!

    Sundays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt

    Live Listen and Chat go to:


    In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy of www.doomandbloom.net discuss the health benefits of cranberries, Dr. Bones talks about the medical issues related to rats and mice in good times or bad, and Nurse Amy continues her series on medical supplies! 

    Tags: Doom and Bloom, Alternative Medicine, Prepare, Self Reliance, Prepper Broadcasting Network, Medical Supplies

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    Disinfecting Water and Food Supplies, Pet Emergencies

    in Prepping

    This episode I will be talking about Survival basics for your pet, and disinfecting your water and food supply.  Contrapreppers on facebook as well as the Contra Radio Network on facebook.  Top Notch Instruction announces a 1 day, 2 hour course on active shooters.  Contact Top Notch Instruction. 

    Looking for a good Bible based church and you live in the Fox Lake, Illinois area?  Check out The Edge church located in downtown Fox Lake. Edge Church

    Safe Castle announces it's radiological water filter-listen for details.

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    Contain Craft Supplies

    in Self Help

    Scrapbooking. Stamping. Painting. Needlepoint. The number of different crafts you can do is lengthy. This means the amount of craft supplies you might have is endless. So how do you organize your craft supplies so that you know what you have and can access them when you need them? This show will address ways to organize your craft supplies so that you can get to your craft supplies and have a space in which to enjoy your craft.

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    Business & Legal Q&A LIVE 4/17/15

    in Legal

    On today's program we answer the following questions.

    Business Question: How Important is Branding for a Small Business?

    Legal Question: What is an Information Subpoena & Do I Have to Respond?

    A big thanks to today's sponsor: MDSupplies.com 
    If you are a medical professional, stop wasting money when you purchase medical supplies. Use MDSupplies.com with Direct Connect and buy directly from vendors to save up to 50% off your medical product needs.  

    For more info on today's show please visit www.utlradio.com



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    LIVE ON LOCATION @ the School Supplies Drive

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    That's right this weekend we will be enjoying the festivites of the School Supplies Drive hosted by Moriah Ministies there will be free food, face painting and live entertainement! So bring the whole family come get what supplies you or your child may need....Come join us at the school drive and have an awesome time if you are listening to "CrystanieDaJaRon Over the Airwaves" and comewhile listening in just say the password and you'll receive a free gift and If you are at the school drive or apart of it and talk on the show you will also receive a free gift ( only while supplies last) so be sure to listen 3:30-4pm and drive in 3-7pm this Saturday Meet & Greet even get a picture with Larry "The Voice" Walker and Myself, CrystanieDa-Ja'Ron
     for more info visit https://www.facebook.com/events/544166315620333/

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    Medical Supplies Pt 1,Keeping Calm!

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    Survival Medicine w/ Bones & Amy on American Preppers Radio! Sundays *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/ In this episode of The Survival Medicine Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, Nurse Amy talks about what medical supplies you should have in your storage (Part 1), Dr. Bones discusses habits of consistently calm people in stressful circumstances, and the devastating typhoon in the Phillipines. Tags: Doom and Bloom, Alternative Medicine, Prepare, Self Reliance, Prepper Broadcasting Network, Medical Supplies

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    Juice Yourself to Optimum Health

    in Health

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as she shares the fastest way to optimal health, "Juicing".

    Did you know that...Raw fresh juice not only provides hydration through the water in the vegetables and fruits, but fresh veggie juice also supplies vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals, which have amazing overall health properties.  Unlike dehydrating beverages like coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol, raw fresh juices hydrate you and supply your body with the fluids it needs from daily activities and exercise.

    Tune in and learn how you can lose weight, fight inflammation, get clearer skin and beautiful hair, and much much more, all from the benefits of juicing. 347-945-7433.

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