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  • The Beaches of the Virgin Islands: St. Thomas

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    "St. Thomas has over 40 major beaches along its sun-drenched coasts. There are strands with crystal blue water and swaying coconut trees where a beach bum can enjoy a lazy-lazy day. For the restless beach goers there are sandy coves with activities like windsurfing and kayaks. Some shores are rugged and rocky offering beauty, solitude and the opportunity to daydream about castaway fantasies. And there are widely popular bays with amenities like restaurants and chair rentals.In this St. Thomas Beach Guide you will find 20 of the island’s most popular beaches, and a few off-the-beaten-track spots; complete with description, map, photos and reviews." 

    General Beach Information

    Resort beaches are open to the public; only some however rent chairs and water sports gear to non-guests. Swimming pools and similar resort amenities are typically reserved for registered-guests only.
    All beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands are open to the public. Beyond a beach's tree line however is typically private property.
    Don’t feed marine life or sea birds. Food not naturally in their diet, like various human foods, can create health problems for these animals.
    Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sun block, a hat and sunglasses.
    Sun, rum and fun can spell dehydration; drink plenty of water.
    There are no clothing optional beaches; public nudity is illegal.
    Removing shells and sand from beaches is illegal.

    Courtesy of www.vinow.com/stthomas/beaches_stt/

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    Tim McLean left Edmonton at 12 a.m. on July 30, 2008, on board a Greyhound Bus, destined for Winnipeg. At 7 p.m. the bus left one of the scheduled stops with a new passenger, Vincent Weiguang Li. Li, a tall man, with shaved head and sunglasses, sat near the front of the bus but moved next to McLean following a scheduled rest stop. McLean proceeded to fall asleep with his headphones on. Suddenly there was a blood-curdling scream and Li was standing over McLean stabbing him repeatedly in the neck with a huge knife. McLean struggled and tried to escape but couldn't as Li was blocking the aisle. The bus driver pulled to the side of the road as screaming, panicked passengers fled the bus. The driver and two other men tried to rescue McLean but were chased away by Li, who slashed wildly at them from behind the locked bus doors. Li then decapitated McLean and displayed his severed head to passengers outside. Li began severing body parts and eating McLean's flesh. By 9 p.m. Police were in a stand-off with Li, who taunted police, continuing cannibalizing and defiling the corpse. At 1:30 a.m. Li tried to escape out a window and was tasered and arrested. Body parts of the victim were found in plastic bags on the bus while one ear, the nose and the tongue were found in Li's pockets. McLean's eyes and part of his heart were missing.  Li, his face bloody, pleaded with officers, "I'm sorry. I'm guilty. Please kill me!"

    In March 2009 Vincent Li was found Not Criminally Responsible for the gruesome murder of Tim McLean in 2008. 

    In May 2015 Vincent Li was released from custody from the Selkirk Mental Health Centre and is now a free man living in a group home. THE GREYHOUND BUS CANNIBAL KILLER-The Definition of Insanity-Dan Zupansky 

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    Sept 20st, 2015, (9pm)- Dash Beardsley The Ghostman of Galveston is in! CALL IN!

    in Paranormal

    Dash "The Ghostman of Galveston" Beardsley takes calls and no ghostly prisoners on Spaced Out Weekend with James Tyson Sunday September 20th at 9pm Pacific, 10pm Central. 

    We drill down into his top rated "Ghost Tours Of Galveston", as well as his "2nd Annual Wake the Dead Horror Paracon" this October 9th-11th! http://www.galvestoncomiccon.com/

    Dash founded the Ghost Tours Of Galveston in 1999, Ghost Tours of Galveston IS Galveston Island's first, foremost, and original haunted historical walking tour. This unique two hour tour combines history, mystery, ghost stories and legends taking you on a journey into Galveston's richly unknown past.The Strand District private tours are conducted by reservation only. Behind the hair and sunglasses, there lies a brilliant mind. A mind that with a ton of creativity, sheer force of will, and a little bit of luck, created Galveston's very first haunted walk of the Strand. Always intrigued by the mysterious, Dash relentlessly researched Galveston's history, delving deep into its past, uncovering many secrets along the way. On his tours, Dash shares his love of Galveston and of course his fascination with the myriad spirits that roam among the living on this very haunted island. Dash is a true steward of Galveston's past, and loves nothing more than entertaining a crowd while givin g them a glimpse into a side of Galveston that for decades remained hidden.

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    Sunglasses + Summer office attire

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    TODAY'S TOPICS: It's BRA week at MSP...how to measure to get your best fitting bra. MSP discusses how to select the right SUNGLASSES for your face shape + what to wear to the office in the hot weather--and still look office appropriate! Get more style help based on YOUR body type at : http://www.missussmartypants.com/index.php?route=common/home The Know-it-all of style MissusSmartyPants Fashion Rescue. I'll help solve your dressing dilemmas! This show is for women looking to reinvent their style. Tips are offered weekly for makeup, dressing, hair and more! Come join a supportive group of women & get a style tip or two.

