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    SunRail Transaction is Fraudulent and Must be Investigated

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    Our last hope to derail the SunRail / ScamRail transaction was lost when Governor Rick Scott caved into the pressures from the liberal, progressive GOP Spenders. 
    Governor Rick Scott failed to honor his promise AND he ignored the will of the people of Florida.
    But more importantly, SunRail (aka ScamRail) is a fraudulent transaction against the American people - especially Floridians. SunRail is the perfect example of the corrupt actions of those we elect to serve and protect the welfare of the people. SunRail is proof that the Republican party is just as reckless with the people's money and anti-American. They promote bigger government and pet projects.
    Americans must join together and challenge the fraudulent SunRail transaction.  Tonight American Statesman will share our plans and request your participation in this effort. We must not stand-by and allow this to continue unchallenged. Americans must stand-up and be counted.

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    Truth about OOCEA and New Tax for SunRail - ScamRail

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    Florida Transportation - A massive scam against the people of Florida.
    It is time to ask Governor Rick Scott  850-488-7146 .
    Who will pay for SunRail aka ScamRail? 
    Answer:  A new tax for Floridians. We voted no to ScamRail because it cost too much and does to little. We cannot afford it! Now they expect us to pay for it.
    Truth about the OOCEA
    The Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA) is one of the most corrupt state agencies in Florida. The OOCEA is the perfect example of how government has failed the people.  It is time to ask Governor Rick Scott why this allowed to continue.  Call Gov. Scott 850-488-7146 . 
    Mike Snyder retires - that is a good thing.
    FL Representative Stephen Precourt being considered to replace Snyder - is this a good thing?  The Representative has been invited to share his thoughts on this.
    The sext OOCEA Board Meeting is Monday, November 14, 10:00 am, 4974 Orl Tower Rd, Orlando, FL 32807.
    Maybe Florida taxpayers need to have a non-violent  "Occupy OOCEA - FDOT TEA Party"?  We will talk about it.

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    NABWIC Talks with Rail Expert Laini Schultz of Archer Western Construction

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    Ms. Schultz is a Project Manager for Archer Western Construction LLC. She has been there for the past eight years working most recently on  SunRail Station Finishes 1 project in Orlando Florida. She has over 14 years working in the construction industry beginning her career at the JFK Airtrain Automated People Mover (APM) in NY, Atlanta Airport SkyTrain APM.  She has also worked on several NYCT Subway Station and Overhead Sign replacement on the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens NY. She has her undergrad and post graduate degrees of Civil Engineering & Construction Management from the former Brooklyn Polytechnic University, now NYU Polytechnic University.


    Ms. Schultz was born in Guyana, South America and as believes it is imperative that we never forget where we come from and return to mentor and set a bar for those who will follow in our footsteps.


    She doesn’t understand the concept of free time and is Vice President & Fundraising Chairperson for the Guyanese Association of Central Florida, and  Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and the planning Committee for Caribbean American Heritage Month Festival  Orlando. She is also an active volunteer with her company spear heading exercises such as  Rebuilding Together Orlando for past 3 years and securing donations to the Boys & Girls Club, school baseball teams, firefighters funds, SOS scholarships.

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    De-Rail Florida's SunRail

    in Politics Conservative

    Special Guest Beth Dillaha, Former Winter Park, FL Commissioner Monday 27 June 4pm Eastern will discuss "Florida's SunRail Is Big Government Spending That We Can’t Afford and If It Passes in Florida, This Boondoggle Will Be Coming To A City Near You"

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    NABWIC Talks Radio - Rail Expert Lani Schultz

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    NABWIC Talks Radio talks with Rail Expert Lani Schultz

    Lani Schultz, Assistant Project Manager on the Sunrail Project for Archer Western Construction Contraction.

    Rail in Florida:

    Sun Rail, in Orange County, Orlando Florida (Phase I and II)

    All Aboard Rail

    Florida East Coast Rail

    Stations, bridges, builders

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    NABWIC Talks Radio- Lani Schultz Archer Western Construction

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    NABWIC Talks Radio talks with Rail Expert Lani Schultz
    Lani Schultz, Assistant Project Manager on the Sunrail Project for Archer Western Construction Contraction.
    Rail in Florida: 
    Sun Rail, in Orange County, Orlando Florida (Phase I and II)
    All Aboard Rail
    Florida East Coast Rail
    Stations, bridges, builders

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    Christopher Kennedy NPA for FL House District 27 and Matt Falconer's Lawsuit to Block SunRail

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    Christopher Kennedy No Party Affiliate Candidate will be our guests on “American Statesman”
    Christopher Kennedy – No Party Affiliate Candidate for Florida House – District 27
    “It is Time for Common sense!!!” “Resident of District for over 30 years, Small Business Owner, Beholds to the Constitution, NOT a Lawyer, Pressures for TAX reform, Stands for a Sound U.S. Dollar, Fights to Lockdown Social Security, Balance the Budget, Holds government accountable to their promises.” Learn more about Christopher Kennedy by visiting his website http://www.christopherkennedy.us/
    Matt Falconer will be our guest on American Statesman. Matt Falconer filed a lawsuit against the State of Florida to block the unfunded, overpriced, unwanted High Speed ObamaRail and Central Florida SunRail (aka ScamRail). Matt will give us an update on the lawsuit and share the facts about how much "ScamRail" is really going to cost. Voters should take a close look at those that support wasting billions and billions of tax dollars for a major pork project. DO NOT BE SURPRISED.....LOTS OF RINO REPUBLICANS SUPPORT THIS CSX PORK PROJECT. Congressman John Mica, Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, Daniel Webster, Teresa Jacobs. These RINOs all support increasing government jobs and wasting OUR tax dollars. This is the FL RINO factory!

