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    Nicole Schönemann, Access your Earth Angel Superpowers!

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    In this episode of the Divinely Intuitive™ Business Radio Show, Rev. Anne Presuel, Irreverent Rev, will be interviewing Nicole Schönemann, Ocean Angel Trauma Specialist and Earth Angel Leader.

    Angel Therapy Practitioner™, social worker and solution-focused therapist, Nicole Schönemann leads women to regain their power and “gift their lives with wings” after experiencing childhood trauma. As the founder of “Your place of power” – Earth Angel Recovery Island, she knows that the trauma often is our divine initiation in our healing and channeling abilities and aids people through using her clairsentience and empathy.

    Nicole will be talking about how you can access your Earth Angel superpowers, stand tall in your business and be the leader you came to be.

    Anne and Nicole will be taking your calls and questions, so call in!

    Nicole currently has her business based and focused in Germany, so her free gifts are in German: 2 live recorded channeled meditations for Earth Angels Loslassen & Urvertrauen/ Lebensfreude & Leichtigkeit. They can be downloaded here.

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    IEPs for You and Me

    in Parents

    Who owns the IEP process? Hear some insight from a special needs mom who's also a special education teacher. 

    Parents don't always realize how much work goes into an IEP, or how challenging it is for the teachers who write them.
    Teachers don't always appreciate how lost parents can feel through the whole process.
    Kids rarely get the full spectrum of services that will make for the most enriching educational experience possible. 

    Parents have to be the final driving force in the education of their child, because the only thing that will follow a child from pre-k to graduation is that IEP file and parental guidance.

    Be sure to check out the IEP Aide from Vestidd, which will guide you through the important information on that IEP, and will allow you to store all of that paperwork easily, so that you can be the driving force and let that IEP grow with your child. 

    Learn more at www.vestidd.com

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    Discovering Your Superpowers

    in Self Help

    You have superpowers. Really. You do! 
    Every single person has beautiful gifts to offer the world and you are no exception. Yet, you might not feel like you have superpowers...you may instead feel like Superman when he encounters kryptonite: powerless, stuck, and ordinary. 
    This week's show will help you remove energy that's keeping you from accessing and working with your superpowers. And we'll also do an exercise to help you find your unique superpowers. 
    At the end of the show I will take one or two callers for an intuitive reading to help them unmask their superpowers. 

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    The Gift of Gab! #Episode #42 Superpowers, Strengths, and Weaknesses

    in Lifestyle

    This month: Rest and Relaxation. Kids with small bladders in rush hour traffic. Learning from life on the fly. Do you have "Superpowers"? And when will you schedule your white space?

    Christine Pechstein is discussing strengths (she discovered many of hers through motherhood) and the need for creating white space in your life. Can you move at the speed of motherhood? Rely on intuition? Find solutions despite being stuck in gridlock traffic with a 3 year old and his full bladder? Are your strengths to juggle life also your weaknesses? Tune in and find out!

    The Gift of Gab is where you'll start your week off right!

    Christine Pechstein is a faith-based life coach specializing in life and stress management. She loves teaching people to persevere despite the set backs and challenges life will inevitably bring, and she isn't afraid to use an honest and transparent approach in her teaching. Be sure to listen in as she challenges you to live a life well managed, leave your stresses behind, PUSH past your obtacles, overcome your fears, live with passion as you take charge of your life, and talk about a variety of other things that require transparancy, guts, and of course, the gift of gab!

    She is the founder of Move Into Action, and is a Life and Stress Management Coach, Author, Speaker, Preacher, and body builder with a passion for building up the body of Christ.

    Got a life management question you'd like her to answer or a topic in mind? Contact her now!

    Learn about Christine's online Life Management journey now!

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    Greatest Matches #5: Flair-Funk-I quit-89; 4 Horsemen-Superpowers-War Games-87

    in Wrestling

    Two more classic matches:

    Four Horseman & JJ Dillon vs Road Warriors, Superpowers and Paul Ellering (war games 1987)
    Ric Flair vs terry Funk I Quit match (November, 1989 Clash of the Champions)

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    Dissecting Fear: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

    in Business

    Do you know the common denominator between perfectionism and procrastination? It’s Fear! Fear is an interesting core emotion that can drive us, but also holds us back at the same time. When we recognize it and understand it, we can use it, but when left uncontrolled, it is like Kryptonite, it weakens our ability to access our superpowers.

