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    Guest: Brigitte Daniel, Executive Vice President, Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.

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    Brigitte Daniel, Executive Vice President, Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.

    Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc. helps low income and underserved families that struggle with accessing and purchasing cable technology and broadband services so they can obtain affordable services available in the home.


    Brigitte Daniel is the Executive Vice President of Wilco Electronics Systems, Inc., an African-American privately owned cable operation. For over 30 years, Wilco has provided affordable cable and technology services to low income communities in Philadelphia. Brigitte is an appointed member of the FCC’s Federal Advisory Committee on Diversity in the Digital Age, a 2011 Eisenhower Fellow, and was recognized in 2014 as one of the “7 Brilliant Women in Tech” according to Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark.



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    Cincinnati Business Talk #229 Bill Stille, Sharp Business Systems

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    Cincinnati Business Talk highlights the positive side of Cincinnati area businesses. We will be talking to CEOs who have won awards, innovated with new products and services.

    Today's guest is Bill Stille, Branch Manager of Sharp Business Systems. Bill will share his perspectives and insights on current HOT business issues in the area of education and business systems.

    The show streamed live on Friday March 27th at 4 PM.  You can listen to the show directly at: http://tobtr.com/7337737

    You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes as a Podcast. You can add the podcast at:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

    You can add Cincy-Business-Talk as an RSS feed to your Outlook email program. The exact feed http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss


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    Integrated Marketing Principle - Because we own all our own systems!

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    Integrated Marketing Principle - Because we own all our own systems!

    With over 17 years of experience in Training and Systems, Network Leads has established itself as one of the top companies, offering a full-range of Network Marketing, Business Opportunity, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and Work From Home Marketing Packages with or without leads. 

    For more information go to: http://www.networkleads.com/imp

    PM Marketing allows you to leverage your marketing efforts to give you a competitive Edge and separate yourself and your business from everyone else. 

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    Get ready for the Glory and Greatness that is coming your way!

    in Motivation

    Greeting to all from Sunshine Brown!  I know I have shared with you my thoughts on, "A New You in a New Year"!  Now I want to drop some more knowledge on you. You can expect glory and greatness to be heading your way!  You have been through enough test and storms; but you need to know that, nothing can be compared to the Glory and Greatness that will be revealed in you!!


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    Experiential Learning Systems.

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss what type of company that "It's My House" is.........long story short.....IMH is an "Experiential Educational" company.  We use "experiential learning systems" to teach people do the following:

    Building houses without bank financing.
    How to eliminate your electric bill (light bill) by going solar.
    Eliminating the household water bill.
    Solving your own legal problems.

    Experiential Learning is how we learned our first language, learned how to walk, and many other things in life.

    Feel free to call in and offer your questions and comments.

    We shall also announce when we shall offering workshops and setting up "incubators" that will be available to anyone who wants to experience experiential education.

    Please listen to our Mobile Phone Radio Station: www.waterassetsradio.com

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    Paige McKenzie discusses THE HAUNTING OF SUNSHINE GIRL on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author and creator of the web series THE HAUNTING OF SUNSHINE GIRL Paige McKenzie to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her journey to creating the phenomena she has inspired and what she hopes readers of the book take away from it

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    The Sunshine Vitamin - An Inexpensive and Powerful Way to Optimize Your Health

    in Nutrition

    Last week, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, discussed the importance of Vitamin K in the body. He mentioned that Vitamin K was the essential sidekick to the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D. In fact, the two work in complete synergy and do not function optimally without one another. This week’s episode is wholly dedicated to the powerful Sunshine Vitamin - Vitamin D.

    Among other things, he will be covering questions such as:

    What are the best sources of Vitamin D?
    Why do I need it?
    What is the Recommended Daily Allowance, the dosage range and is that really enough?
    Do I Need a Vitamin D Supplement to Maintain Ideal Levels?
    What is the difference between D, D2 and D3?
    What are some common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency?
    What common prescription drugs deplete D?

