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    SUPERBUG: The Fatal Menace of MRSA

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    You may have the sense that you've heard of MERSA...something people catch in the hospital. However, rather than an occasional occurrence, it is a global epidemic hiding in plain sight. It has swelled almost unnoticed for decades and now kills 19,000 Americans each year and sends another 7 million to the doctor or emergency room. Award-winning science and medical writer, Maryn McKenna, not only speaks of the gravity of the situation; but tells how we created the conditions that allowed MERSA to emerge, as well as sharing stories that reveal the harsh reality for some of those inflicted with this Superbug.

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    July 2014 Week #4 in Review: (Part 1: Magog & Middle East Troubles)

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    On this weekends edition of UNDERSTANDING THESE FINAL ENDTIMES WE ARE NOW LIVING IN, we cover over (15) different TOPICS OF BIBLE PROPHECY BEING FULFILLED IN THE WEEKLY WORLD NEWS EVENTS: Topic #1: Magog & Middle East Conflicts Getting Worse! Topic #2: Kings of the East spot lighting Japan! Topic #3: Fukushima Failures of Wormwood Waters with local Japanese Wild Monkeys testing positive for Radiation Exposure! Topic #4: Diseases & Pestilences with (10) MAJOR PLAGUES HITTING AMERICA RIGHT NOW; China gets Bubonic Plague and seals off area of 30,000 People; Superbug is Spreading; EBOLA death toll hits 660. Topic #5: Sodoms Sequel of being like the days of Lot with HIV Condoms and State Collections of LGBTQ data. Topic #6: Christian Persecutions in Iraq with the ongoing ISIS Crisis and the blowing up of Jonahs Tomb. Topic #7: MIRACLE FIRE FROM THE SKIES becoming more and more possible with M.I.R.A.C.L.E weapons using Laser Beams! Topic #8: Making the MARK OF THE BEAST by Motorolas Mallable Microchip Patch and the latest ROBOTICS news updates! Topic #9: Obama calling for His own version of the NEW WORLD ORDER and 1/3rd of Americans want Obama Impeached! Topic #10: Black Horseman of High Priced Products is riding hard with record Beef & Bacon prices! Also Seafood meats due to drought & diseases! Topic #11: Increasing Earthquakes worldwide with several 6.0+ Magnitudes in places such as Tonga, Russia, Japan, Fiji Islands, and WHY IS WALMART PLANNING FOR A MAJOR QUAKE ON THE NEW MADRID FAULT LINE? Topic #12: Sinkholes & Mysterious Craters happening in Siberia Russia! Topic #13: Whirlwind Storms of Nahum 1:3 with Typhoon Rammasun in Philippines, Vietnam and South China killing over 155 people in three countries! Topic #14: Hosea 4 Massive Wildlife Die-Offs with worldwide updates for week #4 July 2014 in Review! ... ALL THIS  WEEKLY NEWS LINKING UP WITH FASCINATING BIBLE PROPHECIES! JOIN LIVE SHOW!   

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    On this Part 2 edition, we pick it back up at Topic # 6 of FRANKEN FEATS with HUMAN SKIN BEING USED TO CREATE LAB-MADE MALE SPERM CELLS. Then we move to Topic #7 of NEW DISEASES & RISING PESTILENCES to chat about PEDv Pig Virus outbreak in the American Hog Belt; MERS virus comes into the USA; 100 FOOD POISONED @ Food Safety Seminar; SUPERBUG AntiBiotic resistance now worse than AIDS Epidemic; New MOSQUITO viruses coming out of the Caribbean... Topic #8 updates on SODOMS SEQUEL with all its SEXUAL PERVERSIONS. Topic #9 Zephaniah Prophecy of coming Global Economic Collapse. Topic #10 HUMACHINE AGE of CYBORGS, ROBOTS, DRONES, BIOMETRICS, BIONICS, and the BEAST MARK! BRAIN IMPLANTS from DARPA to erase & replace Human Memories! Topic #11 ABORTION agenda updates! ... ALL THIS AND MORE on this weekend edition of this Part 2 Episode! STAY INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW! Request a copy of each weekly Special Report from: nnylss2691@gmail.com    or call @ (423)-587-3576 LIVE SHOW TONITE! CALL IN AT ANY TIME!...  

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    APRIL/MAY 2014 WEEK 4.5 REVIEW (Part 1: Spring Tornadoes & Floods)

