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    2015 NFL Preview Podcast: Who's Going to Super Bowl 50?

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    After another crazy NFL offseason, the New England Patriots begin defense of its Super Bowl title. Who are the contenders behind them? Can the Seawhawks get back to the Super Bowl for the third straight season? Who are the teams that will take the next step? Plus, I'll tell you who I believe will make the biggest impact for their new teams, and my predictions of who will head to Santa Clara for Super Bowl 50. Join us at (347) 308-8219 to talk about pro football in 2015.

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    Super Bowl Week 2015: Prop Bets, Predictions; Seahawks, Patriots (01-29-15)

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    Part 3 of our 3 part Dave in the City Super Bowl Coverage:  On this edition we cover all the zany and unusual Super Bowl Prop Bets with Tom in Northern Virginia and Kevin on the Cape.   As usual we'll offer our usual predicitons plus the perennial Gatorade bath bet, mentions of deflate-gate, shots of Giesle in the stands, and other wacky game and non-game bets from Super Bowl XLIX.   Lastly, we will get predictions for the game itself including Dave's prediction for the game coming off an incorrect pick last year.  Can Dave start a new streak of correct Super Bowl predictions?   A final flourish to our year of DITCOW Super Bowl Coverage.

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    Road to the Snooper Bowl WEEK 2

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    Snoop Youth Football Week 1 in the books. Listen tonight and get the info on all the games from week 1 and hear about whats going down tomorrow. WEEK 2 Break Down. Lets Get it!

  • Nerd O'clock Cosplay Show Topic: Super Heroes & Otome Games

    in Pop Culture

    The Cosplayers of Prop Troopers (www.PropTroopers.com) UNITE to bring you.... 
    Nerd O'clock! 

    A Videocast where we talk about all topics including costume making, prop building, gaming, anime, movies, music, ALL WHILE IN COSPLAY COSTUMES! 
    Tonight's Topics: Super Heroes & Otome Games

    LIVE VideoCast every Sunday at 9pm EST at www.videocast.Proptroopers.com  

    Audio podcast posted after the show. 


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    Why Pete Carroll Made the Right Call in Super Bowl 49

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    It was a wild and wacky week 1 in the NFL.  The Core Show is going react to it all including the St. Louis Rams stuffing Marshawn Lynch on 4th and 1 to secure a victory against the Seattle Seahawks.  We'll look back at the Karma Bowl between Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston and explain why it wasn't a big surprise that Mariota took round 1 between the two most recent Heisman Trophy winners.  We'll analyze the Dallas Cowboys snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with a thrilling comeback against the New York Giants. Then, there's The Rex is Back Bowl in which Rex Ryan lead the Buffalo Bills to an upset over contending Indianapolis Colts  We'll also examine which injury is more devastating:  The Terrell Suggs Achilles heal injury or the Dez Bryant foot injury.  

    NFL week 2 preview including the Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers.  Could Seattle begin the season 0-2?  

    We'll pick the "Play You Didn't See Coming" Play of the Week along with the "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" Forgettable play of the week.  

    Melvin Kennedy of Mel SportsInvestments will come on the show to talk about his business and how it helps sports investors capitalize on the games.  We'll also convene a special panel from the LA RAMS vs St Louis Rams to discuss the latest developments in NFL2LA. 

     If you love football, there's nothing that should keep you from listening tonight or calling in live.   

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    Can The Packers Still Make It To The Super Bowl?

    in Sports

    Are the Packers still the favorite to win the Super Bowl? We will discuss it and breakdown their offseason and the Colts offseason. Plus Fantasy draft results are in and we will discuss them

  • super agent career enhancement

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    for new and stuck realtors. 

    or those thinking of a career in real estate


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    Join host Hollywood Rick Brutal and his co-host, Judgement J. Esquire, for The Unstoppable Super Show! Tuesday nights 10pm-midnight EST. Listen in as they discuss all things Wrestler Unstoppable and who knows what else they will talk about! you have to be there to find out! Don't miss the fun!
    Callers are always welcome! (646) 478-0073 Or, click the Skype button at the top of the chat page!


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    #139 Fireside Chat: New York Super Week, Live from the Exhibition!

    in Books

    In a tremendously exciting episode, the Hunger Games Fireside Chat will be broadcasting live from the Hunger Games Exhibition at Discovery Times Square, as part of New York Super Week. Host Adam Spunberg will be joined by Ariel Birdoff and Kim Denny-Ryder as on-site fans ask questions and take part in some Hunger Games trivia.

    See details for the event, which takes place Wednesday, Oct. 7 from 7:30-9:30 p.m., by clicking here! 

    Leave comments for us to discuss on the show and see the full episode info on our website, here!

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    Super Woman Super Fulfillment

    in Health

    Welcome to the Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.  I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healer and Somatic Body Psychotherapist, Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships Through Love, author of the book: Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me and the romantic novel, Love in the Blizzard of Life, and creator of Healing Through Love Seminars, Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Relationship System and the very popular 30 Day Love Challenge.

    This show is all about living your dreams, fulfilling your life purpose and creating and sustaining love and health and total well-being for the rest of your life, no matter what age you are right now. 

    Today I am speaking with Dr. Jaime Kulaga, a licensed mental health counselor, certified professional coach, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur.  A frequent mental health expert on TV, she has been featured on Forbes.com, Maria Shriver’s blog, and in Glamour, Self, and Prevention magazines.  Dr. Kulaga’s passion is to motivate others to live their best life.  Her book, The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment: Step-by-Step Strategies to Create Work-Life Balance and her SuperWoman workshops empower women to have fulfillment and happiness in their lives.   Visit MindfulRehab.com

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    The Superwoman's Guide to Super Fulfillment

    in Spirituality

     What woman today doesn’t feel over-worked, over-tired, stress-out and pushed to her limit? We all feel we aren’t DOING ENOUGH, we don’t have enough time and we are lost to ourselves, awash in commitments that never allow for our own moments of self-care, personal enjoyment and individual reward. As Dr. Jaime Kulaga puts it, we are on the Ferris Wheel that keeps us stuck going round and round.

    We may be a super woman, but not necessarily a SuperWoman, a woman who knows how to achieve balance between life and work and be personally fulfilled. 

    Join us for this episode of Catch Your Spirit as we talk with featured guest, Dr. Jamie Kulaga, PhD.   In her remarkable purse-sized handbook, Kulaga, a nationally known mental health expert, has distilled the step-by-step strategies to get there. The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment is the essential quick-start guide to getting your life back on track.

     Dr. Jaime Kulaga is a licensed mental health  counselor, certified professional coach, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. She is a frequent mental health expert on TV and has been featured on Forbes.com, on Maria Shriver's blog, and in Glamour,  Self, and Prevention magazines for her expertise in work-life balance and life fulfillment. 

    For more information, please visit:  www.MindfulRehab.com