    All this and much, much more!

    So put on your sunglasses and tune in for a shining 30 minutes with Dr. Budweiser.

    Meanwhile, check out our blog at www.weiserliving.com


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    Education Canaries: Can data rich systems predict and prevent failure?

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    One of the significant promises of big data in education is to predict and prevent student failure. Of course we want to see learners succeed and data can help us with that as well, however, catching students before they get lost or even drop out is essential. Some visionaries see technology as driving learning through increasingly intelligent prompts, assessments of learning, and directing learners to ever more complex and advanced concepts… all driven by models for learning driven by student generated data. More recently many educational leaders have a more holistic view of data and recognize that while we need to educate the whole child, we need to also look at information about the whole child to diagnose and address learning deficiencies and help students on a path where they can be successful. Beyond their inherent interest in helping children, educators and the institutions in which they work are being held accountable to show learner progress. In this show we will explore the many different kinds of data that can be used to monitor student progress, identify those who require assistance, and the systems that make sense of those data to support educators and parents in driving student success.

    Guests at the table:

    Barbara Clements,  Consultant at ESP Solutions Group
    Dan Ginsberg, VP Global Product Strategy at Pearson
    Bill Meade, Data Science Director at Neal Analytics

    To keep up to date, subscribe to the show at  edtabletalk.org

    Ideas for future show topics? Tweet us @edtabletalk.  

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    OVERCOMING- the book read by Monique Nubia Sunshine

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    Queen Afua has done it again! Her book SACRED WOMAN was very healing and gave us a journey to women's wellness, but OVERCOMING AN ANGRY VAGINA is specific and detailed in remedies for healing fibroids,vagina discharge,heavy bleeding and other problems that commonly affect woman that are in toxic relationships or have a toxic lifestyle. Vegetarian lifestyle, colon detoxing and detoxing from physically, emotionally and spiritually toxic relationships are discussed. She looks at how women are treated as indiviuals and how women are viewed on a global level that contributes to many "womb problems". Reading OVERCOMING AN ANGRY WOMB is down to earth, and reads like a conversation with a wise, gentle friend that tells you what you need to hear about being a woman in today's world. This book is not about being angry at men, but helps us to understand how poor relationships have shaped our views of ourselves and how to regain health and attract healthier relationships. A

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    Matt Sunshine - Using Lead Generation to Drive Revenue Generation

    in Management

    Sales tactics and strategies are changing rapidly based on several factors. Learn about how you can get “ahead of the curve” in this interview with Matt Sunshine, President of LeadG2.com 

    Questions addressed:

    What specific challenges is Inbound Marketing the solution for?

    What do business owners need to do to get started?

    How has sales changed in the last 20 years?

    Contact Info:

    Email Address mattsunshine@csscenter.com

    Website www.leadG2.com

    We upload new interviews and [...]

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    Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE

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    PART FIVE;  A Explanation For the Great Mystery The Creation Happens to be within. I wrote a book during Amen Period  in Preparation for the the Present Solar Cycle Journey. Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE


    The first four segments may still be posted at www.black-e-books.com. If not, and you'd like to read them, or any segment, make a donation into PayPal account at khalifah@khabooks.com - any amount will do to receive a particular segment. Of you want more than one, let the size of your donation speak for you and let me know what ones you'd like.

    In short, the first four segments introduced Melanin Science and gives some illustrations about what it happens to be. It also gives the names of some Brothers and Sisters who used it to make mighty contributions to the Complete Freedom of African people. Melanin Science is SCIENCE free of known distortions, falsehoods, errors, mistakes, whether they were incorporated into Science intentionally or unintentionally.

    We know of a fact that first Arabs, then their 'cousins,' Caucasians, weaved a bunch of lies and deceitful practices about African history. They did so to suit their own purposes: To enable them to Chattel Slave, Second-Class Citizenship and other forms of Oppression against African people, are the primary ones.

    We can imagine and strive to remove the

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