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    Rehab with Leaf Episode 11# #turninganewleaf

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    What are you afraid of? We are talking phobias. Some are weird and some not so weird. We wanna know what scares you. Also we have a list of the most expensive burgers in the world. You are not going to believe these prices. We are introducing a new game called Lion King. Come play for a chance to win some prizes. So hang with us. Come spend the last part of your weekend laughing and having fun......and it's free!!! It's the Rehab with Leaf radio show

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    Wine, Romance & Writers in Door County Tamara Leighs Trend On

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    #DoorCounty is one of the most romantic destinations in the US where nautical and coastal adventure meets picturesque harbor towns on the #Wisconsin pennisula that juts out like a thumb into Lake Michigan just north of the also famous home city of The #GreenBayPacker. It's filled with an abundance of course of cheese, shops, and wineries, so what could be a more perfect setting than the local Fish Creek Lautenbach's Winery to host the WINE & ROMANCE NIGHT on FRIDAY 10/2/15 of the #RomanceWriters of Wisconsin?

    Author Valerie J. Clarizio on Tamara Leigh's TREND ON to talk about #Writing #Romance #SelfPublishing #WritersGroups & the 10/2/15 EVent featuring 5 Published Romance Authors: #ValerieClarizio #PattiFiala #VirginiaMcCullough #SteveMitchell #MaryGraceMurphy & #BarbaraRaffin along pairing their novels with #wine for the #BookReadings. 

    For more info go to: http://valclarizio.wordpress.com/ or http://eepurl.com/bn6QoD & @VClarizio Sponsored by writeondoorcounty.org - Also check out Romance Writer Virginia McCullough on #TamaraLeighsTrendOn show

    Tamara Leigh's TREND ON - Engaging Your Audience to TREND ON You! - LIVE Wednesday @ 10amCT - Follow @tamaraleighllc - Tamara Leigh, LLC is a #Commmunications company meeting the needs of clients across platforms: #MobileOptimized #website build/design, #SocialMediaMarketing #Content #Writing #Blogging #Editing outsourcing #Image #Style #InterCulturalCommunication

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    IronMan Triathlon on Tamara Leigh's TREND ON

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    What does it takes to be an #IronMan? What are the take-aways from the @IRONMANtri held in #Madison #Wisconsin on Sun., Sept.13, 2015. ##PaulTakesOnTheIronMan joins #TamaraLeighsTrendOn to share his experience & #Team support in the journey of YOU ARE AN IROMAN. 

    Tamara Leigh's Trend On - Engaging Your Audience to Trend On You! airs LIVE Wednesdays at 10:00amCT.  #TamaraLeighLLC is a Communications company meeting the needs of clients across platforms from #MobileOptimized website design/build, #Content #Writing #Blogging #Editing #Image #Style #InterCultural communication at tamaraleighllc.com - Follow on Twitter @tamaraleighll

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    Award-Winning Thriller Author Tamara Jones Joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Writing

    Tamara started her academic career as a science geek, earned a degree in art, and, when she's not making quilts or herding cats, writes tense thrillers as Tamara Jones and the award-winning Dubric Byerly Mysteries series (Bantam Spectra), as Tamara Siler Jones. Despite the violent nature of her work, Tam's easygoing and friendly. Not sick or twisted at all. Honest. Tamara is represented by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency.

    The dead are coming back. Ten naked people walk from a cemetery into artist Sean Casey's backyard: ten Spore People who used to be dead. One, Mindy, stays with Sean while trying to reclaim her life, but her ex would rather she return to her grave. Sean struggles to protect Mindy and other Spores while battling his recurring—and worsening—nightmares. Meanwhile, the media feeds a panicked frenzy that leads both the hopeful and hateful to Sean's front door. As the Spore fungus spreads, so does the fear. When mutilated children match Sean's nightmares, he realizes his own worst terror may be closer than he thinks.

    TIP OF THE WEEK: Use Animoto to create cool book trailers. This and Tawe are my two favorite new tools!

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    Southern Horse Talk Unplugged: Country Singer Jessie Lynn

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    Join us for the first segment of Southern Horse Talk Unplugged, as Jessica Lynn of Southern Belle Equestrian interviews country singer-songwriter Jessie Lynn about her horse story and her blossoming country music career. Jessie sings a snippet of her newest single, Boots N Bling It's a Cowgirl Thing, acapella, as well as relates the story behind the song.  She also tells of her experience in the Nash Next competition.  For more information on Jessie Lynn, check out her website and social media channels.






