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    Interview with Dean Liprini - Wisdom of the Ancients of South Africa

    in Spirituality

    Dean Liprini, the re-discoverer of the sunpath phenomenon, has spent 18 years researching sacred sites at the Southern Tip of Africa. He compiled a thesis and his recently published Book and DVD: "Pathways of the Sun" bringing together many fields of enquiry: archaeology, astronomy, geology and mythology - to mention but a few. He has also researched the metaphysical aspects; the earth energies and healing potential of these sacred sites. His passion is to take people to visit sacred sites and create opportunities for them to really connect and experience these Sacred places in an authentic and meaningful way. He continues to uphold the Wisdom of the Ancients and Honor the Indigenous Peoples their Spiritual and healing practices and way of life...he works closely with the Indigenous Shamans and Healers, especially the South African High Sanusi healer and seer...Baba Credo Mutwa. Dean arranges donations for displaced bushman communities and encourages them to continue as much as possible with their traditional ways and craft. Dean is a geomancer and works closely with the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Energies of All Nature that enshrine and surrounds Us. He actively networks Globally by giving Talks, Presentations and Workshops...he has been interviewed on South African and USA Television and appeared in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. His Mission: To help Re-Awaken aspects of our Ancient Consciousness, Physical/Emotional and Spiritual. The Inherent Sacred Tools that he believes are especially needed Now, as we pave our way and co-create our future! Dean also facilitates The Sacred Art of Dowsing and Divining Workshop. For Details on Dean’s Talks or Workshops in Chicago 27th to the 31st call local contact Marta martathomas@comcast.net 773-456-9202 or Dean email dean@sunpath.co.za