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  • 01:43

    Superfriends 094 – Superfriends and The Superb Owl

    in Entertainment

    The NFL Creative Team DO NOT Present Superfriends 094 – Superfriends and The Superb Owl

    Superfriends has always been the most honest show in the history of podcasting and we will continue to do so on the 94th edition of Superfriends. On this spic-tacular, the host, voted having the best genitalia from 1998 to 2007, the Emperor Big D, will be once again joined by the Reptilian Chilean, Panic, as we discuss all of the major storylines of the 2010/2011 NFL season, brought to you by the highly secretive NFL Creative. Storylines that will be talked about include: The return of Tom Brady, the fall of Drew Brees and Peyton Manning, Jay Cutler’s heel turn, Michael Vick’s babyface turn, the obviously-staged Metronome collapse and MUCH MORE! Like we did last year, we expose them yet again. Then, we preview Superbowl 45 with the host of the NFL Football Fan Addict Show, Seth Drakin, and talk about the possible storylines coming out of the big Pittsburg vs. Green Bay game. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW! This is a MUST-LISTEN!

  • 01:37

    Superfriends 077 - Cowabunga Superfriends II

    in Movies

    Channel 3 News, Pork Rinds, and Vanilla Ice Present Superfriends 077 – Cowabunga Superfriends II

    If Turtles Week was not enough to fulfill your appetite for Turtle Soup – it shall CONTINUE on the September 29, 2010 episode of the Superfriends Variety Show will make your belly ache as we present Cowabunga Superfriends II! Back in our regular timeslot of 10PM Eastern Time, we will be rejoined by the lovable Mr. Eddie to review the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Trilogy from the early 90s. We talked about the show – now it’s time for the films. Emperor Big D will actually attempt to DEFEND the third Turtles movie as he takes a verbal beating from Mr. Eddie. Remember Vanilla Ice??
    If you miss a single episode of Superfriends – congratulations, you are a fool!

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    Superfriends 093 – The Second Annual Superfriends Awards

    in Entertainment

    The Dos Equis Guy Presents Superfriends 093 – The Second Annual Superfriends Awards

    The time has come once again. The only award show that actually means anything – The Superfriends Awards and on this edition, we present our second annual showcase of the biggest and brightest from 2010. Who will win the prestigious God of the Year award? Find out!

    When: 12-29-10 - Wednesday Night @ 10PM EST
    Where: http://www.superfriendsuniverse.com/chat

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    Superfriends 069 - Sexy Time With Superfriends!

    in Entertainment

    The third season of Superfriends rolls on with our the sixty-ninth episode – ooh la la! And yes, we’re going to do you fine folks a favor and help you out with your woman troubles, yet again. On this edition, legendary pick up artist, Mike Trojan, host of Mike Trojan’s Advanced Macking from SuperfriendsUniverse.com, will be joining us to discuss the Advanced Macking Manual, techniques for killing fear, approaching beautiful women, proper body language, and much more. You have to listen to this episode, not JUST to help you get laid, but to find true love as well! PLUS - AN UNPRECEDENTED EVENT MAY OCCUR. I AM NOT DIXIE CARTER AND THIS IS NOT BS! BE HERE!!!!

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    Superfriends 050 - The 1st Annual Superfriends Awards!

    in Entertainment

    One of the most anticipated episodes of Superfriends will indeed happen on January 20th, 2010 as we present Superfriends 050 - The 1st Annual Superfriends Awards. On this edition, we will be giving out the prestigious "Vogueys" to the absolute brightest, most shining starts as voted by a private vogue panel of the Superfriends community. Who will win God of the Year, Best Religious/Political Figure of 2009, or Best Feud? Tune in to find out. In addition to that, we will be previewing this year's WWE Royal Rumble match, plus we will call some VERY special guests (and I do mean VERY SPECIAL!)

    The categories and nominations can be read here: http://www.angrymarks.com/index.php?ArticleID=9292

    Who will win? Be there to find out!