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    Ministers and Pastors of God's Church International will teach from specific topics each month and invite guests to share as needed. This month's topic is:  SPIRITUAL REHAB THROUGH HIS LOVE

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    The Scoop- (The PLUG)- Olivia A. & Tamara T.

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    Tonight on "The Official PLUG" Olivia A. Floyd and Tamara Thorpe and their guest will be discussing The Scoop. The Scoop refers to trending topics and the diffcult situations that might have you in a awkward position. Special Guest Vocalist Nikia will be on tonight discussing her music and upcoming projects.

    If you have an awkward situation that you've been in, dealing with relationships, friendships, or anything else feel free to call in and speak with us at 646-716-8152.

    Thank you for listening to The Official PLUG podcast, make sure you tell your friends to PLUG in!

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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch with LaTersa Blakely

    in Business

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: LaTersa Blakely

    Topic of Discussion: How To Juggle Home and Business

    LaTersa's Bio

    LaTersa Blakely is the Owner of LaTersa Blakely Enterprises, Inc”. She is the founder of Mommy Mavens Rock formerly known as Moms Wearing Multiple Hats, where she shares business tips for mom entrepreneurs and inspiration to help them balance motherhood and work. She is an entrepreneur, author, wife, and mother of two beautiful children. LaTersa received her Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Economics from the University of Arkansas At Pine Bluff and her Master's Degree in Agri-business Management from Alabama A&M University.

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    Episode 60: Special Guest Dr. Lynn Migdal, Holistic Chiropractor

    in Lifestyle

    This week our special guest is Dr. Lynn Migdal.  We will be discussing how women need to take care of themselves.  Therefore, the question we will be answering is "What does a woman have to do to live whole?

    Dr. Lynn MIgdal graduated from the New York School of Chiropractic in 1981.  In addition, Dr. Migdal is a ChiroChi Master.  Her fresh outlook on improving Neurological Fitness, Spinal Hygiene, and Disease Prevention has helped thousands of people, young and old alike, to live up to their highest physical and mental potential.  Dr. Migdal is the Author of two books: 'Women's Natural Guidebook" and "Wind Kissed."

    Over the past 34 years, she has owned and directed three successful Natural Healing Centers in Delray Beach, FL.  Amongst her peers and patients, she is well regarded for her Holistic views on Fitness and Health. Dr. Migdal is also the founder of Looking Up- The Movement, www.lookingupthemovement.com.

    To get in contact with Dr. Lynn Migdal you can visit her website at http://www.migdalchiropractic.com.

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    The Art of Transcendence ~ Pam Douglas joins Jessie May on Sunny Side Up Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Coming up on the celebration of its 4 year anniversary ~ Jessie May's 'Sunny Side Up' Podcast is a Global Sensation! Reaching hearts all over the world with her warm, signature voice and infectious energy, Jessie May freely shares her fierce wisdom with an inspiring palette of powerful themes ~  all centered in the heart of our human experience. 

    With show titles ranging from: “What We Fear is What We Desire”, “The Nature of Love,” “Trust Grows from the Inside Out”, “Where Focus Goes, Creation Flows”, “Surrender Is the Bridge”, “The Way We Walk”, “Staying Soft in the Heart of Pain”, “The Power of Your Presence” ~ Jessie May covers topics ranging from relationships, living in the moment, connection, intimacy, communication, creativity, wellness, freedom, trust and more. With each show she unleashes the potential for living a heart-powered life ~ offering listeners valuable tools and inspiration to integrate and transform their lives.

    As part of her growing global community, she regularly welcomes luminary guests whom she effortlessly engages in great convo and deep, stimulating inquiry, laughter and insight ~ creating stimulating discussion and food for thought! 

    Her roster of guests have included pioneering brave hearts and innovators, from celebrated authors and spiritual leaders like Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz to local visionaries from far and wide!

    Sure to light up your week, tune into Jessie May's bright energy and ignite your heart with your regular dose of Sunny Side Up!!!

  • REhab Wednesday

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    interview with the C.O.O MVP TV Network