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    lately there been talk from sci-fi to do a show call krypton and they are going show what happen on the planet before it blew up. but there going way back in the story. before jor-el or kal-el were even born. so how far back are they going with this story. and when it does end are we going see kal_el ship take off to earth with jor-el watching his ship taking off. and is this going be a tie in with man of steel. now abc been talking about doing a supergirl show big question is she going have the true outfit on or the man of steel look one. cause there saying david goyer is behind both shows. he the one the brought us man of steel,bale batman movies and blade movies. but he also behind the new 52 comic books of dc comics. so we don't know where they are going with these shows. right now everything is up in the air. they haven't found someone yet to play supergirl. but call in and give us your thoughts on these shows coming from dc comics

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    supergirl 2015 tv show

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    on this week of the world finest where going talk about updates on the new supergirl tv that coming on this fall. where going talk about the villain,the outfit, and where they might go with the tv show. but the thing got me is the outfit almost looks like the man of steel look. but this is stage one of the outfit. plus i am wondering why cbs is picking this up and not why cw network. but let see how this turns out for cbs. cause fox is doing great with gotham and cw doing awesome with arrow and the flash so this might turn out good. cause it made by the same people who do arrow and the flash. i am willing give this show a chance.

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    julianne hough as supergirl

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    who here can see julianne hough as supergirl. i can when i first saw her in the movie rock of ages i thought to myself she could pull of supergirl. and the movie they should do to open the justice league movie is superman/batman:apocalypse where darkside wants kara for his army and superman batman wonder woman goes to his planet and save kara. and have henry cavill as superman for the movie. cause at one time when they did supergirl movie they wanted christopher reeve as superman with supergirl but never happen. so why not have julianne hough as supergirl and henry cavill as superman. i think she would be awesome as supergirl. her first role was the first harry potter movie as student at the school. then she went on to do a singing career and then she did dancing with the stars. then she went on doing footlose movie where she plays the preacher daughter. then she went do to rock of ages and she plays sherrie in the movie. so call in and give me your thoughts about her as supergirl and tell me if u can see her as girl of steel i can see it

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    NOTE NEW DAY & TIME: 5:00 pm CST, Sunday

    You want to get "all the poop" on syfy, fantasy, thriller, and horror series & movies currently out there? Well, you've come to the right place! James Iaccino, the soon-to-be regenerated Doctor #14 of Time & Space, discusses all shows that are fantastic- including this past week's FALLING SKIES Season 4 Finale; plus THE STRAIN, DOCTOR WHO, THE INTRUDERS, UNDER THE DOME, TEEN WOLF, and EXTANT.  And ARROW & SUPERGIRL News!  So tune in and be amazed by what you hear from Doctor #14! Rest assured, it will be way out- but fantastic and always awesome!

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    Helen Slater's career has encompassed motion pictures, television, music, and legitimate stage. Upon graduating from the famed High School of Performing Arts, her debut film performance in Supergirl, opposite Faye Dunaway and Peter O'Toole, won praise from the most cynical of critics and launched her performing career.  She went on to star in such films as The Legend of Billie Jean, Ruthless People, The Secret of My Success, City Slickers, Sticky Fingers, Lassie, No Way Back, The Steal, and Seeing Other People, among others.   Her credits also include the Fox original movie 12:01, Hallmark Hall of Fame's Best Friends for Life with Gena Rowlands, Toothless with Kirstie Alley and Lifetime’s The Good Mother.  She currently has two movies in postproduction, The Curse of Downer's Grove with Bela Heathcote and A Remarkable Life with Daphne Zuniga.   Helen has also found success in the theatre world. She co-founded the theatre group The Naked Angels, and was a member of the Actor's Movement Studio.    A singer and songwriter since her days at the High School of Performing Arts, Helen has performed at clubs and benefits in the Los Angles area. As an artist, Helen has also released four CDs of her own original music, including a unique children’s album about Greek mythology.