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    Here we are once again on another ASTONISHING WEEK OF FINAL ENDTIMES EVENTS with the start of SPRING TORNADOES & HISTORICAL FLOODINGS in the Southern US! We give you all the STATE-BY-STATE STATISTICS and some other fascinating TWISTER-RELATED FACTS, such as DOUBLE DISASTER PRONE CITIES that have experienced DOUBLE WHAMMY E5's and such, since the early 1900's. Then we talk about the HISTORIC FLASH FLOODINGS that came in, as the Tornadoes went out! Then we chat about a HUGE SINKHOLE in Baltimore! More concerns about VOLCANOE ACTIVITY, as Mt. Saint Helens is stirring again! New X1.4 Class Solar Flare releases and NASA discovers COLDEST STAR ever found, as NEW DISCOVERED STAR CLUSTER ejected from Glaxy M87 is headed toward earth at over 2 million miles per hour! Not expected to get hear for another few billion years or so! But what else is coming at us that we have not yet discovered? Something to think about. Then we talk about FRANKEN FEATS, as Human Skin now able to be used to create MALE SPERM CELLS. We also talk about the latest updates on NEW DISEASES & RISING PESTILENCES with more PEDv PIG VIRUS; MERS virus case now in USA; FOOD POISING of 100 People at FOOD SAFETY SEMINAR; SUPERBUG from Hospitals to Homes, now worse than AIDs epidemic; More MOSQUITO DISEASES are coming our way! Then we talk about the repeating TIMES OF LOT IN SODOM, aka, SODOM SEQUEL with all its SEXUAL PERVERSIONS. We also talk about COMING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE; the latest warnings of the HUMACHINE AGE of CYBORGS, ROBOTS, DRONES, and the MAKING OF THE BEAST MARK... Dont look now folks, but ERASING CHRISTIAN MEMORIES & REPLACING WITH AN EVIL MIND, are coming soon, with NEW BRAIN IMPLANTS! We also discuss this weeks updates on ABORTION agendas! More MAGOG & MIDDLE EAST updates! More KINGS OF THE EAST & ASIAN PIVOT updates! This weeks updates on HOSEA 4 MASS WILDLIFE DIE-OFFS! More occurences of BLOOD COLOR WATERS worldwide.  

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    APRIL 2014 WEEK 3 REVIEW (Part 2)(News-to-Use)

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    With all the MUNDANE STORIES that keep repeating on major media outlets, WHY NOT GET SOME ENDTIME NEWS TO USE in winning new souls to Christ?! This has been one of the most fantastic weeks of Bible Prophecy in over half a century! At 51 years old, I cant remember a time when there was so many COSMIC SIGNS OF CHRIST RETURN, than what has been seen in April 2014! We talked about all that on Part 1 and on todays episode, we picked it back up with TOPIC OF NEW DISEASES with MERS outbreak; YELLOW FEVER is back; 2000 Tubes of SARS virus are missing; EBOLA outbreak kills over 120; New Strain of EBOLA, not Zaire Strain; BABY PIG virus hits 93 farms in Michigan; More MUMPS & MEASLES in NYC; New MRSA Superbug in Brazil; Cat gives MENINGITIS to British Baby; Florida Orange Crop hit by CITRUS GREENING DISEASE. Then we discuss new FRANKEN FEATS of ARTIFICIAL BLOOD and CLONING STEM CELLS from Adult Males. Also look at latest updates on CYBORGS, ROBOTS, and TRENDS OF MAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST! More updates on BIG BROTHER TECH! Also latest updates on the UKRAINIAN CRISIS and CHINA'S ISLAND DISPUTES! More Fukushima Failures to report! This weeks stats on MASSIVE WILD LIFE DIE-OFFS of the ongoing Hosea 4 Prophecy! All this and more in our SPECIAL WEEKLY REPORT, if its not covered on Part 2... GET IN THE KNOW!... STAY INFORMED!.. Call in during last 15 minutes @ 11:45 EST.  

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    ENCORE EPISODE of April 2014 Week 3 Part 2 (News You Can Use!)

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    Special ENCORE EPISODE of EASTER APRIL 2014 Week 3 in Review Part 2. If you missed the LIVE SHOWS of Part 1 & 2, here's your chance to catch up on all the MAJOR NEWS THAT YOU CAN USE to help you win new souls for Christ in these Last Days! These special Encore episodes have been edited and enhanced with SOUND EFFECTS and MUSIC that makes them a wonderful HOME BIBLE STUDY TOOL for you to use inviting your friends & neighbors over for a SPRING PICNIC! Thats what we did over 20 years ago in the Mosheim Meetings in Greeneville, TN and its great way to spread the gospel message about ENDTIMES SIGNS OF CHRIST SOON RETURN! It is most certainly the kind of NEWS YOU CAN USE to wake up new souls for Christ in this 11th hour! So wake some people up with Topics such as RISING NEW PESTILENCES & DISEASES W/O CURES such as the EBOLA epidemic, MERS, SARS, and others! Wake 'em up with FRANKENSTEIN FEATS of ARTIFICIAL BLOOD, CLONED ADULT STEM CELLS, and such like! Wake 'em up with CYBORG IMPLANTS & BIOMETRICS leading to the MARK OF THE BEAST! Wake 'em up with KILLER ROBOTS, LETHAL DRONES, and other Tech Threats, such as BIG BROTHER SYSTEMS of ALL-SEEING SPYING EYES! Wake 'em up with MAGOG RUSSIA & ASIAN EASTERN KING CHINA news updates, as they relate to the future BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON... ALL THIS & MORE ON TODAYS SPECIAL ENHANCED & EDITED EDITION of April 2014 EASTER Week #3 in Review!!... 

