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    Suno Sunao Dil-O-Dimag Ki Batti Jalao

    in Entertainment

    Suno Sunao Dil-O-Dimag Ki Batti Jalao -

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    The Big Measurements Show

    in Current Events

    We discuss SUNO's recent political victory, and the NCAA sanctions against HBCUs.

  • 01:02

    The Big Branding Show

    in Current Events

    We welcome special guest Hampton Univ. President Dr. William Harvey. We also talk important black college brands, and the ongoing SUNO merger talks.

  • 01:01

    The Big Art and Advocacy Show

    in Current Events

    We talk with SUNO director of communications Eddie Francis about the ongoing legislative push for merger. We also chat with Cole Wiley, Hampton University alumnus and acclaimed filmmaker about art, advocacy and HBCU culture. 

  • 01:30

    Louisiana Largest Slave Revolt in U.S. History

    in History

    It all took place on January 8, 1811 a group of determined enslaved African was determined to rise up against slavery and take their own freedom and destiny into their own hands. Please join longtime activist and historian Professor Leon Waters, who has led tours of the area where the revolt took place for years. Water is also a founding member of the Louisiana Museum of African American History located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Water's great great grandfather, Hanniball Waters was an enslaved African on the James Brown plantation in St. Charles Parish escaped from the plantation and later served in the 1st Heavy Artillery Corps d'Afrique of the Union Army in the Civil War. Please join us for this very informative discussion. Also join us is Linda Hill, Curator at Southern University, New Orleans, (SUNO) Center of African American-Studies