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    Vacation Destinations - Be Prepared... So your Trip won't be a Trip!

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    It's that time of year where people are planning the family vacations.... Are you 100% Ready to travel near or far?

    Must Have:

    Wallet, purse, credit cards, cash, Cell phones and chargers, Car and house keys, Eyeglasses and/or contact lenses (plus lens cleaner), Medical insurance cards, list of phone numbers

    Prescriptions, Itineraries, tickets, and reservation confirmations


    Cell phone, charger, extra battery. Make sure your Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile 4g phones have reception in the location you're traveling to.

    Camera, charger, batteries, cords, etc. Tablets - cord & battery Laptop - cord & battery Other small electronics & chargers (Kids Games, Kindle, etc.)

    Headphones, DVDs

    Packing Clothes:

    Complete change of clothes for each person per day (think cool, comfortable clothing); though if you are renting a place with laundry facilities, you may be able to get away with less

    Lightweight sweater or jacket and long pants for cooler evenings, Swimsuits (two per person, so you'll always have a dry one), Beach towels ( two per person is ideal)

    Beach cover-ups or roomy T-shirts (to throw on over swimsuit when you've had enough sun), Baseball caps or wide-brim hats (to protect faces from sun), Sandals, flip flops or water shoes

    Sunglasses with UV protection for adults, Exercise clothes (swimsuit, goggles, running clothes & shoes, gym workout clothes & shoes), Comfortable Footwear

    Beach Bag, Family size beach blanket, Laundry Bag


    Bath Soap, Toothbrush/Paste, Mouthwash, Cologne/Perfume, Razor Kit, Shaving Cream, Q-Tips, Matches, Cosmetics, Cotton Balls/Qtips, Deodorant,

    Mouthwash/Dental Floss, Nail clippers/tweezers, Combs, Brushes, Vitamins


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    Blingin the Airwaves with Justin James and Miss BLING

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    Justin James, the CEO of Jimmy SWAGG Eyewear will BLING the airwaves with me about his brand of custom sunglasses!!! 

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    #151: Sunglasses & sunscreen, antibiotic detox and how often to work out

    in Health

    1.  Diane’s updates [5:00]

    2.  Liz’s updates [11:27]

    3.  Diane’s kitchen tip for neutral-tasting oil choices [16:39]

    4.  Sun exposure and use of sunglasses [26:53]

    5.  Supportive care after antibiotic use [37:30]

    6.  Working out too much [43:00]


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    Bike racks and my love affair with sunglasses!

    in Sports

    With over 1300 listens to our first two shows we know there is a market for a broadcast like ours on the silentsportsusa Network.I am in the market for a new bike rack for our car and will share the research I have done and would love some input from fellow bikers. If you have experience with platform bike racks that fit trailer hitches share your experience by calling into our show.
    And did I tell you that I love sunglasses, I don't just mean a couple of pair, I mean 20+ pair including a classic pair of Vuarnets that are 26 years old......share your passion for great sunglasses. If you participate in outdoor sports you need to have a couple of great pair of sunglasses, or maybe a few dozen.
    As always, the phone lines are open to talk about biking, kayaking, sailing or any other human powered sports Give us a call and be part of the revolution.....

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    Cosmic Awakening Show- Matrix 101 with Paul Wesley

    in Spirituality

    Host Michelle Walling will be talking with Paul Wesley from Philadelphia, Pa. also known as "Truthchaser". Paul is a Activist, Universalist, and a self-empowerment coach who stresses the importance of love vibration. Our topic will be The Matrix 101. where we will dissect these topics as well as many more:

    -What is the energetic make up of the matrix?

    -Who created the matrix and why?

    -Your experience with abductions and a hybrid child you have met

    -How can we stop abductions?

    -We don't have sunglasses like in the movie "We Live". How can we best recognize a mind controlled zombie or a hybrid shape shifter that may want to mess with us?

    -How to dissolve the matrix

    -What was it like to hang out in Mark Passio's home?

    We will take your calls in the second half of the show. Paul's Facebook page is here, and his you tube page is Princetruthchaser.


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    Collective Fashion Radio

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    Collective Fashion Radio

    Join Nick K, Sarah and guests at 9pm ET / 6pm PT as they discuss:

    * Coconut Oil uses

    * Fingernail Polish uses

    * Questions to ask yourself before making a big purchase

    * How to find an affordable designer bag

    * Cleaning and Organizing your closet

    * 3 ways to fix scratched sunglasses


    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

  • Have you got your Cartier sunglasses from HongKong factory

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    I dream to have a Cartier sunglasses of my own, now here is a chance to get one for you, our Cartier sunglasses is original designed as the same as authentic Cartier sunglasses which comes with box and sunglasses bag, our Cartier sunglasses replica only cost you less than $100 which makes all you can afford of. so what are you guys waiting for.

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