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    ENCORE REVIEW of April Week #4 (Part 2)

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    Special Encore Episode of APRIL WEEK #4 REVIEW  with enhanced sound effects and edited content for your listening enjoyment. If you missed this past weekends 3 Part series of WEEKLY UPDATES then here's your chance to GET IN THE KNOW! STAY INFORMED EACH WEEK on such Topics as the COMING ECONOMIC CRISIS and the forewarned DEMISE OF THE DOLLAR; also the latest & most outrageous ABORTION NEWS UPDATES, as British Woman plans to get an ABORTION to earn a potential spot on the BIG BROTHER TV REALITY SHOW and Canadian-Aborted Babies sent to Oregon Incinerator to produce Electricity for the West Coast; Also 90% of US Corn crop comes from GMO Seeds developed in Hawaii and OHIO WOMAN finds "Bird Leg" in her Salad, as we talk about the latest FRANKEN FOODS and WITCHES BREWS for the final week of April; then we discuss the latest concerns about NEW DISEASES & PESTILENCES such as GIANT KILLER HORNET in France & Britian; New Strain of WEST AFRICAN EBOLA VIRUS has already killed over 135 people and has spread to Italy; Outbreaks of MUMPS & MEASLES; MERS virus infecting over 313 people with over 90 dead; Mosquito diseases like CHIKUNGUNYA, DENGUE, WEST NILE are spreading into America; MRSA SUPERBUG now being found in Homes; AIDS updates and other LGBT/Sexual Perversions discussed, as we are certainly living in the SEQUEL TO SODOM, like the Bible Days of Lot, being repeated all over again, in these Last Days... ALL THIS AND MORE on this Special Encore, Enhanced, Edited Edition!... Enjoy the Show Folks!...God Bless Us All...   

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Duck Dynasty Goes Wild as 500,000 people have signed a pettion to boycott AE TV if Phil Robertson is not put back on the show. Also the Apple I-Phone App has more hidden meanings and Pastor Paul Begley will be speaking to Larry Britt of West Virginia what else have we found? Also the roof of the London Apollo theater collapased injuring 88 people in London, England. Also half of the Chicken in America is infected with a "Superbug" bacteria resistant bacteria. Also Secret conspiracies of Mohammad Mursi and Al-Zawahiri are being uncovered in Egypt. Also Jordan warns Israel to stop watching the Temple Mount. Also the Earth Poles are shifting causeing extreme weather and this is prophecy of the bible in Isaiah. Also Egypt is re-writing their constitution because Christians were removed as citizens as the American government supported Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood was using the Arab Spring to create a "Muslim Revival" of terror. These events and much more and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    SuperHeros Meet The Most Dangerous Villain - "The SuperBug"

    in Entertainment

    SuperHeros Meet The Most Dangerous Villain -"The Super Bug"  on the next Brian The Hammer Show:
    -Sex just got to be the most dangerous game around
    -Infamous Serial Killers
    -Learn some valuable bikini lessons from the gals who have hit up every coast in the world -- the Kardashian-Jenner Sisters
    Anarckey Entertainment and the Brian The Hammer Show would like to thank the following Sponsors for their support:
    -Midway Market Place, Max Ivy
    -Author, Inspirational Speaker, Lonee Taylor
    -Evolution Magazine, Darnell Davis

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    November 2013 Week #4 in Review.. (Part 3) (T-Day Special)

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    November 2013 Week #4 in Review.. (Part 3) (T-Day Special)

    Franken Foods like UN suggesting WILD ANIMAL MILK be consumed.

    Future Frankenstein Facilties might make WILD ANIMAL HUMAN HYBRID ORGANS..

    Scientists now able to ERASE MEMORIES: could this be used to ERASE CHRISTIAN MEMORIES?

    Home DNA Test Kits by 23 and Me have been shut down by FDA, as unsafe products!..

    Drug-resistant Superbug epidemic and first case of H1N1 Bird Flu Virus found.

    Self-inflicted HIV Virus to get Welfare Benefits in Greece and other LGBTQ agendas.

    Could Black Mob Violence of Knock-Out Game be like VIOLENCE OF NOAHS TIMES?

    Worlds Largest FLOATING VESSEL the Freedom Vessel is now being proposed!

    All this and more on todays episode of Understanding Final Endtimes...No Call in Today..

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    "Life" Radio Show

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    A deadly superbug is reaping havoc on our nation as it takes toll
    of many as 190,000 lives a year. In an instant things
    can change from just cooking a great dinner in the kitchen to
    fighting for your life from a staph infection that came from cutting
    your finger. Many have never heard of the superbug, but
    when it happens story after story pop up and you realize that this
    is a serious issue that need to be addressed.
    This deadly bug attacks your animals as well and not much can
    be done if you do not know what to do. MRSA can spread
    jumping from humans to pets and then possibly reinfecting the
    pet owners. Is this dangerous? Very dangerous!
    How can you protect yourself from this? It has been told that it is
    as simple as washing your hands. So how do we keep safe?

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