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    Jamiel Shaw II 17 Executed by an illegal #19-2015: LA County Supervisors & 287g

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    In 2008, Jamiel Shaw, II (17 yrs. young), was assassinated three doors from his home; by an illegal alien gangbanger from Mexico. The killer was negligently released from jail (prior gun charges), on March 1, 2008 and assassinated Jamiel the very next day on March 2, 2008.  Jamiel's Mother was serving in Iraq at the time.  She's still Serving in the Army.  The illegal alien killer was sentenced to death row in November, 2012. http://tinyurl.com/lwzn5rg

    On Tonight's broadcast, Jamiel Shaw will be talking about the Execution of his Son
    http://www.isupportjamielslaw.com/ & the Deportation of illegal alien gangs in the City/County of Los Angeles; The 287g program & the LA County Board of Supervisors Hearing on May 12, 2015; Elected officials aiding & abetting illegal aliens at the expense of American Citizens; LAPD; LASD; Plus much more!  If you can, tune in.


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    This installment of the EL MOORE JOURNAL will present a report and commentary on the recent decision by the Los Angeles County Board of supervisors to cancel the contract with federal immigration enforcement ICE agents. There were many citizens that are in opposition to this corrupt decision by the county government that did not get much exposure on network TV news. The Justice Channel was there to cover this public meeting. This is what you did not hear in the TV news.

    Video feature coming to the Justice Channel on YouTube soon: https://www.youtube.com/user/elmn2000?feature=watch

    Justice Channel Blog article on this subject coming soon : http://www.thejusticechannel.blogspot.com/

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    Jamiel Shaw II 17 Executed by an illegal #15-2015: 287g & LA Cnty Supervisors

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    In 2008, Jamiel Shaw the 2nd (17 yrs. young), was assassinated three doors from his home; by an illegal alien gangbanger from Mexico. The killer was negligently released from jail (prior gun charges), on March 1, 2008 and assassinated Jamiel the very next day on March 2, 2008.  Jamiel's Mother was serving in Iraq at the time.  She's still Serving in the Army.  The illegal alien killer was sentenced to death row in November, 2012.

    On Tonight's broadcast, Jamiel Shaw Sr., will talk about the Execution of his Son & the Deportation of illegal alien gangs http://www.isupportjamielslaw.com/ - tinyurl.com/ld4f26f; What is 287g? https://youtu.be/ct3YZu8jWv8; 287g Under Attack by illegal immigration supporters http://tinyurl.com/khoqxmy; Show your Support for 287g & Let your voice be heard http://www.lacounty.gov/government/supervisors; Plus much more.

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    Marjorie Farabee with latest update on threats to shoot wild burros in Arizona

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    Hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. and Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

    Our guest is MARJORIE FARABEE, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, the Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (home of TMR Rescue) and founder of Wild Burro Protection League. 

    For over a year, Marjorie has been investigating the situation at the Black Mountain HMA in Arizona, and alerted the public that the BLM, catering to developers of wind, gas, and agriculture, threatened to roundup many of the few remaining wild burros.  Recently, there has been an even bigger threat: the Mojave County Supervisors recklessly suggested selling hunting permits to shoot the wild burros.  Find out the latest details in this update.


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    "Race Relations: Being a Black Man in White America"

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    Whether it’s being targeted by overzealous, racist police officers, discriminatory supervisors in the workplace, ignorant "niggas" looking to rob/kill us in the streets, white women clutching their purses when passing by, or our ancestors being kidnapped, lynched and enslaved…Historically, black men have always had to work twice as hard to get just as far as other races. To hear a rebroadcast of our special on ""Being a BLACK Man in WHITE America", tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST by calling 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com. “Real Radio that Matters”.

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    County Supervisors, Boards and Commissions: Game Changers

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    Even before there were big- city mayors, elected county officials played vital roles in providing public safety, public health, public transportation, public assistance, etc. In California today, County Supervisors wield a considerable amount of influence. Who are some of the most notable county supervisors in California, today? 

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    Shenandoah Valley Happenings November 12th 2015

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    Do you know ways to help reduce the county budget. Ferdinand has some ideas. A newly re-elected candidate violated the 50' rule and was caught talking to voters at the roadside polling station. Why do we need to sign contracts for students we never had? Who will the next chairman of the board of Supervisors. It is that time of the year again. Yes those 501c3's come out of the wood work trying to separate you from your hard earned money. Who are the worst at what they do?

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    The Highest Office is the Closest Office to the People

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    Jane Dittmar currently serves as Chair of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. Albemarle County has 100,000 residents and a budget of just over a third of a billion dollars.