    On this show you will learn 


    1.     5 strategies to breakthrough fear.

    2.    The most powerful antidote to dissolve fear.

    Today's special guest is Sara Wegwitz. Sara is a Master Strategist and Performance Coach (think personal trainer for the mind).  She specializes in helping individuals and groups overcome barriers by mastering their mental fitness and optimizing their performance. She is the owner of Tailor Making Health and the creator of the popular series Mental Fitness Boot-camp©, Mental Fitness Master Class© and Mental Fitness Boot-camp for Athletes©.

    Her clients include high performing athletes and athletic teams; leaders and professionals in corporate organizations, government and non-profit sectors; and fire fighters. What she knows for certain, based on over 20 years of education and experience in health sciences, is that tiny tweaks to how you think lead to extraordinary results.

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    in Atheism

    im back in the fight people cause i had to.it seems like atheist are just giving up the fight,thats bullshit to me.i cant say there is no god,but i can say they cant prove he is real.they are the ones who believe in superpowers and shit,the burdens on them to prove their crap.our side shouldnt have to prove a negative,im done with that stuff.im gonna do something new on this show,im gonna read from the bible,and let you hear the bullshit yourself.

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    Print is Not Dead, It's Just More Colorful

    in Business

    On December 10 my guests will be Lani Doktori, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Colorfast, a full service printer doing traditional offset, digital, and large format printing, and Nancy A. Shenker, the exclusive digital consultant to Colorfast, handling social media, e-mail marketing, and web enhancements for the company and its clients.

    Lani counts among her clients large, mid-size and small for-profit corporations, as well as non-profits. Her clients currently include companies in the health and fitness industry, doctors and lawyers, public relations and advertising companies, artists, restaurants, media companies and manufacturing firms, to name a few.  She sits on the Board of Directors of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce heading up their Women’s Committee.

    Nancy, the founder and CEO of theONswitch, has developed and honed her superpowers as a marketing leader through decades of experience and innovation.  As one of the field’s most experienced, pragmatic, and thorough strategists, she considers herself a “dual citizen” of both the traditional marketing world and the ever-evolving digital planet. Although she was trained as a classic brand marketer, she is fluent in all manner of social media marketing.

    Nancy has held senior marketing positions at major brand companies.  She has helped businesses, both small and large, launch, re-brand, and flourish.  Her experience and expertise spans a wide range of industries, including retail, food, fashion, kids and education, health and wellness, packaged goods, real estate and shelter, marketing services, technology, service businesses, and the event industry.

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    #205 Farewell 2014 plus Chakra Attunement Meditation w/Marja West

    in Spirituality

    Waking Gods & Goddesses—

    Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life

    5 December 2014 2PM Pacific

    Farewell 2014—The Year of Abrupt Grace

    plus, Activate Your Chakra Superpowers:

    Attunement Meditation with Marja West

    Join us at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern as Hostess of the Highest, Marja West, leads us through a journey of honouring 2014 which she calls *The Year of Abrupt Grace.* Feel deeply into your direct experience of 2014, each one of us was gifted by Life ItSelf—something scary, rude, utterly painful, and beautiful all rolled up into one—a personal invitation to dive deeper into the abyss of our respective Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey into and through the dark underworld of preprogrammed mind-controlled existence. We've learned that applying “change” to the disturbing physical symptoms of our collective shared, aggregate reality does not change it whatsoever.

    We are being called to shift our collective aggregate reality by returning to the source of our personalised pain and suffering and erroneous belief in and subscription to Those Big Fat Lies as perpetuated by the powers-that-wanna-be through the media, government, war, hate, violence, and pop culture—one of which is: We are anything but Divine.

    Reclaim your Sovereignty. Marja will then lead us through a Chakra Attunement Meditation that assists us in activating, engaging, and embodying our Divine Superpowers encoded within each chakra.

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    Europe Targets U.S. Web Firms

    in News

    Europe escalates its war against U.S. technology superpowers, New Facebook rules could sting entrepreneurs, Two music publishers are suing Cox Communications over piracy. Hank Weisbecker reports.

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    "Your Superpowers" book review with Steve Gardner

    in Jobs

    Author and coach Steve Gardner joins Jennifer Armitstead to talk about his book "Your Superpowers" that is being launched on Amazon the same day as the interview.
    Call in with your questions during the live show at (917)932-1762.
    Date/Time: Tuesday, March 20th, 11am-11:30am PT

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