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    U.S. Representative Sandy Adams Opposes I-4 Toll Taxes

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    U.S. Representative Sandy Adams (FL-R) Opposes I-4 Toll Taxes Sandy Adams' career includes being a member of the U.S. Air Force, an Orange County Deputy Sheriff, FL State Representative and a current Member of Congress. Sandy Adams was elected to Congress in 2010 as a TEA Party candidate that believes in smaller government and lower taxes.
    Sandy Adams vs. John Mica Due to recent redistricting, Congresswoman Sandy Adams and Congressman John Mica are seeking the same House seat in the 2012 election. While Sandy Adams and John Mica are both Republicans, it should be noted that they have very different positions on growing the size of government, the meaning of fiscal accountability and the definition of a tax increase.   Sandy Adams Opposes I-4 Toll Taxes – John Mica embraces them after he opposed them. Sandy Adams Opposes Funding SunRail – John Mica embraces wasting billions of tax dollars on SunRail (aka CSX ScamRail) Sandy Adams is a TEA Party Candidate – John Mica is part of the Status-Quo DC Establishment Sandy Adams wants to change the culture of DC – John Mica is a 20 year fossil of the DC Culture of Corruption Sandy Adams voted for H.R. 34 – Ryan Budget – John Mica lies to the public to try to discredit Sandy Adams Sandy Adams is focused on reducing wasteful spending – John Mica’s motto is “It is my job to bring home the bacon” American Statesman BTR does not endorse any candidate. American Statesman BTR is about electing Statesman/Stateswoman and evicting career politicians that game the system for their own benefit to the detriment of the American people.  American Statesman BTR continues to believe we cannot afford 2 more years of John Mica.

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    Constitutional Powers - Florida RINO Alert - TEA Party Alert

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    Florida RINO Alert - Do NOT Re-elect RINO Andy Gardiner RINOism at its best....The very liberal progressives Andy Gardiner (aka RINO) and Mayor Buddy Dyer (D) are working together to expand/increase/grow the role of Central Florida Government AND increase taxes.  TEA Partiers and Conservatives should be outraged that a RINO like Andy Gardiner is the "Majority Leader of the FL Senate".  Florida GOPers  have a RINO for Senate Majority Leader!  How anti-TEA Party can it get??   Learn More and take action http://www.myfoxorlando.com/dpp/news/local/032112-is-sunrail-tax-coming?CMP=201203_emailshare   Link to FL Legislative Branches: http://www.myflorida.com/taxonomy/government/   GOPers should contact the "Republican Party of Florida" and demand all RINOs be fired in 2012. Here is their link http://rpof.org/contact-us/rpof-contact-information/  Phone 850-222-7920, Fax 850-681-0184 What are the Constitutional Powers of Congress? We will take a closer look at the powers of Congress as authorized under our Constitution. How many ways to they violate these powers every day and what are "We the People" going to do about it?

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    The Brushfire Hour with Bradley Rees

    in Politics Conservative

    Spreading the brushfires of liberty by bringing you stories from the current movement that will inspire, motivate, and help YOU keep the momentum going.

    Tonight Bradley spends an hour with Congressional candidate Michael Yost, who is vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Rep. Corrine Brown in FL-03.

    We cover a variety of topics, including Health Care Reform, SunRail, returning to a nation of citizen legislators, and the FairTax (he's currently holding a FairTax TaxDay MoneyBomb event, so please chip in).
    Visit Mike's website at http://YostForCongress.com, and find him on Twitter and FaceBook, as well.

    Also, listen at the bottom of the hour for the Brushfire Hour premiere of Billy Bones' conservative anthem, "Freedom."

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    Transportation Update and The American Melt-down - Are You Ready?

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    Transportation Update
    We will have a quick update on transportation – So-called “conservatives” pushing to waste billions of tax dollars on Rail Transit projects. Yep. Congressman John Mica – FL-R did not get the message in November. He is trying to push through SunRail during the lamb duck session because he thinks we aren’t looking.========================================
    The American Meltdown – The Crash of the American Monetary System
    Watch this video http://www.stansberryresearch.com/pro/1011PSIENDVD/LPSILC24/PR Glenn Beck is not alone in his prediction of the crisis facing America.

    American Statesman is suggesting to thoughtfully begin a plan to have access or on-hand supplies of basic food, medical and perhaps water. If a crisis hit, say access to fuel etc, one would have the means to tough it out for a short period of time. If you think about it for a moment, access to fuel to run our automobiles would limit travel etc. If history is any guide, it is possible we are witnessing the beginning of serious financial melt-down. Ask yourself if you are prepared. All of this is a private decision that will give you some peace of mind if things become acute socially.

    We will review some of the facts:

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the Stock Market has followed a path eerily similar to 1937, which led to the crash of 1938.

    - We are currently in the denial syndrome phase of financial crisis.
    - Perhaps the most significant economic change of the second-half of the twentieth century was instant prosperity in the form of credit.
    - The U.S. is now the world's largest debtor nation.
    - Closed meeting between Russia, China, France and Japan have reportedly taken place to discuss replacing U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency.
    - With the U.S. Debt higher than out annual budget, we are basically broke.
    - Once the U.S. dollar is replaced by a new global currency, hyper-inflation will likely hit the U.S.