    Ms. Dittmar is a certified mediator and works for the Supreme Court of Virginia coordinating mediation programs with courts in the Central Virginia area for the Office of Dispute Resolution Services.

    Dittmar is also a principal in Positive Solutions Group, a private practice mediation firm.  Her practice areas include disputes involving real estate, construction and insurance based claims.  She trains new mediators and consults with organizations regarding conflict prevention and resolution.

    Her knowledge of business started when she launched her first business while still a student at the University of Virginia and her affinity and understanding of business continued during the nine years she served as President of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce from 1992-2000.

    Dittmar is a graduate of the University of Virginia and holds a degree in Economics. She also attended UVa Darden School’s Executive program and Virginia Tech, Center for Public Administration & Policy—Local Government Management.

    She and her husband have six children, four of whom are in college at this time.

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    Celebrating Rainbow Grocery: 40th years of promoting a healthy lifestyle

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    SAN FRANSCICO, CA: Rainbow Grocery, a San Francisco based cooperative, will kick-off a week of special in-store programs and activities in celebration of its 40th Anniversary starting Monday, October 26, 2015. To honor the store’s rich historic past, SF Supervisors, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, representatives from the Mayor’s office, Michael Funk, President of UNFI Natural Foods, and local celebrities will join with media personality Dr. Brenda Wade to honor the store at a press conference and reception, Monday, October 26, 2015 from 8 AM – 12 noon.

    In a changing San Francisco landscape where established and family owned stores are being overtaking by national chains, Rainbow continues offer products that are based on a holistic approach to living. Over the last four decades Rainbow grocery has ushered in natural eating habits which are uniquely identified with Bay Area and northern California lifestyles. From its beginnings, the store has emphasized natural whole grains, organic and locally grown produce, artisanal cheeses and supplements, and concepts based on holistic health.

    About Rainbow Grocery. Founded in 1975 by a spiritual community, Rainbow’s goal was to provide affordable, healthy whole foods to the people living in San Francisco and neighboring cities. Rainbow Grocery Cooperative grew quickly to become a secular concern that has grown into one the country’s largest worker owned and operated grocery businesses. With 240 workers and over 50 million dollars a year in sales, Rainbow is a unique worker-owned cooperative that continues to reflect San Francisco and its values.


  • 10/19/15 - Corruption in Reno,TX? Councilman, John Austin Basham Joins Program

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    After being elected, Coouncilman John Austin Basham, began looking into documents and files the city had and was trying to find many others that 'disappeared'. But more recently and the 'straw that broke the camels back' as it were was being approached by a sworn peace officer for the City of Reno with concerns about illegal activity. This officer told me he had recordings of this alleged illegal activity by city officials and supervisors. After much debate about what to do he gave me some recordings with what appears to be alleged illegal activity, abuse of office, and threats of job loss if they didn't fall in line. All this by city officials both sworn and elected. He gave this to me as an elected official because the management of the Police Department and the City 's Mayor are the ones on the tapes. Upon receiving the tapes, I asked for legal advice from the Reno city attorney regarding my duties in my capacity as a councilman. The city attorney refused to give me guidance or direction and instead notified those involved in the apparent illegal activity. (I will post that letter and my response later tonight or tomorrow). This was then followed up by a city employee (who was on the tape) calling select council members and telling them I was out of control (or worse - as was mentioned specifically about me on one of the tapes by the Mayor).  We will speak directly with Councilman Basham, after his meeting on Monday Night, and get his story on record.  

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    Discussion of Executive Excellence by Michael Benner on Revenue Chat with Tony D

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    In this episode of Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso, we welcome Michael Benner, a Personal Development Strategist to talk about Executive Excellence. What is that you ask? Well, it covers the attainment of skills such as stress management, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and the development of mindful self-awareness-(I like that).

    He attained his big dream when he turned 30 years old as he began hosting his own talk show at KABC-AM in Los Angeles with many big name guests of his own. His new goal is to see his next book, “Fearless Intelligence,” on the New York Times bestseller list. — And we all look forward to that!

    A graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. degree in Journalism and Television & Radio Management, Michael has been awarded lifetime certification as an Instructor of Communication Arts by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors. He currently teaches self-awareness at the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy through the Rancho Santiago Community College and has also taught at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA. 

    Michael has received formal accolades & awards from the United Nations Association, the California State Senate, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the American Red Cross, the Glendale Family YMCA, the Live and Learn Center, the National Leukemia Broadcast Council, and the Glendale Jaycees. His biography can be found in Marquis Who's Who in the West, 27th edition.

    All right, get ready for Michael to give us some insight into increasing our productivity by adjusting our mind set, and helping us achieve executive excellence.