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    Superfriends 080 – Brocktoberfest

    in Entertainment

    Kurt Angle’s Neck Presents Superfriends 080 - Brocktoberfest

    You can never ever say the Superfriends are selfish individuals as we are preparing to give away a prize on this edition of the Superfriends Variety Show. On this edition, Superfriends presents BROCKTOBERFEST, as the Lord and Master of the Superfriends Universe, Emperor Big D, will be joined by Logan Time Traveler, the host of World Championship Boxing and MMA Live, to preview the big UFC 121 card LIVE from Anaheim featuring Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez. But the main gimmick of this program is that it will house the Official Brocktoberfest Sweepstakes! The phone lines will be open ALL NIGHT: If you call in and correctly predict the winner, the round, and the way of victory of the Lesnar/Velasquez fight, you WILL win a free DVD courtesy of the Superfriends! Plus, call in and tell us your favorite Brock Lesnar pro wrestling match from OVW, WWE, or New Japan. So don’t be a geek and call in and win free stuff!

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    Superfriends 068 – Danniversario 2010

    in Entertainment

    Two years ago, Superfriends made a splash in the podcasting world. On 7-28, we present our two year anniversary show! We will celebrate two years of success as only your favorite Cuban can. On this edition, Panic will make his long awaited return to the Superfriends airwaves as we touch on numerous things, including but not limited to the Japanese TENGA masturbation tool, bizarre incest articles in Japan, sports, chicks, and much more. Do not miss a single episode!

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    Superfriends 053 - Failures and Football

    in Sports

    On this all-sports edition of Superfriends - we return with more of our super in-depth sports coverage. On this edition, we interview our second Olympian on the show about his time in the Special Olympics and the level of athleticism he had. Then in our main event topic, The Superfriends tackle not only Superbowl XLIV, but how terrible Blogtalkradio is as a service and why they are trash. Go to hell Blogtalk~! In addition - fun surprise returns on this Sportstastic edition of Superfriends~!

  • 01:58

    Superfriends 099 - Unbreakable

    in Entertainment

    Refridgerators with Keys, Pixie Sticks, and Handsome Gerbils present Superfriends 099 – Unbreakable

    It's the final stop before the 100th episode of Superfriends - Super Mania. It's Superfriends 099 - Unbreakable and on this edition, we go back to what brought us to the game ages ago - pro wrestling. The Emperor Big D, the creator of Superfriends, will be joined by his son, Chess Army, the host of Wrestling Roundup, the newest show of the Superfriends Universe, and formerly QCW Radio to talk pro wrestling. We'll talk Mania, we'll talk Rock, we'll talk ideas and storylines, and generally be an open lines show talking wrestling, so feel free to call in at 347-677-0873 and join us as we prepare for Super Mania!

  • 01:49

    Superfriends 100 - Super Mania

    in Entertainment

    SuperfriendsUniverse.com presents Superfriends 100 – Super Mania LIVE

    The time has come.

    It is the biggest radio extravaganza of ALLLLLL Time. On Wednesday, March 9, 2011, Superfriends 100 goes LIVE on the air in what is sure to be the biggest Superfriends in history: SUPER MANIA~! On this edition, the entire Vogue Crew is planned to make their return on the program and WE WILL be taking calls, so if you call in and get clowned, don’t be offended – that’s just the way it is. Plus, we’ll be making some very… he he… interesting calls to some very… he he… interesting people. In addition, we debut a brand new Bones collab w/ Milano, Headcase returns, Mr. Eddie hijinks, and a CRAPLOAD of surprises. You MUST join us live. Even if you live millions of miles away in another time zone, JOIN US LIVE. This is the show you do not want to miss. It’s a celebration!

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    Superfriends 091 – The Comeback

    in Entertainment

    Superfriends Universe Presents Superfriends 091 - The Comeback

    2010 will be remembered by hip hop heads as the year that Hip Hop came back, maybe not in terms of financial success, but there is little doubt to anybody paying attention that the artform is alive and well. The first Superfriends of 2011 is here as we present Superfriends 091 – The Comeback. The true Master of Ceremonies, the Emperor Big D, will be joined by his son Muslim Dave (Savant could not make it due to a family emergency) once again as well as yes… the grand return of HEADCASE as we discuss 2010 in hip hop; review the top albums of the year, talk about what worked and what didn’t, and what we can expect. Should be a fun, music-filled edition of the Superfriends!