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    supergirl/justice league film

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    kara kent/supergirl has been around for years. she is superman cousin and has the same powers that superman has.and clark train her on how to use her powers. like the heat vision super breath or super hearing. and the flying and how to control the powers. but there been many stories on how supergirl came to us. and now with the new 52 they redid her story and made look like she doesn't care for the human race like she out of touch. the best story i seen with kara/supergirl was smallville. plus the 84 movie with helen slater. supergirl been around for years and she will never go away.
    now on to the justice league movie there been alot of talk on what been going on with the movie or what they want to do to the film. so far this is true that henry cavil is coming back as superman. and maybe ryan is coming back as green lantern. but who coming in as batman. so far the word is on the street is that joseph gordon is going be batman after the ending of the dark knight rises. it like wait a min. u are telling me he going suite up as batman for the movie does nolan have his hands on the justice league movie. i hope not if that the case then bring back bale. but who is going play wonder woman who going play martain manhunter flash all the other hero's also there saying with the new superman movie man of steel. that there going be a open to the justice league some how with the movie. there not saying what it is but man of steel is going be the start of justice league movie. i want see world finest movie first before justice league movie. but that will never happen have batman and superman on the same screen.

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    The Female Superhero Movie Dilemma Part II

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    In this episode special guest Landon join's us as we take on the Female Superhero Movie Dilemma!  We found the topic too big for just one show!  We will discuss the Supergirl movie, the Catwoman movie, and the Elektra movie!  We will also take turns pitching our ideas for a Wonder Woman movie!  The Female Superhero movie Dilemma!  What's wrong with female superhero movies and how to fix them!

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    The Female Superhero Movie Dilemma

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    Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Elektra, Catwoman, there is no shortage of female comic book characters.  Yet Hollywood has failed to give them the movies they deserve.  Join us on the Half Hour of Power with special guest Landon as we discuss the female superhero movie dilemma, why they fail and how to fix them.

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    SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 189 - Melissa Benoist Is Supergirl: CBS Pilot

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    Melissa Benoist got her break when she was cast as a female lead in the William McKinley High School storyline on Glee when most of the Fox dramedy’s original stars saw their characters either move to New York or leave the show.

    Based on the characters from DC Comics, the project, from Warner Bros. TV and studio-based Berlanti Prods., centers on Kara Zor-El (Benoist). Born on the planet Krypton, Kara Zor-El escaped amid its destruction years ago. Since arriving on Earth, she’s been hiding the powers she shares with her famous cousin, Superman. But now at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.

    Written by Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler, the project went through an extensive casting process, with several young actresses testing for the lead. Benoist had been consistently in the mix, first alongside Claire Holt and more recently considered along with Elizabeth Lail.

    Benoist, repped by UTA, Anonymous Content and Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein & Setz, has a supporting role in the feature Whiplash, which is nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. She will next be seen in the film The Longest Ride, opposite Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood.

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    Supergirl in Mos Galvatron &dinos in T4& Hollytardflake

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    Supergirl  in man of steel? New breaking Galvatron and Dinobots in. Transformers 4 after all! The comic accuracy and epic ness of  man of steel and the sad tard known as HollyTardFlake

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    New Grindhouse Mashup, Courtesy of Afronerd Radio Airs Saturday @6pm EST!

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    It's amazing that there's only 47 days, 20 hours and 40 minutes as we're draft this episode description until Avengers 2 hits the theaters, but who's counting?  Welcome to the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse Mashup where the worlds of geekdom/blerdom, politics and current events collide and more importantly, the "uncanny" Daryll B. sits in for the show's entirety. The topics scheduled to be atomized are: Playstation's Powers TV series hit the net and the ubiquitous game consoles last week and we give our impressions; our thoughts about DMG Entertainment purchasing the film rights to Valiant Comics' intellectual properties; just what is all the hoopla over the Apple watch and can anyone below the late Steve Jobs' pay grade afford it?;  a few geek incidentals to chop up (TV's Supergirl costume, Preacher casting, SHIELD, Arrow and Flash predictions, Fish Mooney exits Gotham, the Daredevil Kingpin centric trailer) ; Dburt plays devil's advocate (shocker!) regarding credit scores being used for screening job applicants; Chappie and Focus reviews; Univision host compares FLOTUS to a character in the Planet of the Apes (wow); in more #BlackLivesMatterOnlyWhenWhitesAreInvolved news-a young Oakland mother is gunned down while trying to shield her kids from gunfire and lastly, #BLACKBUFFOONERYTRUMPSWHITECRIMINALITY-Dburt notices that the NY Daily News provided a front page spread for a brutal Black girlfight in a Brooklyn McDonalds but the Mafisoso 55 kilo drug bust story was relegated to a small mention on page 10! (continue watching Empire at your own peril, folks).  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.   

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