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    Classic Mix

    in Rock Music

    On tonights episode of the CIMC Music Show, I'll be focusing on classic rock mixes. We have some great tunes lined up for you. We also have a special birthday announcement for Sally Anderson so call in and wish her a happy birthday. We'll be hearing music from groups such as Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and the Beatles just to name a few. 

    Tonights sponsors are ComStar Computers, Wutitdofamradio, Activists Unchained, RAS Aquatics, and Spot-a-Cop.

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    PMP: Telergy and Hypatia - history meets progrock

    in Spirituality

    ProRock composer and producer Robert McClung joins PMPChannel to talk about Telergy's newest epic musical adventure, Hypatia. Telergy is currently conducting an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the $4000 required to produce and press the album. Telergy's first epic musical release was Exodus followed by Legend of Goody Cole. Both fantastic tellings of their stories with music and spoken word. Hypatia is another project that takes a story from history and translates into progrock and voice acting, featuring a amazing array of talents: 

    Durga McBroom-Hudson (Pink Floyd, Blue Pearl)

    Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Toto, Supertramp)

    Oliver Wakeman (Yes)

    David Ragsdale (Kansas)

    Parker Lundgren (Queensryche)

    Anna Phoebe (Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchstra)

    Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

    Angus Clark (Kitaro, Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

    Bryan Hicks (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

    Corey Glover (Living Colour) 

    Mike LePond (Symphony X, Silent Assasins)

    Oliver Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian)

    Oliver Palotai (Kamelot)

    Blake Carpenter (The Minstrel’s Ghost, Corvus Stone)

    Mattan Klein (world renown jazz flutist)

    Mac Ritchey (Esthema)

    "The latest album from the progressive rock project, Telergy, tells the tragic tale of Hypatia of Alexandria. A legendary mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and teacher from ancient times who met a violent end in 415 AD."

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    Happiness is a choice/is rock music dead?

    in Comedy

    Supertramp is on a mission
    A mission of happiness
    He's trying to be happy no matter what
    He explains to james , Benjy and a skeptical Matt Ruby his plight.

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    Being Jewish Down South

    in Comedy

    Jeremy Pinsely is a good southern boy. Born in Tennessee and went to college in Georgia. He loves football and BBQ. All that's standard. Here's where it gets interesting........he's Jewish. Which led to some interesting exchanges from his friends growing up. He tells all to James, Benjy, and Supertramp (Aaron).

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    New York City Street Performer

    in Comedy

    NYC busker ST. Joins Supertramp, Benjy, and a running late James. They discuss How underrated Jewish food is, performing on the streets and opening for James Brown. All while a charging cell phone goes crazy throughout the recording.

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    Drunken Discovery Of Life

    in Comedy

    Benjy, Supertramp, and James have a general discussion with no boundaries that goes from love, to war, to comedy, to saving society. With wine, Jack Daniels, and Jameson flowing aplenty, it's a beautiful episode full of realness.

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    Is there Truth to Stereotypes?

    in Comedy

    To be honest we recorded this episode we don't know what really happens on it. It's a little all over the place but it has a big ending. Producer Becky makes her first appearance since episode one. She joins Maddog, Benjy and Supertramp in a discussion on if it's OK to think a certain race is nuts based on experiences.
    Now go listen.

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    Holly Stephey & Dick Wagner, “The Maestro of Rock,”“Rockers for St. Jude!

    in Music


     In one of the most memorable collaborations since “We Are the World,” the Rockers for St. Jude, a gathering of celebrated musicians from the history of rock ‘n’ roll, joined talents in Los Angeles to record “(I Could Change the World.)” Available now on digital download sites around the world, including iTunes, Amazon.com, and CDBaby, fifty cents from each download of the song will benefit the work of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® in finding cures for pediatric catastrophic diseases. The benefit song is written and produced by legendary lead guitarist and songwriter, Dick Wagner, “The Maestro of Rock,” (Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, KISS, and more). Wagner tells us, “There is more love in the human heart than can ever be given away. This song is about giving a small part of that endless supply in your heart.”Among the more than 50 Rockers performing are Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad)  Chicago founder Danny Seraphine on drums; Bass superstar Lee Sklar (James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, Dolly Parton, Jackson Brown); Fred Mandel  (Alice Cooper, Queen, Supertramp, Elton John); guitarists Elliot Easton (The Cars) and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson); and legendary Trini Lopez on lead vocals. The Rockers for St. Jude combined have sold hundreds of millions of records globally across the span of their careers.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHIgQkmXaWg#t=2

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    Scott Page - Sax Isn't HIS Only Game!

    in Entertainment

    Technologist, entrepreneur, musician and song writer. Most recognised as saxophonist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto. His current endeavor is to help the arts for the Upcoming IES Show in L.A.  We will delve deep into

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    CM Radio - Dec 18, 2013 - Author Martin Melhuish, Rykka & More

    in Music

    This will be our second last episode of 2013, so we're leading up to our "Year in Review" episode on Christmas Day in style with a very insightful interview with music author Martin Melhuish. His latest title is "Oh What A Feeling - A Vital History of Canadian Music, the Next Generation" and the title makes it clear what to expect. Melhuish has also written the offical biographies of acts like Bachman Turner Overdrive, Supertramp, and a whole slew of others. Whether you're feeling nostalgic or want to hear about some exciting emerging Canadian artists, be sure to tune in for our talk with Martin.

    We'll also have Swiss-Canadian singer Rykka on the show, fresh off of her 2013 Peak Performance Project win. We'll chat about her experience with the Project and a whole lot more.

    Finally, Montreal-via-Toronto artist Alan Snoddy, a former guitarist with Stars, has a brand new EP out called "Shot of Rhythm," which features a monster list of guest collaborators - members of Steve Earle and the Dukes, Blue Rodeo, Sam Roberts Band, Sloan, and Serena Ryder.

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    Musical Happy Hour

    in Music

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith – publishers of BigBlendMagazines.com, for Big Blend Radio’s HAPPY HOUR Variety Show, with this episode dedicated to Music. Featured Guests: - Rock/Soul musician Rolan Bolan will discuss his debut album “Electric Sunset”, recorded with renowned producer Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Great White, Kiss, Motley Crue). Nominated for a Hollywood Music In Media Award, Rolan is the son of late British glam-rock legend and T-Rex frontman Marc Bolan, and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Gloria Jones who is most noted for recording "Tainted Love.” - Guitarist Micha Schellhaas will discuss his new EP ‘Wings of Fire’ produced by guitarist Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) and also featuring: Chad Wackerman on Drums (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Albert Lee), Dave Marotta on Bass (BB King, Phil Collins), and Jim Cox on Hammond B3 Organ (Mark Knopfler, Willie Nelson). - Indie horror rocker Characula will discuss her debut album that was produced by Dito Godwin. Characula has been nominated for two Hollywood Music In Media Awards for her singles “Ready For Love” and “Mummy Dance”.

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