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    Ann-Marie Murrell from Politichicks.tv

    in Politics Conservative

    Ann-Marie Murrell, national director of editor-in-chief for Politichicks.tv, calls in to Liberty Drive to discuss women in politics, what's going on in Washington and all the fuss about her site's list of the hottest conservative Supermen in America. 

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    Man of Steel Review, WWE Payback Preview

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    6/15/13: On this special edition episode of The RCWR Show, Lee Sanders and the lovely Tammy are on location at the Rio Movie Theater to review the new Superman Movie: Man of Steel! Hear the final verdict on how this Warner Bros reboot faired to previous Supermen movies.
    Also a special preview of WWE's Payback pay per view as CM Punk makes his return to in-ring action for the first time since Wrestlemania 29!
    No B.S or no fluff, just honest  and insightful analysis!
    Programming Note: Catch our WWE Payback live Post Show at 10:45pm EDT or as soon as it goes off the air for full fallout!
    Our chat room and phone lines will be open as we want to hear from you!
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    Up, Up, and Away - Episode 3

    in Entertainment

         Siike & his super friend continue their daily countdown to the Man of Steel release with a new episode that covers Superman's Silver Age years.
         Xenoglyphs and Thaniel writer, Omar Spahi, reviews his favorite story in the Superman mythos, War of the Supermen, which features an amazing confrontation between Superman and General Zod.
         Siike talks about the Man of Steel Soundtrack, and Neil Kapit, writer, artist, and creator of the website, Ruby Nation, has a heart to heart with Siike about bullying, and how Superman taught him to stand up to bullies. 

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    SDG 78 His Promise of Power at the End of This Age

    in Spirituality

    Acts 2:1-4 You know many people are confused, anxious and even terrified about what’s coming down in America. We hear the talking heads cheer for The NWO with its global currency and one world religion and yet we feel helpless to do anything about it.
    Then there’s the threat from Russia and now North Korea about nuking America, over the political unrest all around the world. And on top of it all we have everything from these mega storms to meteors and now sink holes swallowing people in their beds as they sleep in Tampa!
    Now I suppose the greatest source of fear is not knowing what’s going to happen next, and so most people including many Christians are tempted to surrender to fatalism.  And I blame this on the mainstream media’s mind control programming of the masses.
    We must understand that the universe is currently in a great cosmic war. Eons ago Lucifer led a rebellion against God and Lucifer’s minion, fallen angels, literally landed on Earth. They are the supermen or gods of ancient lore who came from the stars with advanced technology, science and supernatural powers. And they built the great ancient  monuments and super-civilizations like Atlantis and  Lemuria.  Finally today much of this esoteric truth is being revealed to the us by messages like this, but  the Bible  alludes to this!  (Read Genesis 6:1-4 and the Book of Jude).
    Yet sadly most are ignorant of these facts and are victims of fatalism so they feel powerless in this crazy world full of radical change.    Do you?
    Well God has a promise of power for you in the midst of these crazy times at the end of this age. And it’s to be filled with the Holy Spirit yet sadly most aren't FILLED!
    So stay tuned because this message shows us how to be empowered by the gift of The Holy Spirit.

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    The Ace N Rome show

    in Entertainment

    Where we talk all things comics, Superheroes, Superhero movies and Superhero collectibles.  Today we discuss the documentary White scripts and black supermen as well as The Avengers, and the Spider Island comic book. 

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    Shelly NunChucks Show

    in Entertainment

    Dreams, love, life, inspiration, what makes you feel alive?
    Jackie Chan inspires me, in I dream of working with him, and you know nothing is impossible...you just have to work for it.
    Tonight bringing up once again, the fundraiser for Surprise, Surprise, with a very dear personal person, who I call brother, Crosby Tatum and the Triceptous Family
    I didn't ask anyone to be a guest, just showing love an support, and also..
    bringing up the fundraiser for the film I'm in Falcyyr....little did I dream, as a little girl, sitting in front of the tv, watching Wonder Woman, did I ever realize I would be playing a Wonder Woman in a film.....FALCYYR!!  the mastermind behind the film is Ahura Z. Diliza.
    Ahura Z. Diliza has another place in my heart, in which he is another brother of mine and I look up to him.
    If there were real Supermen in the world, I definately think Ahura would be one of them, minus the tights..

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    The Ace N Rome show

    in Entertainment

    Where we talk all things comics, Superheroes, Superhero movies and Superhero collectibles. Today we are joined by Dr. Johnathan Gayles producer, writer and director of White scripts and Black Supermen.  A fascinating documentary which devels into the depiction of black people in comics.

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    in Spirituality

    There is a secret so powerful that it has transformed anyone that has come in contact with it. It is this secret that we will discuss and thoroughly dissect its movement throughout time. Those who have applied the things we will speak of to full fruition have created legacies in our reality and have become known as Gods, Messiahs, Magicians, and Supermen.
    Join us June 17, 2012 on The 2012 Show for a expansive look at secret symbolism, its misinterpretations and true meaning. This will equip you with the tools necessary to continue to power up. Below you will a link to snippets of our storyline that we are making a full featured video.

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    State of Mentell Mondays

    in Education

    MENTELLECT  is not a personal philosophy,doctrine, religion, ancient or modern cult teaching. It is not remixed knowledge from the past with a new name. It is simply the reality of advanced new knowledge from on high, which we acknowledge as SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE from the supreme intellectual being AHMEN. It is his new communication with women and men  that are mentelly equipped to receive his advanced new spiritual knowledge, which is meant to expand and empower our minds  and bodies towards greater accomplishments. As MENTELLECTUALS we are constantly perfecting the knowledge of MENTELLECT in our lives,which means we live ,think and govern ourselves as the most high supreme god AHMEN would in physical form .  We have a clear & complete ultrastanding of the fact that many of our people are not mentelly equipped or physically ready for these new revelations and realizations that are meant to guide our people into the future,which is why they are still stuck in the past teachings of outdated books, religions and man made philosophies. They have falsely been lead to believe and have accepted that there is nothing that is mentelly, physically or intellectually new under the sun,which has now rendered them “mentelly dead” to the supreme intelligence of the most high god AHMEN’S true knowledge . Mentellect is future knowledge and higher thought for a new people that will evolve out of the old so called black race. We refer to these new people with this higher intellect of the living creator “AHMEN” that are coming together in this day and time as the 1% formation out of the 99% of those who are mentelly dead or spiritually unaware. We also refer to those 1% as the INTELLECTUAL messengers of AHMEN.  This will be the true race of SUPERMEN & SUPERWOMEN aka supermentell beings to come! THE TRULY ELECT ONES (144,000)

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    Six Degrees - The amazing three

    in Social Networking

    Call in and see just how connected you are to the amaxing Ken Miller, Derek Goss and Uncle Ray!